CFR &The Military and Department of Treasury, Knights Templars, Khazars

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  1. By analyzing the Knights Templar symbols,the only positive thing that i can say is that we are very fortunate not to be the horse that the both of them are riding on or are we?.Allegorically speaking,it is possible that we are already the horse that they are riding on,it’s only that we haven’t felt the burden of carrying two men on our backs.Maybe we might need to add another templar on our backs,altogether carrying three templars with armor and all!!.A backbreaking task such as that might wake us up to the current realities of the world that we are living in!!.

  2. Thank you for the EXCELLENT referenced blog. I have enjoyed your articles and appreciate your TRUTHFUL insights.

    No doubt governments are the revolving door for the cesspools of “secret” criminal organizations. All policies are written by the same interest who they are intended to regulate and reform. Look where H Clinton’s last several public statements took place (CFR). Crazy thing is this has been going on for ever (white-public black-private).

    Please, keep up the GREAT work you are doing. It is very much appreciated.

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