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  1. Dr. Omar, what do you say about the postulation of most people of the so-called Enlightment that an alien specie called the Anunnaki landed on earth – as was written by Zecharia Sitchen who translated old Sumerian texts – millennia ago and changed the DNA of ape-like beings on earth to become humans, whom they then used as slaves in their gold mines? Is it possible for any specie, be they alien or from earth to change the DNA of a living thing?

    • God Knows, we do not. All of this is speculation, and even such a translation had to have been taken out of context. Fact is that jinn were here before us. Fact is that spontaneous global mutations occurred resulting in both homo-sapien and homo-sapien-sapien (most people do not yet know there are two types) and do/did not necessarily need extrinsic Annuki creatures to impose the change. God is quite capable of doing it Himself and requires no help whatsoever, according to well founded scriptures. As to enslavement, well yes, that is perfectly what the Sumerian system was after it’s import from ancient Dravidia’s initial experiments by the first children of Cain (Khabil) in the Land of Nod. Cain had no choice but to enslave others for his livelihood, according to the curse pronounced in Genesis. And he was master of the un-redeemed horde of demons following Shaitan (Iblis). From Sumeria the slavery moved to Babylon and from there to ancient Anatolia, Egypt and Rome – and now to the globe. One doesn’t need to be genetically modified to qualify as a slave. Cowardice will do as well.

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