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  1. Salaam and bravo Bro! You said it as it is. Appreciate your piece and now I do not have to scratch my poor ol’ white haired head to fit the ever-elusive pieces of the puzzle together.
    One or two questions though: (1)The Palestinians currently living in Israel and in Gaza: are they offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood who brought whole families to settle there? (2) Aren’t many of the Jews living in Israel and elsewhere today in reality the progeny of Esau instead of Jacob or Isaac? The women of Abraham’s sons and grandsons had a habit of producing twins (even Adam’s woman did) and in all counts, according to the much delusional present state of the history written in the OT, starting with Adam, Cain was rejected; Abraham – Ishmael (although not the twin brother) was rejected; Isaac – Esau was rejected; Judah by Tamar – Zerah whose hand came out first, was rejected…. Something to think about concerning Esau and the land of Edom?
    (3) Do you think I can give this superb and honest article to my very Catholic Bishop-friend to read without incurring the wrath of the hierachy that is already very much filled with ire for me and my articles (not him but them)?

    • Yes – Isis reminds me so much of the Templar and Cistercians in Europe. The were controlled like puppets by power structures beyond comprehension of Honest men. The Gypsy is taught that everything is upside down. We are taught that King David; Jacob; even Moses are great heroes. In truth the oral history tells us that hese stories are about corruption and the Evil of men. The winners write history. The Gypsy is mixed blood and so our history is in many ways the lost history of all people. The reason I was taught so much about the tribes of Earth is to understand we are all the same. The tribes banished by Moses; the tribes banished by Assyria only left two tribes Benjamin and Judah. The Scythians; Trojans; Greeks; Iberians were all from these lost tribes. Many kept the Law of Moses. Merovingians and Cathars circumcised and refused to cut their Beard hair; also Scythian tribes. I think that Freemasons and Gypsy like the Unitarian Church because it integrated culture. The Gypsy knows that secular humanism is the enemy; no other Religions. All Religions that hold the way of the Law are the same. It is the abomination of desecration to believe man is god. This is why I left the Unitarian church myself- many Freemason adopted this church- I do see the conspiracy now. The enemy of your enemy is your friend say the Lord. So Hindus; Muslims; Christians That believe in God and the eternal soul should be friends. The enemy is secular humanism and belief that homosexuality; not getting married; drinking alcohol is all just fine- because there is no God. This belief is the enemy and the way that leads to great suffering; insanity and illness of the body. This modern belief that we can follow our own law and do whatever we want because we are too smart for God is the problem- not different Religions of the same one true God. The Druze call themselves Unitarian; and their secret is same as the Gypsy- they know too much. They know we are all children of the same Fathers.

      “God hath made of one blood all nations that dwell upon the face of the Earth” -Bible, Acts 17:16

      “All creatures are members of the one family of God” – Muhammad

      “Human beings, all, are as head, arms, trunk, and legs unto one another” – The Vedas

      “One thing we know. All men are brothers” – Chief Seattle

      “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be known as the Children of God.” – Bible, Mt 5:9

      “And make not Allah an obstacle to your doing good and guarding against evil and making peace between men,” – Koran 2:224

    • The Human Family Tree per Gypsy Legend

      Cain, Able and Seth
      Cain Slew Able and Seth Retreated to the Forests
      The Flood destroyed many descendants of Cain

      Noah: descendant of Seth Father of the Human race: It is said Noah was an “Elf” – funny that the Pygmies have the oldest DNA on Earth from which all other DNA is copied. Noah was a Pygmy and we are descendants of the “Giants” and the children of Noah. Mbuti Pygmies are the last true blood of Noah- the Pygmy was the first man- we modern people were created by genetic breeding for War.

      Sons of Noah Japheth, Ham, Shem: Japheth became Father of European, Eurasians and Chinese. Ham is the Father of Black Africans and the creators of “civilization”. Shem was the Father of Abraham the Arabs; Jews; Mediterranean and Ageans.

      Descendants of Shem and Abraham: The descendants of Abraham became Cro-Magnon. This is proven by DNA. The DNA y-haplogroup F is the Father DNA of y-haplogroup IJ of Cro-Magnon man. Cro-Magnon man was bred for war in very ancient times. From Cro-Magnon came the modern races of Jews; Vikings; Arabs. This group split and Native Americans became a separate people- but also descended from Shem and Abraham.

      Descendants of Japheth: Genghis Kahn and the people of China and the steppe are the descendants of Japheth. Many white Europeans believe they are descended from Japheth- but the Gypsy Knows they are descended from the mixed race of Japheth and Shem.

      Hams descendants: Went on to build Egypt and before that Atlantis; before that the Tower of Babble.

      Moses Unites the tribes: Moses was the Architect Senmut. He united the Hyksos tribes of Shem and Abraham; the tribes of Ham; and descendants of Japheth captured in Egypt into one great people. These people were known as Hebrews but this word did not exist at that time. They were more better called the followers of the Levite Priests which were Arabs as much as Jews. The Persian followers of Darius created the Myth that Persians are “Jews” and descendants of Moses. The Persian Jews seized the Temple a few hundred years before the Roman Children of Esau and the lost tribes destroyed the temple. The world has bought this lie that the Persian Priests were descendants of Moses. The so called “Jews” of today are controlled by these Persian Priests to this very day. The true descendants of Moses that never lived in Persia are Arabs and Sephardic Jews and Gypsies.

  2. Dear Friends,

    I had intended to read and make no more comments but this brought me out of my shell because I feel Allah moved me so- and to the will of God all is consumed – be it the easy way or the hard way.

    Allah respects no human culture and all human filth is dull and worn before the Glory of Allah. The Lord does not care at all who you are descended from or what language we speak- the Lord respects no inventions of Man because the Lord true God created man. The Watchers and Angels of the Lord are real and they are neither Chinese; Freemasons; Muslims; Arabs or Eskimos- the Lord God is beyond these human conceptions.

    Many of the stories of our ancestors are often completely misunderstood. The first Religions were like “men’s clubs” and often the true meaning of a story was never revealed to a man by the high priests. Such is the story of Esau and Jacob. The uninitiated are taught a story that is completely the opposite of the truth. Please consider this side of the story of Esau and Jacob as learned by the Kale; and please consider this only as intended- as historical information of oral history. I only tell this tale because it seems a tale that should be told and considered.

    In the western world when somebody is a liar they are called “a leg puller”. This is a direct legacy of the Gypsy influence on the West. The word used for Jacob’s true name really means “leg puller”- Jacob was a liar. Jacob grabbed Esau’s leg and on his heals he stole everything he gathered in the world. There are two sides of every story and the children of Esau tell the version that Allah bid them tell. It is assumed by everyone that those tribes-cultures or groups of people that were contacted by Allah are “chosen”. Some believe they are contacted by Allah because of there great evil and ability to exploit and kill their brothers. Some believe it may be the most dangerous peoples that needed the Angels and the Lord- some believe it is no blessing to be confronted by an Angel. An Angel is likely the most terrifying being a human can meet based on my learning.

    It is interesting that the Roman’s used the color “Red” because the Aegean and Mediterranean people are surely the children of Esau and this was his color. It was Allah that allowed the Children of Esau to come back to their homeland and destroy the Temples even though they had become Pagans- the Romans were simply doing the will of God. You can not subvert the Law or the Will of God. Jacob broke the Law in his relationship to Esau and Esau’s children the Roman’s were allowed their revenge. It seems Allah allows Justice for Pagans and the faithful alike. Jacob was a liar and he stole Esau’s birth rights and he tricked people. Draw your own conclusion about what follows, but some would say that the story of Jacob is meant to encourage us to question the “Religion” he created. And here is the final word that creates war and violence: Allah is not a Muslim. The truth will be violent in your gut and once accepted your stomach will clear, but mark my word. The will of the Lord God Allah is a mystery and do not believe that your family heritage will spare you from justice or the truth. Muslims carried the light of God’s prophet and they will get many blessings for this; but no culture or group of people is immune to the Law or the punishment that comes from the absence of Mercy.

    • Salaam Brother,

      When ISIS first appeared I was contacted regularly by one of their superbly conditioned young men who constantly sought my endorsement. I told him to let mercy reign in all you do. He never responded to that remark. I am so glad to see your response.

      Greetings to your good lady. – omar

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