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  1. Well, since the Catholic Church, since its inception, is in any case a cult of death with their invoking of a ‘dead’ man (who might not even have existed the way they propagate him as the savior during their masses etc., what can one expect but what is happening now in that one part of the world where Catholics are giving so much devotion to the so-called “lady” (I refuse to write this title with capital L) of Gaudalupe. This cult will spread worldwide until it has enveloped all but the truly handful chosen of Allah.

    • Hail, hail, Our Lady. Full of grace. Blessed art though amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Our Lady, Mother of GOD (Deum Jesum Christum) pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. So, what is the problemm with this beautiful prayer? It saves souls from freemasons? It counters the psalms of david said one hundred and fifty times? What is the problem?

      • I have found that its impossible to reason with people who have not or refuse to wake up to the truth about who they are really worshiping. I recommend that you study the site of Dr. Omar Zaid. Although he is of the Muslim faith he has more wisdom than the catholic “Lady” can or ever have had for he is a living real man of truth instead of a dead thing carried around on the shoulders of derailed men as per the article mentioned above.
        Yes, the words of that prayer to our Lady is beautiful for it comes, according to your bible, from the mouth of an angel and from the mouth of the wife of Zechariah the parents of John the Baptist, but the words count nothing. Its the reason for your prayer and where or to whom you direct it. Go and read in the New testament of the bible the gospel of John chapter 17 as well as Matthew 6:6-13 and Luke 11:1-4. There you will learn where Prophet Isa taught people how to pray and to whom to address the prayer. NOWHERE did he ever say or teach that anyone is to either revere his mother or ask her to intercede for sinners.

  2. So, as you can see from below teachings directly from “the bible” itself yhvh is not “GOD”. At least according to “true” christian teachings as opposed to masonic christian teachings that have taken over the christian religion long, long ago. The Jhesus that christians await today is the false khesus”son of david”. Christ Jhesus makes it very clear himself that CHRIST IS NOT. the son of david. Unfortunately, christians do not study texts to understand the faith and have been led back to the FALSE GOD yhvh/allah or whatever you choose to call him. Those praying to “Our Lady” are praying for your souls for your sin of believing in this false deity. That is what you do not understand here.You should be grateful for that as opposed to it biut this is very difficult for those who accept yhvh/allah etc. to comprehend Your entire faith is based (wether judaic or moslem) on your promises from this deity. I have no animosity towards you for your belief as long as the faith itself(more precise, those who practice it) do not try to force it by killing people. Yes, I know even crazy ass Nchristians have done this as well. It was manufactured by freemasons however that taught them that yhvh is actually god and then based on old testemant texts. See the deceit here? Those that believe in this manner are freemasons and have been initiated without a clue. How sad as our people will die because of their lack of knowledge. Even most catholics that pray the rosary do not understand why they truly recite it. The teachings on subjhect have been subverted to the NWO (freemasonic) beliefs that have infilterated and taken over the catholic and christian faith long ago. Are you a freemason still in the closet? Do you even know it? Oh well. Blessings to all here and peace to the world. The so called “bible” is much more satans book than it is GOD’S. Depends how it is interpreted. I am certain that neither of you have ever read the bible in the manner I have jhust illustrated for you. That is sad though as it is the only way to explain all the contradictions contained, therefore, it must be the “TRUTH”. If not, alot of people have much explaining to do lucy…hehehe.

  3. Also, be aware that what I have just posted below was not to create conflict but to give you a different perspective of what you believe to know to be true. I am claiming that I am right and you to be wrong, just consider what you have read. It is how we all learn. I read all types of things on many different subject, especially religions. It obviously has great impact on the world. One thing is certain, there is good and evil, masonry is of the latter I believe we all agree on this point. Peace to all of you here, with love, a follower of CHRIST JESUS (DEUM JESUM CHRISTUM) NOT YEHESHUA.

  4. Hey Dr Zaid,

    I hope you do not mind a post from a “Goddess” worshipper. I have no idea the form of the Lord God so please do not think I am preaching. I was raised in these traditions from ancient pagan and tribal Europe. I just wanted to explain that I was never taught any difference between God and his creations: the Lady her chaotic sister Mab were all taught as a “personification” of the force and God’s creation. I left this story once but hope you do not mind if I leave it again. It seems the children of God come from all races and religions on Earth: peacemakers are gods children; the priests and religions seek to define this “God”. The Lord is mother and Father- the creator of all the Universe. So I agrere- God had no Mother lol 🙂

    The Story of A’Elfairek : The Lady of the Lake

    One day Sher ‘Guin took a Jal around the Lake and Guin could not beliebe his eyes. Standing in the middle of the Lake was the most beautiful Woman he ever saw. Guin was a noble warrior and he knew repect for the Spirit so he nelt and offered the Lady his bread. The wonderful Lady crossed the Lake on the water and she said to Guin

    ” Nami A’Elfairek. Nash di far, Nae hawth fi nala” -meaning- “My name is A’Elfiarek I accept not crusty hard bread, not so easy to catch me.”

    Guin was heart broken so he went home and asked his mother for bread dough- she gave him a start of bread dough and he returned to the Lake. Guin sat by the Lake for 3 days with only Lake water to sustain him and then he saw her again. She was even more Lovely – she walked across the Lake and Guin offered her the soft unbaked start of bread. The Lady looked at him and smiled shaking her finger and said.

    “Layth di far, Fi nae finn ye” meaning- “Now you are soft and moist- I will not have thee”

    Guin again heart broken returned home and his Mother had been making bread. The bread was “haffyagged” – Half baked. Guin took the Bread from the oven half-baked and returned to the lake. He found Wodin in full armour and saw two Ladies at his throne. The Ladies were identical. Odin explained one was his true Love and Mercy A’Elfairek and the Other was Mab- wrath Chaos and misery. Odin loved them both and told Guin that because he was neither hard nor soft but half baked he could have one of his daughters.

    Guin looked at the two and one of them winked at him- he chose her. Odin said “You have chosen wisely- you have chosen A’Elfirek – the Lady of the Lake. But let me warn you- if you offer her three insults of wrath she will leave you.”

    Guin looked at the Lady and said “I will never strike a single blow again you!”

    For several years they were very happy. Guin had 3 sons by the Lady and all were healthy and strong. One day she was very bussy with children and Guin said “Please get my coat woman- so I may be warm.” The Lady ignored him and he walked to where she sat with the children and nudged her shoulder “Did you not hear me wife!”. The Lady laughed and said “You have struck you first blow!”.

    Guin was shocked- he never realized how easy it it could be to offend a Lady. Several more years passed. His sons grew tall and into men and they were all invited to a christening of a baby. The Lady began crying very loud and said “Oh this poor babe- the Priests no nothing of Mercy and their hand will create on suffering and misery for this poor child.” With this a great barn Owl flew down from the rafters and attacked the Priests- black and brown feathers few as the Priest ran from the Church.

    Guin was very surprised at this outburst and he nudged he shoulder saying “Hush wife- we are in Church!”. The Lady laughed and said “That was your second blow!”

    Well Guin was traumatized. He had offended the Lady twice and for 10 long years he was very careful. The family was then invited to a funeral of the same boy that was christened 10 years before. The boy had lived a miserable life. He had been hungry- starving and ill and finally died a miserable death of poverty in the shadow of the same church. As the Priests began to speak the Lady started laughing very loud- Guin embarrassed nudged her shoulder and said “Hush wife- why do you laugh in church”.

    A’Elfairek smiled and said ” You have never understood the world and Priests are confused. I laugh because this poor soul is finally free of this cruel world and this wretched Church! And you Sher-Guin have struck you 3rd and final blow!”

    The Lady stormed from the Church and began singing. All the cattle and sheep in the Land and even a black sheep dead and butchered cam back to life. The little black sheep was favored by the Lady and she also took Half-baked bread from all the hearths with her to the Lake. A’Elfairek disappeared with all the livestock and the little black sheep her favorite pet and all the Half-baked bread.

    The Town was astonished- all the people were very upset but 3 days later the Son’s of Guin and A’Elfairek returned to the Lake and set Fire as “Yagg” or “sacrifice” for all the truth and good she had taught them.

    Suddenly the Lady rose from the Lake and all the cattle and sheep were returned- all accept the little black sheep she had brought to life and the half-baked bread. As all the people praised her and rejoiced for getting their cattle back and being blessed the Lady said these words:

    ” Take comfort in fair sons I have given you and follow the example of our Family and the Lady. Know people that it is your mission on earth was to relieve the pain and misery of mankind. ” With this a great White Owl Flew around the Lake and Landed on the shoulders of a small boy peasant boy who had befriended her black sheep- this boy would one day be the great Chocovan (wizard) “Merevin” and the boy was blessed and adopted into the Royal line of Sher Guin.

    And so the dear dai Dubbleky the Lady and her sister Mab sit by Wodin to this very day. The Lady offeres her mercy to all that Follow the example of Mercy and Sacrifice.

  5. Here is another fairy tale. I am telling this story because these stories are far older than Freemasonry or Isa or Muhammad and were written by the direct descendants of Isa- the Kale Gypsies and Ramanchal people. If you are raised in these traditions you do not worship pagan gods- you realize these are fairy tales and these being – like Jin in Islam tradition- are not “Allah”- they are not God. The people who created traditions of “Goddess” worship had their ideas stolen by fools who had no understanding of the definitions of Allegory and Metaphor. More people have gone to War and more babies have been killed over misunderstanding over Allegory and Metaphor than car wrecks or cancer. There are an infinite number of beings and Spirits- however only one God “Allah” and this was well understood by the ancients who also recognized and respected the Goddess- The Earth and the female form is sacred to Allah- respect this- these stories beg that respect and remind us that the Mystical forces are far beyond our understanding. Before you judge other cultures one must first fully understand the Allegories and Metaphor in the stories of that culture- and here we will find that we are all the same- and we all are children of the same Fathers. Her is another story from the Kale Traveller tradition that may help people from foreign cultures understand the origins of the Goddess cults from anthropological perspective.

    The One horned Sacred Orox

    Long ago, far into the peoples past, The Lord Avatar of creation came to us as a great Fish and led the sages to safety from the earthly Wodin’s flood ( God but more like Brahma god of our planet). The Lord ( Bhagavan/Vishnu the preserver) allowed the wrath of Wodin to cleanse the land with flood and sheltered the great sages and innocent creatures as the holy Fish. The Lord again returned in Flesh as the great Boar which remains the Pictish tribal crest to this near day. The Boar preserved the way of the faithful and when he passed in the western sea his body bloomed with fruit and flowers becoming the Isle of Avalon. The eternal Lord of creation continued to preserve the Earth as a great Tortoise carrying the world on his back. All the while the heavens, the earth and underworld are fashioned by the deeds and struggles of gods, fairies, elves and men.

    After the great flood had cleansed the earth and heaven and hell had been re-made there was abounding peace in the 3 realms. The gods and people of this world enjoyed great peace and prosperity. The Lord had saved from the flood the magical one horned sacred Orox. This mystical beast was able to live off thorns and brambles and one drink of water per month. The sacred beast produced endless butter, cheese and whey and the cows produced floods of milk. The Lord declared this sacred beast to be kept by the Elves and would be their shelter as they were forbidden to exchange gold and silver. The Elves had always lived under vows of compassion and poverty for mankind and lived off whatever the men gave them. In this new dawn the sacred one horned Orox was given the name “Mother” and never was the meat of the Holy Orox taken for food.

    Legends become Myths when no one is left that can remember the past. People soon became corrupt in the ages after Wodin’s flood and soon the Elves were hunted, killed and driven to remote ends of the earth. The Kale Travellers of Wales sheltered the Elfin kind and the fairies and banshee and sprite (Nagas-forrest demons- Jin). And so the hills, rock, stream and lakes of Wales are remained alive with these ancient beings and men that respect the spirits. Not long ago just a thousand or so years in the past the last of the sacred one horn Orox was seen and remembered by the half Elfin Kale Travellers. This is the story retold of how the sacred Orox was returned to the Elves by their Fairy Queen the Green princess Tara.

    In the time before the Kale came to Wales in the time of our Pictish Fathers men could still remember themselves to be the sons of Wodin. In a far away Lake in the mountains and valleys whose names are lost in time the Green Lady Tara was often seen with her Elfin disciples. The menfolk of Wales were farmers and they held dear the Green Lady and had repect for the Elfs; but desire for wealth and the suffering hunger made them fill with greed. One night when the Green Lady and her Elfs were playing and laughing on a lilly pad in the lake the Farmers decided to steal their one horned Orox Cows. The Green Lady saw what was happening on the shore, but she made no attempt to stop them. The Pictish Farmers decided to steal only one Cow and they reasoned they would breed it with their earthly flock.

    At first the Farmers were very frightened that the Elves would come to reclaim their cow; but after a few weeks they heard nothing from the Elves. They also soon realized that they need not worry about needing more cows; the one horned sacred Orox was producing enough milk; butter and cheese for an entire country. The news of the prosperous Picts in Wales and their sacred Cow had reached many Kingdoms. The Pictish Farmers were becoming wealthier than they had ever imagined and they gave no tribute to the Green Lady and her Elfs. But the Elfs only wanted peace and happiness for the human race and so they followed the merciful example of their Green Princess. The Elfs made no quarrel with the humans at all.

    Then a terrible idea of doubt and fear began to infect the Farmers that had stolen the Elfin Cow. They began to fear the Cow would grow old or that other Kingdoms would war against them to take the Cow. Soon the fear and doubt overwhelmed them and they decided to butcher the Cow and sell the meat at market.

    The dreadful day of Killing came, and people came from all about to see the slaughter. The sacred one horned Orox cow was rope with no mercy for her mournful cries or sorrowful eyes. The farmer counted his silver from the sale of the meat, and the butcher raised his axe to strike the fatal blow. At that moment an incredible shriek came from the mountain side. The butcher’s arm became weak and he dropped the axe. Looking up to the crag of the hillside they saw the fairy princess in all her glory- she glowed of green and was surrounded by an army of Elfs riding giant dragon flies. The sound came again but this time like thunder and the Green Lady Tara spoke:

    “ Ava Ma devana hari Guveni, Ava dusta yek cori, Ava kisi Guveni, kin cori nae, jongar engres java keri”

    In English to mean “Come thou, Mother Yellow cow, Come all one horns, come all mottle colored cows. And the hornless come all, Arise, come home all.”

    No sooner were these words uttered than the elfin cow and all the cattle and sheep and all the one horned Orox fled towards the lake. The villagers and the farmer who stole the Orox ran after the Elves and their flocks. When they reached the Lake the villagers found Princess Tara and her Elves laughing and playing on the giant yellow Lilly pad in the middle of the lake. Soon they disappeared beneath the dark surface with all the flocks and all the sacred Orox, leaving only the yellow water lily pad and one enormous blue water Lilly flower (lotus) that bloomed to mark the spot where they had vanished.

    The farmer who encouraged the village and stole the sacred cow was reduced from wealth to dire poverty, but few felt pity for him who had offended the fairy Queen. As the man became old and desperate for food and shelter he travelled back to the Lake where the Green Elfin Princess and her disciples were last seen. The man prayed for Mercy and forgiveness and as he wept in his moment of deepest despair, Tara came and took him to her bosom. Princess Tara held the man in her arms as he wept and as he slipped into the grasp of the Angel of death the man smiled and spoke “Thank you Princess Tara- your mercy is far more valuable than Gold, Silver or even the one horned sacred Orox.” And the man’s spirit passed from his body in peace.

    • Hello Johnny, Thanks again. I am overwhelmed with work just now, but am saving each of your posts, hopefully for edit and publication later. Al the best to you and your god lady. omar

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