China forced Indians to retreat with 'secret microwave pulse weapon' 

One response to “China forced Indians to retreat with 'secret microwave pulse weapon' ”

  1. Oh actually, I remember once back when I was in highschool, a substitute teacher came in for our Biology class and then he proceeded to warn us about waves given off by things like 4G and 5G (that’s when I began to learn about all this 5G stuff). His job was being installing some protective curtains and such to block out 4G as well as advising people to get rid of certain wifi adapters because they hung over the heads of people in a Primary school and such.

    Among the much information he also said that the tech involved with 5G – or otherwise this remote microwave weapon – was developed by the Nazi’s originally. That sparked me interest though I haven’t cross referenced it yet.

    Needless to say, my class thought he was crazy – though ever since then I find myself putting my devices on airplane mode (cutting off any wifi connection from them) before going to sleep – this was also after seeing Shiekh Omar Baloch talk about wifi in relation to the Jinn as well. I’m not certain if there’s a major difference though.

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