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  1. Asalamalekum Dr Omar Zaid

    Please answer these questions.

    Ever since that Turkish dictator Erdogan converted Hagia Sophia into a mosque for the second time, this will give Israel a justification to convert Al-Aqsa mosque into a temple. I feel very angry that the idiotic Saudi government had destroyed ancient buildings, mosques, and heritage of Mecca and Medina. The Saudis had turned Mecca, a once ancient city that Malcolm X described, into a modern city with commercials, shopping malls, ugly looking buildings, consumerism, and fast-food restaurants. They turned hajj from a once a lifetime spiritual experience into rituals and shopping. Now Al-Aqsa is facing the same fate thanks to the stupidity of the dictator Erdogan turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque. However, I found a fellow Muslim in the Youtube comment section in your channel who says that we Muslims should not worry about the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque because it will be rebuilt by the Mahdi but I found this statement deeply wrong. What kind of Muslims are they who say that we should not worry about the destruction of Al-Aqsa because it will be rebuilt by Mahdi? What kind of Muslims are they who are willing to allow Israel to destroy Al-Aqsa just because Mahdi will rebuild it? What kind of Muslims are they who sit aside and do nothing when Israel destroys Al-Aqsa? Even if they did something to prevent Al-Aqsa destruction are they still wrong that we Muslims should not worry about Al-Aqsa destruction because Mahdi will rebuild it because truly believed they are? Should we just sit aside and do nothing as Israel destroys Al-Aqsa just because Mahdi will rebuild it? Please give me satisfying answers to these questions because I am deeply disturbed by these questions and the fact that these Muslims aren’t worried about Al-Aqsa destruction.

    I truly think that Allah will love and side with Muslims who are worried about Al-Aqsa destruction and will try everything to prevent it over Muslims who aren’t worried about Al-Aqsa destruction because Mahdi will rebuild it and who are willing to set aside and do nothing. PLEASE respond.

    • Salaam, I am not sure I am the best qualified to answer, but I will try to address your concerns. First off, why is it sacred? Well, because of two things: 1: Miraj 2: The Rock of Ibrahim Both are very significant symbols, especially because of the Kibla change and the direct apostolic connections to Prophet Ibrahim (pbh) for both Al’Aqsa and the Dome. The significance of both is beyond the scope of this response. However, The Arab loss of Dominion over this holy site was prophesied, because dominion is contingent on obedience to Allah. The Prophet (pbh) made this very clear when he entered Madina and at his last sermon.

      Arabs have lost dominion for this reason. Now we have a foundation for the discussion. Your concern is ‘apathy on the part of Muslims’. Ibn Khaldun said this is typical of a defeated people and defeated Muslims surely are. Except for faith (iman) they are inferior in all realms having to do with activities required for dominion in the dunya, which is why Mohammad came — to establish it.

      Now, in the face of this great loss as the result of grave and major crimes against self and heaven, which have negated the right to Allah’s help, the very first criterion to be met is that of tauba …. something nobody is doing on a national scale. This is required for any restoration of Divine favor and re-ascension. Since it is not happening, and no national leader I know of has called for this, and all are somehow furthering the Muslim demise by making forbidden alliances with the Judeo-Christian Alliance. The situation is, therefore, quite hopeless.

      One can pine away or patiently prepare for the inevitable, which is why the prophet said ‘run for the hills when you see these things’

      Mind you, Jesus is not returning to save Muslims, he is returning to save the world from Al’Dajahl because he is the final prophet sent to the Jews and that beast of a creature is a JEW …. any Muslims tagging along for the glory and relief are coincidental — and, to my knowledge, most who are living at the time will also suffer great losses, both here and hereafter.

      So then, the fact is there is nothing to be none unless national repentence is called for by leaders in position of authority. Under such a regime, it is quite possible that Allah will intevene and allow Angelic defense and even offense, because they is no otherway Muslim could attack and over come the Jews at present, let alone defend what they so desperately want.

      I pray this helps you to understand the situation,


      dr o

      • Thank you for replying Dr. Omar Zaid. I will happily look forward to your future interviews with Sheikh Omar Baloch.

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