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I have dedicated this part of my life to researching and writing about the many Occult Societies that have guided disobedient men to the present World dis-Order. My works are widely, readily, and economically available as possible utilizing PDF and internet mediums, so please browse and select what is pertinent for your circumstance and knowledge base. In addition, I invite comments, observations, criticisms, corrections and/or queries.

Currently, I am writing two novels; preparing a new lecture series on human identity, morals, ethics, and values; and keeping in touch with world events and students via social-media and AL GINKGO‘s private forum. I wholly encourage private research with public accountability. Read. Consider joining our crew of curious-minded solution finders who synthesize all knowledge. I am neither a traditional Islamic Scholar nor am I academically trained in modern research methodology.  My work is better thought of as an expose’ on mankind’s perfidy and foolishness as written by a reasonably well-read reporter.  If possible, please assist me with the costs of running this website, my research, and book distributions for those who cannot pay.  Thank you kindly.  WSLM – Omar Zaid Dec 2023

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