Colorado bill requires "re-education" for parents who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine 

3 responses to “Colorado bill requires "re-education" for parents who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine ”

    • There should be NO BILL and no such discussion at all …. NOT IN A FREE SOCIETY and especially not any coercion over an unproven, bargain-basement, corrupting, intoxicating, noxious approach to medicine …. get a grip

      • I see what you are saying, and I agree 100%. I just got the impression from reading the headline to this email that they were going to put parents who refuse to vaccinate their children in some re-education center to brain wash them into accepting vaccines… but the current bill does allow for exemptions, so I’m happy about that provision… but yes, you are right about what you said.

        Btw, I really appreciate the work you are doing. I’m paying a whole lot more attention to world events these days. Keep sending those emails! 🙂

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