The Light of Genesis, by Dr. Omar

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  1. My dear good Doctor listening to your lectures was very informative an observation of what is happening in our daily lives,I am a Arab from the tribe of Cahtaan who lives on the Arabian peninsula,all that ask is that you continue to work on spreading this treasure of knowledge that the almighty Allah has granted you reassuring you that it is benefiting a wide range Muslims humbly your brother in Islam.

    • Salaam,

      Thank you kindly … I am now writing a book on marriage and the entire LGBT question … will soon publish online. May Allah grant you and yours the oasis of His refuge, here and herafter. dr o

      • LBGTPC – the last 2 are for pedophilia and cannibalism which will inevitable become also politically correct if not mandatory under THEM .,,, my original, you can have it. I discovered you today and shall give you some serious reading time this week. thanks for being there.

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