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” Your Closest Neighbor “

“Jerusalem is, therefore, a metaphysical cosmopolis and no Crusader prize, or Muslim shrine, UN Capital, or Israeli Mafiosi stronghold. True, the rock of Abraham is there, but it cares for itself and has no need of bearded idolaters. Its Kingdom of Divine Repose is built on the rock of revealed knowledge synthesis whereby true worship, which is the doing-offering of good deeds, begins with our neighbor. This is Mt Zion, a place of transcendent re-ordering of the human soul. It is somewhere on Mt Moriah, which is in the midst of Jerusalem. It is a place never found because it is metaphor for divine inspiration. Such enlightened heights are not palaces designed for Pontifex Maximus encyclicals, or Messianic ravings from ‘thank you Jesus zealots’ or ‘insh’Allah fools awaiting Mahdi, or prayer-rocking, prurient Jews with manic forelocks.”

from “Your Closest Neighbor”