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  1. Asalam o Alaik Dr. and Brother Omar! A wonderful article and Subhanallah I see Dajjal’s plan and his worriers at work clearly. Now the big question: For those of us who know Sheikh Imran Hussein, what should we say about Sheikh Imran, or what does this article make Imran Hussein to be? Is he ill informed about this stuff or part of the plan and paid by East? Sorry but the question addresses itself. Thanks wa Jazzakallah!


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  2. I tried to warn him about 5 years ago. We had a disagreement and he refused to discuss the matter.

    Gog & Magog are in Russ, this is very clear. https://wp.me/p1PheN-2on

    Putin is a Jew and spawn of Jews who waited table and served as Chamberlains for Lenin and Stalin, also Jews, Stalin also being a trained Jesuit priest.

    The Rum discussed in the hadith refers to that part of the Byzantine Empire in the Hijaz, all else is speculation. This includes several Christian sects, some of which were monophysites and recognized Mohammad.

    The good sheikh has been ignored by mainstream academia all his life and Dugin, an Occultist, appealed to his wounded pride with intellectual babel that synced with theologians who fail to realize their Orthodox church was founded by a Sadducee sub-sect called the Boethusians then Paganized by Constantine. These men wished to escape the wrath of Titus, as did another rabbi who appealed to Caesar and established a new Jewish sect that later tried to rebuild the Temple in 363 Ad under Julian and also established the Talmud. God threw their efforts into hell in front of the entire contemporary world –everybody knew https://is.gd/Uh2WhS .

    So I left him in peace and retired to write what I know of these and other matters.

    May Allah have mercy on all of us.


    dr o

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