The Jewish World Order 622 BC – 2013 AD

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  1. Rockefellers?.Harrimans?.Rothschilds?.Who would dare to call themselves by such names these days?.Sounds like a couple of “ROCK” bands from the 80’s!!.Anyway,a very powerful message from the editor,not for the faint-hearted!!.

  2. All the humble research I have done leads me to believe the Rothschild Clan are the highest ruling ANIMAL (reptilian brain) level since the mid 1800’s. I say “animal” because they have proven they have no humanity (what IMHO believe to be the REAL & most important classification of a human being). On the contrary they despise humanity, see it as weakness & desire to destroy it to create more of themselves (carcinogenic minion). The Rothschild Clan have a great affinity and desire to be kindred to Nimrod. IMHO, Their worshiping of the (Kabalah, Babylonian Talmud, Satanism, Lucifer, ….) is the power that CONTROLS (made minion of – too ironic) them into ruling over the world so ruthlessly, immorally & inhumanely.

    HISTORY IS LITTERED WITH THESE SICK INHUMANE ANIMALS (though their history books state they were great men).

    It is this sick “ruling class” & wannabees of every race, who as the expression states “sell their soul to the devil” for comfort & enjoyments of the flesh at the cost of all others.

    There are very few “truly good” human beings among every race (the gems sifted out of the mounds of debris). They are usually never found within the “ruling class” & wannabees.

    • You are absolutely spot on!!.We are now living in an era whereby “Fright Night” is about to crossover and merge with “Twilight Zone”!!.This is not a war on terror but a war on the “Human Soul”!!.Plenty of “Words of Wisdom” especially the last part!!.

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