What does the Quran really say about a Muslim woman's hijab? | Samina Ali | TEDxUniversityofNevada – YouTube

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  1. Someone shared this video that I have watched earlier. Hope her arguments would stand in front of Allah. Because if it doesn’t, then she would be in serious trouble. 

    • Regards Samina Ali — she is dressed inappropriately …. I think there is a scripture that reads something like : Cursed is the man whose wife wears tight clothing ….. that being said, she is not incorrect in her assessments — I came to those same conclusions after my initial study of the subject years and years ago …. it’s not difficult to discern …. Muslim chauvinists have destroyed the ummah with their rulings on this matter …. she is correct … they are cowardly predators who now murder them with impunity because of this attitude …. shameful business !

      • Oh okay I see – her assessment is on point (I agree with this as well, as said in my comment too) – otherwise it’s her implications on clothing (to follow the tight clothing attire) and all that confuses me (but good assessments otherwise).

        “Muslim” Chauvinists are honestly something else entirely (I use quotes because Muslims aren’t meant to be Chauvinists).

        For context, I’m one of the acting admins in Sheikh Omar Baloch’s Discord server.

        We had this guy come in who, out of nowhere, was telling (or “advising” as he put it) one of the sisters to change her profile picture because it was arousing him (despite the sister having a headscarf and face veil in an otherwise pretty modest picture – it was something ridiculous as being aroused by the eyes or something).

        I essentially told him to back off as it wasn’t his place to tell her this (reminding him to lower his gaze).
        Same guy minutes later expresses his desire for sex slaves (supposedly) obtained through war and goes into disturbing detail about it – we banned him almost immediately.

        Needless to say after that encounter I pretty much get why the Chauvinist attitude is just plain destructive…

        • Indeed, thank you sister. It is his lot that destroy the ummah with this repression because he lacks self-discipline. These boy-men are, unfortunately, a majority who fear women because they have failed to grasp the essence of their sexuality and its true purpose. Counting sighs and smiles of one’s beloved is the true path to fanna because it is filled with good deeds — counting beads is useless, as it cannot fulfill the deen because smiles and sighs are half the deen when properly counted. I explain all of this in my essys on Sexology. Believe me …. Muslims have missed the boat … all but a few … wasalaam

          • Yes indeed, sad sight to see, I make it an aim to try and bring true masculinity and chivalry to our brothers – they lack good examples as far as I’ve seen. Naturally I’ve taken aboard your advice from Sheikh Omar Baloch’s discussion videos with you. I don’t read academic reports often so your essays are a bit hard to read for me but I’ll try and get there, inshallah.

            (I’m a brother by the way – lol).

            Wa alaikum Asalaam, Dr Zaid, love the work and the wisdom

          • Last time I researched the literature on the subject (>10 year ago) Malay sociologists (not my numbers) estimated 30% of hijabi girls had been raped or molested by family members, and that’s conservative and doesn’t include sodomized boys in religious schools) …. I still see no statement anywhere in the Qur’an that states women can only show their HAIR to family (God help me if I am wrong) …. my position is not against hijab or modesty, I am against the leveling, by bolshevik force, that causes a uniformity that represses personal development and inhibits individual expression …. this hijabi business is a doorway to legalism that has been exploited to forbid women their rights and keep them docile like trained animals. As far as I can see, the initial verse and Muslim response and requirements were situational as their women were in real danger. What has come to pass is a form of extremism, in my personal view.

  2. I like a lot of points she makes – especially the commentary on the mothers of believers (they were quite amazing, mashallah). Our sisters are not meant to strictly be house wives or and sex slaves to be under misogynist rule.

    My only point of confusion is what would our sister’s attire be then (especially in the west)?

    Dress up similarly to the popular western attire for women? (tight fits, crop tops, etc.).


    A combination of attire (ie. a regular headscarf with loose clothing that otherwise resembles western clothing?).

    – as a brother, I like wearing loose and well covering clothing (I don’t like to tell a sister what she should and shouldn’t wear soley because I have no idea – everyone in my life says something different – it remains a confusing point for me). I mean no offense sorry, I realize this is a bit of a volatile topic for some people, I’m just trying to better understand the Deen.

  3. All good, Dr Zaid – I’m well used to people assuming I have a feminine name anyway (people here keep saying my name as “Michael” – lol) 🙂

    Yeah, sorry, I didn’t intend to imply that you were against the Hijab or modesty or anything. Seeing your discussions with Sheikh I know very well you’re for that. I’m otherwise pretty much on board with your personal view. I’m attempting to make it an effort to remind our brothers and sisters on our sister’s rights and also call out this behavior of reducing our sisters to essentially house servant sex slaves.

    I recall seeing a viral article about an incident that took place in a “conservative” Islamic nation (It was Saudi Arabia I think – yes I know they’re leaning more towards liberalism now). There was a sister who whilst adorning the Jilbab was taking the public bus. She suddenly had to deal with a man sitting behind her harassing her (flirting I think it was) – that man then attempted to grope her from behind her seat – oh my gosh…

    I also remember seeing another viral video of a gang of young men (again, I think this also took place in an “islamic nation”) harassing and chasing a smaller group of women and flipping their dresses – Astaghfirallah.

    And we wonder why we’re in the state we are, one major reason is because we’re letting these perverts run around and do their thing while simultaneously blaming the women because they had the audacity to be out of their homes.
    “Oh, what’s that? You were molested/raped by a family member? Better keep quiet or you’ll bring dishonor to the family!”

    Goodness me, these people are nuts…

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