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  1. Aslm Dr. Omar, I’ll only report a brief quote from an imam some 2 weeks ago regarding Gaza and people should reflect carefully on the following statement: ” WE HEAR WHAT IS HAPPENING IN ISLAMIC COUNTRIES, ESPECIALLY THE WAR IN GAZA… BUT THANKS ALLAH S.W.T WE CAN ***HERE*** PRACTICE OUR DEEN AND FAST IN RAMADHAN IN PEACE” !!!
    Do notice no condemnation in his speech against Barbarity of Israel!!!
    When I consider the hadith from our prophet pbuh regarding out of 1000 people, take 999 to hell fire… and further to Imran Hosein explanation of this hadith, It’s really plain that this hadith applies to this ummah, that is, Muslims in our time!

    • Dear brother, have you read the hadith? the hadith clearly says 999 out of 1000 of human being are of gog and magog. This means it will include anyone who follows the footsteps of gog and magog, do muslims follow the footsteps of gog and magog? what are the caractéristiques of these people? thats the question to ask.

      • Thank you for correcting me brother…I wrongly clarify my understanding of this hadith, which does not address to muslims specifically. But , there are, in fact, lot of muslims following Gog & Magog today and examples abound. Look at how many ( not all )Muslims performing Wudhu in the madjid today; if you dare advising how to properly perform wudhu without wasting water…they will keep a grudge against you.
        Look how many muslims deals in interest-haraam money; Banks, insurance companies, Speculating in Shares and so on and I witnessed all these. The things that I hate, is riping off peoples… just to make a profit of it OR to be rewarded a BIG BONUS.

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