Dr. Omar Zaid

(aka Leonard Joseph Owsiany, Jr.)

Author, Physician, Meta-physician & Homeopath.


He is a retired Emergency Room doctor from Chester, Pa. He has taught Medical Ethics and aspects of Islamic Revealed Knowledge; was Senior Research Fellow at IIUM/ISTAC (2007-2011); contributing and freelance editor to Al Sajarah (ISI Thompson) and various IIUM Publications; and Senior Science Editor for EQHO Communications Ltd., an international professional translation Company in Bangkok.

He has authored several books on the occult history of the New World Order, and presently teaches online with a view to revive and expand the Quranist perspective with a multi-disciplinary, eclectic approach that includes indigenous traditions, noetic science, and sacred linguistics; specifically, the NuNetics of Instructor Benjamin Bilal.

Dr Zaid is currently writing two novels; hosting educational discussions weekly; promoting his twenty-six hour Campfire Lecture 01 Course on the New World Order’s evolution; developing a Campfire 2.0 lecture series on Human Identity, Development, Morals and Ethics. He lives with his beloved wife and partner, Amina, on her seven acre farm in South Central Kentucky.

My Conversion to Islam

In 2004, Jitam gave birth to Jerimiah John.  We call him the ‘boy-boy’ because his brother Josiah is called ‘the boy’.  It just happened that way, and everyone in the Kampong has stuck to it.  Anyway, during her confinement, Jitam stayed at her mom’s with the children, and I was alone at our farm, some 15 km away.  Aside from farm work, I was doing a lot of research and writing, and suddenly it dawned on me that this was a perfect opportunity to read the Koran.  The book had sat in my library for over five years and I had only skimmed it, without really taking it in.

After the first few pages, I couldn’t put it down.  At one point, I found myself weeping.  No sooner had the tear reached my cheek than I read the verse about those who weep!  I was dumbstruck!  I finished the book in three days.  Immediately after reading it, I turned to the last page of the Bible, to the Book of Revelation, and read through a verse which confirmed that Jesus was not God.  I was never able to clearly read that verse before; it was as if some sort of veil had lifted from my comprehension.  I closed the book.  It was after midnight, and except for the cat, jinn and angels, I was alone.

My CV / Credentials

I’m a Retired American trained Physician with practice experience since 1983.
No malpractice claims or negative peer review actions
American, Caribbean, Australian Urban/Rural Clinical Experience

1955 – 1967

Catholic Grammar, Public High Schools

1967 – 1970

West Chester State College as Music Major

1970 – 1980

Musician, Soldier, Laborer: Lived in Germany & England

1980 – 1983

BS in Medicine, Univ. of South Dakota

11 May 84

1983 – 1987

Medical School: MD Aug 1987

414 E Clark, Vermilion, SD 57069 / 605-677-5233
Univ. of South Dakota

1987 – 1990

Family Practice Resident Training
Internal Medicine In-Hospital Physician

Pontiac General Hospital, Seminole & W. Huron,
Pontiac, Michigan 48053 313-857-7432 – Dr. Bruce Deschere, M.D., Director

2001 – 2003

Christian Missionary, SIB Evangelical Church, Sarawak

2002 – 2005

Rural Farmer in Borneo


Book Launch in Singapore

The Hand of Iblis


I now reside in our Kentucky Homestead

With my wife Amina

Feb 2023