Poland Under the Jewish Messiah by Israel Shamir

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  1. Why do we continue to believe that there are still countries, ethnicity, religions, etc. on the worldly level that really matters in the eyes of the ruling elite?

    An interesting book, written by Bridget Hitler, describes how Adolf resided in Great-Britain with his half-brother between 1912-1913 to be trained by the British Intelligence Services. After this training, one could hardly have a regular conversation with him, she explains, because he appeared to be in a continuous state of being hypnotized or something. But as soon as he entered a stage that appeared familiar to him, he became the person we all know as Hitler, accompanied by gestures of grandeur, etc. Adolf was also fluent in Yiddish and English and can be seen in many photographs, talking to dukes and the like, without the need for an interpreter.

    • Never heard that Henry … interesting … thank you … but he was certainly mesmerized and mesmerizing … I ‘ve read other accounts of his occult connections with roots in Turkish Mysticism (Sufis, et al.) under another agent(s) … not to mention the Vatican’s blackened hearts …. so there was no end of ‘other worldly’ influences to which this fellow had become susceptible … perhaps even possessed – oz

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