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  1. Assalamualaikum Dr. Omar. My name is Dr. Kareem Kandil and I am a medical and naturopathic doctor that has been following your work for years and very much influenced my current trajectory in medicine. I live in Madison, Wisconsin, US where I have a CBD company Better Living Botanicals in which I formulate our own hemp derived CBD oil tinctures. If you’re interested I could send some donations of CBD oil your way. I am a licensed processor so I can send all necessary paperwork including COAs showing everything within compliance limits for THC (under 0.3%).

    • Salaam Dr Kandil, Alhamduillah. This is a generous offer indeed. I am especially happy to hear I somehow influenced your career. I’m afraid the shipment might be confiscated or delayed interminably. The Thais are launching their own brand just now and there is much confusion. If you care to take the risk, my address is

      Leonard Joseph Owsiany, Jr.
      25 MU 6, Ban Wiang
      Tambon Wiang, Ampher Chiang Kham,
      56110 Phayao, Thailand
      PHONE: 6683 941 9064

      Alternatively … I’ve just opened a Thai papypal account @ the cost of the shipping alone would purchase me a few bottles here I’m sure. If you choose that route, use “subscription”. Meanwhile, I have students in America and can refer them to you. I also have a new online forum and could invite you (need an email) if interested.

      This CBD oil is amazing … I’ve noted several other benefits as well, including improved short term memory and concentration, less irritability and lower blood pressure. I always knew about it but when in practice could never obtain it for my patients. The Thai government has begun pilot programs in select hospitals covering seizures, MS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and such. I’m on the waiting list for the nearest hospital program (2 hours drive), which may take a year or so. Meanwhile, I’ve received enough contributions for 3-4 month supply, Alhamduillah.

      May Allah reward you and grant you and yours refuge here and Hereafter doctor.

      Kind Regards,

      dr o

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