On the Homoseuality of Henry A. Kissinger & Roy M. Cohn

5 responses to “On the Homoseuality of Henry A. Kissinger & Roy M. Cohn”

  1. Disgusting war criminal who should be executed along with many others. Then we might get peace on this planet however temporary it may be until the demons enter into other powerful figures. Keep the blades sharp on the guillotines as reminder. Sounds terrible and cruel but what else can the world do? Pure evil .

    • Agrees. Have you heard the Testimony of Mrs. Kay Griggs? Worth the time. She lifts the veil on the same corruption in the higher echelons of the American Military Command(s). Pitiful creatures.
      Kind Regards

      • Yes. Nothing new here except a few names leaked out. Anyone who pays attention and thinks rationally will come to the conclusion that the world is run by luciferians who will stop at nothing to bring in a NWO. Why would anyone koin a military to go to any other country and murder people that have done nothing to them?Just simple manipulation based on fear and brainwashing as well as blackmail as she continuously points out. People sell thier souls for rewards in this world as well as the next where they build kingdoms for themselves in hell. It is the masonic heirarchial/occult system. Sick minds.

  2. A’kum Dr. Omar,

    Thank you for sharing this! I think we can agree that it’s not one of your more important pieces which you often share, but it was entertaining and quite refreshing to hear something like homosexuality being discussed as it really is without this flimsy “political correctness” that has plagued the globe out of being fair rather than realistic. For a couple of minutes, I felt like I was in my younger days joking with my buddies about the panzy and his sissy partner who owned the club we were at. Both of us having lived in Europe, I well know your familiar with that scene. Anyhow, I’m familiar with Kissinger, and now, even more so. I always knew he was a homocidal pig, but never knew about his orientation. Roy M. Cohn? I’ll have to look that one up.

    I hope this comment finds you and your family well and that you are finally getting paid and that your creditors are being understandably lenient while the “Ahlongs” are unable to find you 🙂 I also hope you are and make doa that you will start writing your finer works to triumph the wonderful ones that are already written casting light for those to see the real darkness in which we live.

    I think the real reason I prefer you and Sheihk Hosein is that you both are unafraid to discuss relevant issues without the glaze. So many imams and ustazes are all too petrified of tackling the real issues that are corroding our societies these days out of obeisence to some chain of lackies. May Allah continue to give the both of you and more of you the courage to continue to do this important work educating those who are unblanketed and looking for a way to take action.

    Selamat hari raya, maaf, zahir dan batin and insha’Allah we will see another in person again. My Turkish food keeps gettin’ better!!! 🙂


    Bro. Aris

    • salaam Bro Aris,

      Nice to hear from you and thank you very much. May it please Allah swt to grant you and yours His refuge. Yes. Most “Imams” are to religiously, piously and politically-correct to lift the veil on these matters.


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