Muslims, Freemasons, Frankists and You, by Dr. Omar

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  1. Dr Zaid,

    This was so informative and entertaining the way you write. JRR Tolkien was a Catholic in in his in the Pope ordered that any Catholic to be a Freemason would be excommunicated. Tolkien was obsessed with Freemasonry and the Myths of the Kale people both in Eastern Europe and Wales- the entire myth Tolkien wrote is the story of the Kalevalla and Freemasonry.

    I was told that my Family tradition was to know the Zohar better than anyone and in this knowing it is Evil. Tis is the essence of Freemasonry- to understand what Devil worshippers are doing better than they themselves- yet these ultimate secrets are kept by us to keep them from the profane and the wicked.

    Just like Froto the Hobbit the true Freemason carries this knowledge knowing that we became the Masters of this knowledge so the wicked could not have the knowledge. Just as Tolkien explains “The ring of Power” (the crown) will corrupt all those that wear the power. All men are wicked and corruptible given ultimate power and the knowledge of the dark forces.

    Just as in the Lord of the Rings the Freemasons and Gypsies (travelers) kept the secrets of Kabbalah to hide tem – not to ever use them. This was the plan anyway and we see it went very wrong. If you tell people not to do something because it will curse them, some people only care about this one miserable lifetime so they do not understand. The example I always use is a falling star. A Gypsy close one eye and spit on the ground when a Jin is thrown from heaven. The Europeans asked us “Why?”. We told them but did they understand? No- they immediately started wishing on Fallen stars ! To this day Europeans make wishes on a Falling star even though we warned them this is against God’s way.g

    All the European heard from the story is that a Jin star could fulfill a wish- they did not even listen to the warning- this is Freemasonry in a nutshell.

    People in Christian Churches pray for money- Jobs- cars- luck- this is not the way ! Only prayer should be offered is to follow the will of God and pray for mercy and forgiveness. Christians that pray for specific gift are no better than Roman Pagans or Witches. This is why I can only go to our Primitive Baptist Church- we offer no prayers for healing- Jobs- gifts or any material gain in the world. The Master Isa or Isu as my Father would say or Jesus as the Christians call him told us to say only the Lords prayer- May God’s will be done swiftly and according to his divine way.

    I imagine an insect has no idea what I am planning or thinking- and so am I before God. I have about as much chance as understanding the divine will as a Fly. In this I am saved because God protects those that know their place. And the punishment for not knowing your place is well explained in Zohar- you lose your soul ! You are a great gift for me Dr Zaid. You have allowed me to pass the burden of carrying this ring of knowledge. I have given you all I know from the Legends in the book we put together. Of course no ceremonies on how Solomon summoned Demons. Did you know all of Freemasonry is founded by Hyram Abiff- one man that refused to tell the secrets given by God. Solomon killed Hyram Abiff with the King of Tyre and this is the whole foundation of Freemasonry: Solomon used knowledge to summon Demons- Hyram Abiff protected the knowledge and died protecting it and refusing to give it to Solomon. The false Freemason is Solomon- the true and righteous Freemason is the poor humble Hyram Abiff and the Hero of the true order because he refused to repeat or use Sorcery. Very Ironic that people think Freemasons revere Solomon when in fact Solomon is the arch villain of Freemasonry.

  2. Salam Dr. Omar,

    I agree with your observation – Muslims reciting the book of God for blessings and not for understanding. It is applicable to Muslims all over the world. The one factor that I have noticed, in changing this approach, is that of education.

    There is a verse in the Quran that prohibits a person who has been drinking, from approaching As-Salat(Prayer) UNTIL he is aware of the meaning of the words that he is uttering (4:43). From this many classical scholars of Islam have deduced that a Muslim should at least know the meaning of the Arabic he is uttering in his prayers, otherwise the same prohibition from prayer would stand. Same is argued for extracting the blessings from reading/reciting the Quran.
    On the flip side, we also have Muslims that give no reverence to the Arabic words of the Quran. It is my faith that those are the un-created words of The Creator. They have many blessings & are Openers to a person’s heart, and therefore his destiny.

    That’s really sad Doc, that we (Muslims) have the unchanged word of G-d yet we cannot recognize the party of Iblis when we see it. If I was to communicate this article to another brother in faith, he would simply not believe it. We are living in our own little world. We have eyes but yet cannot see, ears & yet cannot hear, hearts but yet we do not understand.

    May Allah bless you & all those whom you hold dear,


    • Salamoun alaykom brother,

      Just a reply to this: ”There is a verse in the Quran that prohibits a person who has been drinking, from approaching As-Salat(Prayer) UNTIL he is aware of the meaning of the words that he is uttering (4:43). ”

      People of Mecca were heavy drinkers and they loved their wine, so Allah didnt want at first to prohibit drinking and approached those people by saying ”to not pray until you know what you are saying if you have been drinking” because when they are praying they are in front of Allah, so they must be careful what they are saying. Later new verses came down to tell them alcohol is bad for health and finally verse came to tell them it is satanic to drink.

      Just so you know the meaning behind the verse you mentioned and it was directed to the people at the time and NOT today because today alcohol is prohibited period :-).

      • W/Salam Hassan,

        You misunderstood me brother. I am focusing on the part about understanding.

        In the subcontinent, it is tradition that a child finishes reading the Quran (i.e cover to cover, in Arabic) by the time he/she is 9 or 10. Now Arabic is not our mother tongue, no Pakistani understands Arabic. My good friend, who is a devout Muslim, has not done this i.e. read the Quran in Arabic. However he has read the Quran in English, with understanding and from different translators/interpreters. He frequently asks other people if they have read the entire Quran. When they answer yes, he asks them general questions like: in which Chapter is the Night Journey mentioned? Where is the verse that says that Iblees is a jin? Which Chapter talks about Solomon(pbuh) & his prophetic dominion over the jins? & all are stumped, although they have read & continually read the Quran.

        Every Muslim knows alcohol is not allowed in Islam. That is not what is the problem brother Hassan. Even when a Muslim drinks he knows he is doing a Haram act, unless he is seriously deluded. That is not the issue. The fact is, we Muslims are not intimately involved with the Quran. Like I said its a sad state of affairs where we use the Book of Allah like a “magic book” or a “Law book”, excuse my language. We are not not making a connection with it from the heart.

        Hope you understand.

  3. Dear Dr Zaid, i think you should reply Johny Triplett, his reasoning is not that strong, and you are the best to respond. May be he’d benefit from some insights.

    • Salaam,

      Thank you. I did not engage him for debate, but to learn the traditional Free Masonic perspective for comparative studies and also to glean whatever truth he might hold. Remember also, that he is a carrier of the oral tradition and readily admits he doesn’t believe it entirely or in its complete veracity.

  4. Hello Dave,

    I am very curious when you say ” His reasoning is not very strong ” ? I read Dr Zaid to get insight into history and see how outside world views Freemasonry. Also Dr Zaid is open to hearing this just like an anthropologist listens to stories and Myths with no real “belief” in them. And as he says there may be some truth in the Legends that could reveal historical inaccuracy.

    I never believed any of these Gypsy Myths Dave- that is until I became involved in testing DNA for the Human Genome project. According to my Family outlandish history my DNA would have to be Jewish; Hindu; Arab; Viking and Celtic- preposterous !

    Well my DNA is just exactly that when tested. Our Male y-haplogroup DNA of T, H and G is found in India- middles east and Europe. The female marker haplogroup X in our Family is the most mysterious Female marker in the World and looks like it comes from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (Atlantis?) – so this information made me change my attitude.

    Before DNA testing my reasoning was that Scottish people tell big lies. After DNA testing I realized that my Ma Ma and Pater had told me the truth of Family origin.

    I have scientific proof that I carry DNA most common in Afghanistan; India ; Egypt and the Levant ? Why am I living on a mountain in America ? Because I am a Freemason and this is the true heritage of these mixed race people.

    My only “reasoning” on this subject is my assertion that Toliens books are about Gypsy Freemasons. I think the smoking gun is “The Green Dragon”. Do you really believe it is a coincidence that Tolkien named the Tavern of conspiracy the Green Dragon? Tolkien Knew the Kale Legend- he knew that Elfin Gypsies formed America and this is what his books are about- The Lord of the Rings is an Allegory for the history of the Kale Gypsy- the true founders of Freemasonry.

    Are you aware that Gypsy are allowed to camp at Rosslyn ? That Gypsy are allowed in Holy places in Cathedrals that Cardinals have never been allowed access ? This is just a common fact known by many people yet there are no answers as to why ? I have the answers because I have been to these Holy places and the Kale Travelers have entire Travel Agencies that set up these tours.

    If you do not believe that Tolkien’s novels are about the Knights Templar and American Revolution please tell me your evidence and I will relish your input in the tradition of Koinonia as taught by Socrates and later Isa.

    • Dear Mr. Triplett,

      Btw I really enjoy reading your comments despite the fact that they sometimes differ with my beliefs. However I missed the Tolkien/gypsy connection you have mentioned here. Ill go through your comments again to better understand your point. Any more info in this regard would be appreciated.

      Thanks & Regards,

  5. Dear Dave.

    You will on rare occasion meet a man with my credentials to discuss Freemasonry. You can google my Family on the William and Marry web site and the Westminster Abbey website and Wikipedia has Frank Triplett well recorded in battle of Cowpens and as the Washington family Priests going back to 1450 at the Washington Family Parrish in Northern England. I can well document my ancestors back 17 Generations to Robert De Threlkeld a Templar Knight exiled to Scotland 1310 with public records that exactly conform to the oral history told to me which I memorized in the tradition of the Druid Priests of Scotia.

    I have divulged everything I know to this great Scholar Dr Zaid in a book written by my wife Elizabeth who also shares my heritage and is a woman of the Eastern Star. My Father named me ‘John Quincy” because he hated Freemasonry as much as Dr Zaid: you see Dave it is a hatred for the Nicolatian of Freemasonry that my Father, me and Dr Zaid have in common. I bear a name of an arch enemy of modern Freemasonry- so understand I am not what you may think of me. Here is an exerpt from a book by my wife we gave to Dr Zaid and if you are interested please ask Dr Zaid for a copy with my wife’s blessing. Dr Zaid understand that the ancient “pagans” did not believe in these demigods as being separate from Allah. The first Freemasons and Abraham did not worship the Earth or watchers but they did respect them it seems- just as Dr Zaid taught me that Jin are “respected” today. Here is some commentary and excerpt from the oral Legend. All peace to you my brother in mud and earth and praise be to the Will of Allah.

    “In the days when Senmut (Moses) walked the Earth Watchers but one, and Angels of the Lord, were all bound by God to see us through the Desert: these are the names of the Angels of the Lord and the Watcher in who God’s strength was evident and who was buried giving God’s strength to the Earth Goddess. The Popery will name but three believing themselves the finger of God, his will, his pleasure and his throne. But God will decide where power lies and Templar Priests though sinful and full of folly have been given to preserve this wisdom.

    Micah iel is the reflection of a formless God
    Gabr iel is God’s word
    Raph iel is God cure and relief
    Ur iel is the fire of God and the finger of Gods Commandments
    Ram iel is God’s Mercy – the Watcher spared by the Lord
    Sarach iel is the Unity of Gods will
    Rag uel is God’s throne and the Purity and form of Heaven

    And then there is the Watcher Azaz el; who held the strength of God and so it did increase his pride. We will not name his minions because they still have power becoming spirits and demons that torture men, but we keep respect for the fallen Watchers. Azaz el was bound and buried by the bravery of Micah iel and Azaz el did quiver before the face of the Lord. There in the South of Africa in the Desert of countless ages was Azaz el buried and bound. God’s strength went into to the Earth and the Earth Goddess is now the strength of the Lord. The Earth did righteously accuse the Watchers for their evil seed of knowledge and for misleading the children of God. The Lord favored the Earth and the righteousness of the Goddess. The Goddess gave God her strength and the strength of God was captured within the Earth. Isis iel is the footstool of Gods throne and the holy keeper of God’s strength. Isis of God is a faithful Watcher and destroyer of the destructive pride of Azaz el which means “God’s strength” given forever to the earth. When we sacrifice with corn, oil and wine always fast and spare a lamb from slaughter in respect for God and his strength once a Watcher called Azaz el.

    Senmut delivered us from the Desert following the Angels of the Lord and obeying their will. Micah iel was with us God’s own form and face, Gabr iel gave our prophets the messages of Gods will, Ur iel blazed the message of God into the stone of the earth and Raph iel wipes our tears and gives comfort. We would not have survived without the Angels of the Lord so keep them dear and sacred. The four that are given the Earth called Isis and 3 that remain God in heaven are with us to the end. We must be diligent to live fruitful lifetimes and purify our souls before returning to the bosom of Noah. ”

    Oral History of the Order of Continental Templar Priests

    Noah seems to be the common myth in which all the ancient Unitarian mystery cults united. Historians tell us that maybe 2,000 people were left on earth after eruption of Toba 70,000 years ago. It seems the DNA record confirms this “bottle neck” of just a few ancestors reproducing the entire human race. Moses is just one of these descendants of Noah, but he knew the oneness of the human race and he took a mixed race of people from oppression in Egypt and unified many diverse tribes to become the Hyksos-Hebrew culture. In history God always seems to stand on the side of Dissent, not with the Thesis of establishment. The Covenant of God given to Abraham and passed to Moses was based on valuing human life, particular our children. It is easy to despise Religion and turn that anger toward the holy books, but it is the blood of the Prophets and the books of the law that created the Revolution of our modern human identity. After the ice-age the world was filled with evil civilizations and “witches” practicing the most heinous forms of sorcery and Kabbalah: child sacrifice. The cultures of Europe, Native America, Egypt and the entire western world were prolific with child sacrifice. The archeologists are very well aware of this extensive child sacrifice in the ancient western world, but it is not a subject they willingly discuss. Some anthropologists make cultural arguments actually defending child sacrifice: the argument has been made that Catholic Priests that brutally ended the Incan religion just did not understand the fine subtlety of freezing children to death. There really is nothing to understand: the Inca, Druids, Egyptians and Atlanteans were evil child sacrificing Cretans and the Holy warriors of Rama are heroes for destroying their evil ways. The Lord god sent the Catholic Church into South America to dissent against prolific idolatry and evil that existed from this ice-age legacy. Archeologists have proven that the Cretans not only killed children they ate human flesh. The Santorini volcano and flood of “Zeus” wiped them out. This is all well recorded by Hesiod in his record of Greek myth. Cronus ate his children, but thanks to Zeus (Jesus) the Greeks now prefer olives and wine.

    Abraham was living in a culture much like the Atlantean culture of the Incas, but he became the Dissent. The dissent of Abraham from Idolatry of child sacrifice created the Revolution of Religion. Krishna commanded that he would not accept “blood sacrifice”; he would gladly accept a flower, grain or oil- but never again blood. Confucius told the Kings of China that it was from dust we came and to the dust we would return. Confucius commanded that human beings should not be buried with dead Kings; only “the dust of earth” should be buried with Kings. The first great Emperor of China made the Terracotta warriors in response to Confucius. The Terracotta warriors are made of the “dust of the earth” and every face of a Terracotta warrior represents an actual human life saved by Confucius. Stopping human sacrifice and not killing children is a good thing: this is the common ground from which we can hopefully build a consensus of synthesis. The problem is that Religion, once the Revolution, soon became the status quo of Thesis and Tyranny.

    It is curious that the y-haplogroup F, the un-manipulated DNA from Abraham, appears in strength only in India. According to the legend of Shambhala kept by Templar Priests Abraham’s original seed traveled east from Mesopotamia and were the founders of Lemuria in Nepal around 60,000 years ago. This group formed an ancient Priesthood and a great society dedicated to keeping the ancient knowledge of humanity and they practiced civil disobedience to their Atlantean enemies. Moses is descended from these descendants of the archetypical Abraham that traveled east from Mesopotamia and built Lemuria in the Pacific, India, Nepal and Tibet. The Jews and Muslims like Scandinavians, Native Americans and all other people in the west are descended from the mutated descendants of Abraham that traveled west to become Cro-Magnon and the descendants of Ham that settled Africa after the flood of Noah.

    According to the Legend of Lemuria kept by Templar Priests an army of pacifist monks was sent to every continent of the earth to guard the ancient knowledge and serve the human race after the end of the last ice age in 12,000 BCE. The city of Shambhala they would create can never be destroyed because it is a city of “Gnosis”- a city of thought. Moses was not descended from the original Hyksos but from “the wise men of the east” that carried the mission of Shambala from Tibet and Nepal. The ancient y-haplogroup F of the Shambhala Priests descended from Abraham is concentrated in Nepal and India but can indeed be found on every continent and is the most ancient surviving y-haplogroup outside of Africa. The remnants of the Exodus of Shambhala from India can be seen in the abundance of y-haplogroup F among the Romani Gypsies that traveled from India to Europe and in the y-haplogroup D which traveled from Tibet to Japan to be the founders of Shinto Buddhism. The religion of Zoroastrianism is the first religion to be formed in the west: and it was from this base that all other western religions were created.

    Edgar Cayce describes the ancient battles over genetic breeding in his readings as a battle between The Son’s of Belial and The Children of the Law of One. Many people have sought to identify these two groups, but many will not like the answer: we in western civilization are all descended from the “evil” group The Son’s of Belial that experimented with killing babies and genetically breeding a new race. The Children of the Law of One are the ancestors of the pure race of Lemuria that never became technophiles or killed their children in brutal genetic breeding experiments and Kabbalistic child sacrifice. The descendants of Lemurians are most represented by “untouchables” in India. The Chinese, Indians, Nepalese and Tibetan Buddhist of today are the descendants of The Children of the Law of One. Yhis maybe one reason Ghandi renamed the untouchables “The Children of God.”

    American Indians and Europeans are indeed genetic manipulations of the DNA of Asian people that survived the ice age. The Celtic People of y-haplogroup R and Native Americans of y-haplogroup Q are more closely related and more mutated than any other two tribal groups. The fact that American Indians and Celts are closely related genetically was told to me by my Father through Continental Templar Priests stories of Atlantis and Lemuria in 1978 long before DNA testing was invented. He taught us of the first genetic manipulation of western races from DNA of the people of Mu (India) to create Cro-Magnon and the eugenic wars between Atlantis and Lemuria 30 years before gene manipulation and the haplogroups were discovered. Dogon children in Africa, Native American Shaman and Druze in the mid-east are taught very similar stories to preserve ancient knowledge and the hidden history of earth.

    Aztec god Atlanteotl who is cursed to hold up the Earth and Sea

    Plato tells us that Atlas was the first King of Atlantis and that is why the myth of Atlas so well correlates to the legend of Atlantis. We find this same architype in the pantheon of Aztec deities described by the Borgia codex. The Aztec people of Mexico tell us that they are from a lost Empire in the “eastern sea” called Aztlan. The word Aztec means “people from Aztlan.” Plato was in many ways the first Gnostic anthropologist: Erich Von Daniken was not the father of “Ancient Alien Theory” it was Plato. Plato was the first to show us how myths and legends have a basis in true history. The gaps in history that Von Daniken attributes to Aliens are explained by Plato in his oral history of Atlantis.

    I am revealing several secrets of the “illuminatti” in this book but I am very reluctant. So often people behave as blind swine and cast away these “pearls” of ancient wisdom. I am very aware of how preposterous the Atlantis legend appears; this is exactly why information about Atlantis is kept secret in oral history: to protect it from the scorn and ridicule of the ignorant. It is well known that Atlantis is presented by Plato as a story he heard as a child. He claims it was an “oral history” of Solon. Solon was a fairly serious “religious” figure in ancient Greece. The story was told to Plato by his uncle and Plato advises how closely Aristotle listens to the story. According to the legend it was first told to the great Mystic and Law Giver Solon in Egypt, he then kept it as sacred legend amoung the Mystics. One of the greatest myteries in history is why Plato stops writing the dialogue of Atlantis in mid sentence. I am willing to reveal this knowledge of the illuminated at the risk of scorn: Plato did this because it was the mystery cult tradition to always tell part of the story to the “un-initiated” and the “un-illuminated.” The Essenes and Druze of Galille from which Jesus and Freemasons are descended were very Hellenistic groups. They had maintained the mysteries of Pythagoras and Plato. The Order of Continental Templar Preists are descended from the Essenes, Freemasons and Druze of Galilee and we hold this same tradition. Plato stops the dialogue in mid sentence because the rest of the dialogue was told as an oral history only to their initiated students. The written part of the dialogue is the story given to the “un-illuminated” masses. The rest of the story had to be learned personaly from Plato or his desciples. Scottish Rite Freemasons inherited traditions from these desciples of Plato and they’re kept in the oral history of the Order of Continental Templar Priests. At the risk of great criticism and and humiliation, we have decided to reveal information that Plato told only to his students as the oral history of Atlantis.

    There are many Gnostic traditions that have survived and they have all maintained a Unitarian tradition and the legends of Atlantis independently. The recent movement dubbed “Gnostic anthropology” is an attempt by Gnostics to continue the work of Plato: to show how myths and legends give us real truth about our origins and the true nature of the gods. It is an unbelievable coincidence that ancient Aztec Priests and Greek Shaman would describe the exact same gods with the exact same names- Atlas and Atlanteotl. Atlas and Atlanteotl are both water gods of the Atlantic ocean. This phoenetic connection between Greek and the Ancient Aztec language for the Atlantic ocean is an ancient smoking gun for the existence of Atlantis. Atlas is often depicted in western culture in the pose of holding up the earth; Atlanteotl in the Borgia codex is found in this same pose. Ancient Egypt did not borrow their culture from Aliens as suggested by popular cult mythology. The missing culture for which there is no pottery or archeological ruins from which Egypt inherited their culture is Atlantis. We do not find any evidence of this culture because it was destroyed and covered with ice and is now known as Anarctica. Just as we are told by the ancient Egyptian sources: they inherited their culture from foriegn god Kings called Auriteans- also known as Atlantians.

    There is one group of people that continued genetic breeding methods of Atlantis into the modern world and this group is very well documented as ancient Sparta. The Spartans claim their culture was created by Heracles who was himself a genetic bred creation from Atlantis: he is a killer of his own children and we also find the ancient snake and apple myth in the labors of Heracles. The golden apples of Hera are found in the Atlantic past the pillars of Heracles. The story of Heracles is the origin myth of the Spartan people, and Heracles is well connected with Atlas the King of Atlantis. Heracles teaches the genetic breeding methods of Atlantis well to the Spartans. At birth Spartan children were examined for defects. If the child was not “ideal” in form it was immediately killed. Boys were allowed to be nurtured until the age of 6 and then the Spartans tried to kill them again: they were forced on the street into a kind of genetic crucible called the agoge . The boys were forced to live on the streets in a kind of “lord of the flies” anarchy. The boys who survived and were not killed in the agoge were allowed to train as Spartan soldiers.

    It is well established from myth, art and historical comentary that Heracles was likely a black African. The people of southern Greece today have an unusually high frequency of y-haplogroup E. The ancient Spartan art often portray Spartans as black with African features. Geneticist believe that y-haplogroup E and I were a major founding Gentic base of the Greek people. The “Vikings” of y-haplogroup I had similar genetic breeding systems. The Greeks and Spartans are descended from the first genetic breeders on earth- the ancient Hamites of y-haplogroup E and the geneticlly bred “Viking” warriors that destroyed the Cro-Magnon. This is a very unusual mix for the European continent. Hercules himself is a hybrid of gentic breeding as well told in the myth. Heracles, called Hercules by the Romans, is a very obvious link to the legends of Genetic breeding in Atlantis. The Spartan culture is a very real and well documented race of genetically bred warriors. The brutal methods used to breed a warrior race are well documented by the Spartans. If you question the genetic breeding of Atlantis consider this: imagine a professional football player standing next to an Mbuti Pygmie. The Science of DNA has proven the Pygmie is the original human being. We are the mutated characture of a human being- not Pygmies. The professional football player is obviouly a gigantic western genetic mutation of the original human.

    The great mistake of the genetic breeders of Atlantis was the misunderstanding of the epigenetic effect of the human life on gene manipulation. The term epigenetic applies to how genes are mutated and changed after we are born and it is becoming a profound lesson for science. Simply put: the effects of the environment of a human life has far more effect on the genetic code than the gene profile with which we are born. Science has proven that children that suffer child abuse actually suffer a mutation of their genes which makes them more aggressive. It is then not a stretch of the imagination to realize that children could be genetically altered to a higher state of evolution by being loved. The old argument of nurture vs nature is not a simple argument. It appears that our environment and how we are nurtured actually mutates the nature of our genes. According to the oral history and supported by written history people like Jesus and the Buddha were nurtured and given attention as children in uncommonly large quantities. Jesus was raised as a “golden child” by Essene Priests and given the utmost compassion, love and caring. Buddha was born a Prince and was lavished with love and education by his Father. The Buddha and Jesus taught us of this Bio-Psycho-Social nature of our existence. Nothing can exist unaffected apart from its environment: this oneness of the universe was the principal teaching of The Children of the Law of One. The Lemurians have taught us that it is more important that we love and educate our children after they are born. Providing our children with technology and genetic manipulation while ignoring the environment will not improve the human race.

    Life is a lesson of the triumph of the Spirit. Genetic breeding places faith in the material, but power lies in the human heart. When the Prophet Samuel came to the house of Jesse to find the King of Israel the Lord told Samuel not to be a genetic breeder. The Lord told Samuel not to take notice of Jesse’s tall strong well-bred son’s. The Lord tells Samuel that he does not take notice of such things, the Lord looks only at the human heart. Although the people are dismayed, Samuel chooses a small skinny Shepard boy, David, the youngest son of Jesse, to be King of Israel. David was a poet and a dreamer, he was not a triumph of genetic breeding, but he had the heart of a Lion. The Bible says: “David was a man after God’s own heart” he was the Lion of Judah. Later in the story David faces the genetic war mutant Goliath. There is no earthly reason we should have faith in David facing the giant Goliath. David is a skinny kid with nothing going for him but an incredible amount of courage and an indomitable will. It looks like Goliath with all his genetic breeding is going to destroy David; but in truth Goliath never had a chance. The courage, will and faith of David were never doubted by the Lord, and these qualities of the soul will out class genetic breeding of the body every time. It is hard for us to have faith in David when he faces the giant because we do not believe in the power of the human heart. The Lord God knew the triumph of the spirit and he chose David as his champion. This same lesson is often proven in Athletic competition and academic achievement: Marry Lou Retton was told that she had a terrible bone structure for gymnastics; Stephen Hawking courageously struggled to overcome his handicap and he is a national treasure yet he would have been killed at birth by the Spartans. All of the people that have done with their heart what was impossible to do with their body are kindred spirits of David. Before you discount the underdog based on wealth or beauty or physical strength, remember young David. Remember these simple words from the Bible spoken of a small half-starved young shepherd boy facing certain death in battle with a giant Philistine-

    Samuel 17:49:

    “And David put his hand in his bag, and took there a stone, and slung it, and struck the Philistine that the stone sunk into his forehead; and Goliath fell upon his face to the earth.”

  6. Salaam aleykum loved brother,
    Fascinating insights & discussions particularly oral tradition of Tibet & shambhala, very Blavatsky.
    Some clarification please: is the Jafar as Sidiq you place in the ‘authentic’ persuasion the maternal grandson of qaim ibn Muhammad son of Abu Bakr, & found in the list of many tariqats including Sheikh Fazlur Ansari, Sheikh Imran’s teacher, & what do you ascribe as his satanically inspired deviation;
    In your references you have included Sheikh abdulqadir as Sufi Murabitun, born Ian Dallas of the qaddiriyya tariq which includes Sheikh Hamza Yusuf his deputy in US founder of Zaytuna which unfortunately quotes Brezezinski. It is David Livingstones position that the sheikh now known as Abdulqadir as Sufi as using masonic ceremony in honouring Ernst Junger, nazist & occultist. What is your sense of this, & how much of Sheikh as Sufi can we trust.
    Many thanks wa salaam M.

    • Salaam Dear Brother, I was not aware of Sheikh Hamza’s connection to Dallas. Anything Masonic has now been corrupted by ‘intention’ if not deed or rite (ritual), which is why we were given the simplicity of solat. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing else is required other than recitation of the koran and reflection. The Sufi lineage is corrupted when it claims visitation and origin by a dead person, which is my understanding of this sect (I have read their genealogy). Hence, their is a flaw. My own experience of the occult suggests, in keeping with scriptural accounts, that any effort to transcend the mundane and ascend heavenly realms is forbidden. Quite the contrary is recorded, and always at Allah’s invitation via angelic mediation, and usually when the invitee isn’t expecting any such thing. I believe this is a sound principle archetype, which then, in turn, relegates all magic to realms of the forbidden, except that which projects good intentions received as vibrations by the elements.

      Ernst Junger I do not know. As for Jafar, that I also do not know, as I am not an Islamic scholar in these matters of who’s who . . . I have listened to many lectures by Hamza Ysusf and have thus far found no fault and much goodness and wisdom in him. I also met him briefly in KL a year ago and my impression was instinctively that of a well-informed saint. On the other hand, I have encountered other disciples of Dallas who are frankly offensive and openly wicked (I know this from personal acquaintances). Hence, one must judge each individual according to both knowledge and experience. You will find fault in all, I’m sure. That is why we are called to place our trust, not in men, but in God, and this requires the activation of faith, which is the courage needed by any true warrior on the battlefield.

      Kind Regards, – omar

  7. Assalamu Alaikum, I came to your site after having a look at another about conspiracy theory, you mentioned Shaykh Abdul Qadir As-Sufi, from the Murabitun, but are’nt they promoting a similar approach to sunnah money – return dinars and dirhams like Maulana Imran Hosein, also the concept of having an Amir? Although, some other things I’m uncertain about. What is your view on the Syrian conflict and who should be supported. It seems to me that opposing sides are killing innocents, even babies. It disturbs me at such heartlessness, this action has to be from those who don’t fear God and don’t believe in the akhirah, I rather die myself than support any of these actions, although I’m confused and presently reading Moulana’s book on Understanding The Quran.

    Also, in one of your comments you responded and stated that one ought to be careful of treading to reach heavenly altitudes by means of a dead spirit, if so therefore the matter of tawwasul is messianic? I have seen different debates on the topic with the more salafis adherents denouncing it as shirk. On the other, some major scholars have not viewed it as faulty to creed with respect to proper beliefs and procedure. Please enlighten me.

    Thank you for disclosure of your knowledge
    With regards

    • Salaam, and thank you for asking … Assad is Emir and there is no justification to oust him … hence, the fault lies with those who have made friends with the West to oust him in blatant disregard of the Koran’s command not to do so. This is very clear. Also, their methods are barbaric and completely un-Islamic.

      The Murabitun leaders give much credence to Templar forbears and have adopted occult symbols for their logo. Moreover, there is insufficient gold and/or silver in the world to practically realize their ambitions. Hence, it is implausible.

      As for seeking counsel/guidance from the dead: this is scripturally forbidden and also dangerous. The only instances that speak of true guidance from the dead are generally prophetic in nature and require either angelic escort through the samawat during dreams or visions, some of which are genuine journeys (also escorted) or imaginary figments (dreams) brought on by psychological disturbances or a bad meal or movie.

      As such, I generally steer clear of anyone who claims such ‘visitations’ … mostly because it is very easy for djinn to make themselves manifest as the dead to those who are without the refuge of Allah (Angelic Protection). This is so commonly done it is the source of an unending number of superstitious cults, with many unprotected Muslims among them.

      Hence, whatever “proper beliefs and procedures” — as per your scholars — are indeed called for and must be substantiated amongst the ulema/ummah for verification. I do not see this happening, but I do see numerous shamans of pretense and misguidance, ignorance and corruption throughout the Islamic world leadership.

      Kind Regards, dr o

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