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  1. Asalam Aalaikum Dr. Zaid…
    How are you? Insha Allah you’re alright!
    I have noticed that when I have to wear a mask… here in Arizona 🏜️ within 15 minutes…a sudden sinus headache begins to gradually set in…then within an hour or so… I’M IN MASSIVE HEADACHE… SINUS…NECK & SHOULDER PAIN that’ll last several days!!! My brother came to visit me for a day … He refuses to wear a mask! Wonderful article! I absolutely LOVE YOU! THANK YOU so much for ALL you do! Insha Allah… I’ll figure out how to send you some financial support here… May Allah bless you more than the WORLD 💖 Dr. Omar!!!!😘 What a dream it would be to meet you and your wife one day!

    • Ah … wonderful … do not wear it if at all possible …. and when you do, cheat ! Thank you so much … we are well, just stuck here in Japan but comfortable … allthe best and God Bless, dr o

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