Moses Was Not A Freemason (in the contemporary context), by Dr. Omar

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  1. Dr Zaid,

    As I believe I may have mentioned before the name of Moses before he was adopted by the Levite Priests was ‘Senmut” – here is the Legend kept by the Freemasons of te old Rite.

    History is all messed up by so called Scholars. The Egyptian record identifies agreat Architect and Scientist named Senmut. He was adopted by the Female Pharos Hatshepsut. The Egyptian record shows that Senmut was banished and took with him the warriors known as “Hyksos” and the Hyksos looted Egypt before they left. They were an amalgamation of many different tribes. According to legend Senmut took the name ‘Moses” which means ” drawn from the water”. The Egyptian record records that Hatshepsut found him floating in the reeds of the Nile.

    Before google research was possible this was just one of many esoteric legends. I have done a little research and found other scholars that agree. There is no better match for the story of Moses in the Egyptian Record as the Story of Senmut- Hatshepsut and the Hyksos. You see the “Hyksos” are the “Jews”. They were a military society of Priests and Warriors.

    Now going on the age of 50 years I believe the Legend. I believe Senmut was the man we call Moses. He was indeed a Free Mason and so was Isa.

    Consider that the only verifiable record we have that Jesus existed is from the record of Josephus. Josephus was a record keeper for the Romans and he did not record fiction or Myth. What Josephus says is the truth. Jesus’ brothe James was actually “The Christ” and Jesus (Isa) was a “Tekton”.

    The word “Tekton” was not used for Carpenters. It was a word used for Master stone Masons and Architects. The entire Family of Jesus from Galilee included his 1st cousin Y’chonan or the Apostle John were also stone Masons. Simon and John’s brother Y’acub or James were Ship builders- Shipwrights not Fishermen.

    Jesus was descended from the men that had built the Temple. The man known as Jesus or Isa was a Master Free stone Mason and an Architect. His uncle Joseph of Arimathea was the Bill Gates of the Roman world. He was a geo-technical Engineer and he ran Tin mines from England to the Kyber pass.

    Moses; Jesus; the Templar Knights are all descended from the sam Engineering tradition. This is a true and sacred secret of the Freemasons that built Europe- we are Egyptian Jews of the tribe of Benjamin. Here is an excerpt from the Oral Histories I tell and recorded by my wife Elizabeth. This is a kind of long one and you will be one of the few that ever heard this outside our community.

    ” In the days when our Master Jesus walked the earth, our family was highly skilled at ship building and we lived on the coast of the Sea of Galilee. We were descended from the Scythian who was half Greek; he was circumcised and accepted as clean by Hebrew women. This heritage came in very handy for our ancestor Zebedee because it allowed him speak to the Phoenician and Greek shipwrights and find labor for his fleet. Zebedee had inherited extreme wealth from his Scythian ancestor, as this man had looted the very city of Babylon with Alexander the Great. Zebedee, like his father before him, was a master ship builder and he had a fleet of fishing ships in the City of Tiberias. Zebedee lived near the village of Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee and owned land from Tiberias to Capernaum. Zebedee’s wealthy Scythian ancestor had bought substantial land in the area because the rolling hills around the lake and the green of the meadows reminded him of their homeland in Scythia. (28)

    Zebedee had a very good master carpenter working for him named Simon who would later become the Apostle Peter. They say the man could build a boat that would swim like a fish. He himself was as at home in the water as on land and he was always first to jump in the lake to save one of his workers from the waves. Simon was also quick to help the self-employed fishermen of Capernaum repair their meager boats. The city of Capernaum was about 50 miles from a town called Nazareth. In Nazareth were men there who held the ancient knowledge of the Temple Priests and some were among the best stone masons and builders in the world. They practiced a cult of Judaism called the “the way.” This group believed themselves to be the true keepers of the tradition of Moses. There were many Jewish sects in the holy land at that time, but this group did have one special power: The great Kings and Princes could not build their stone monuments without them. These free masons in Galilee practiced a cult of liberty, and they were known to fiercely face death rather than build if they were angered. They had no army or official political influence, but Empires and Kings had always had to “negotiate” with these men to build their cities. The Kings knew that nothing would get built if they killed the Masons, and the Masons always stood together.

    Zebedee had two sons, James and John. His son James worked with Simon learning the trade of the master carpenter and shipwright. He sent his son John to Nazareth at the age of 13 to train with the stone Masons under the guidance of his cousins, Jesus and John who became known as the Baptist. Zebedee’s wife Salome was the baby sister of Jesus’ mother Mary. John, being the younger son, as Hebrew tradition dictated would not inherit the family business, but he would be welcome as the son of Salome by his cousins the Masons in Nazareth. Zebedee had a great love for John and he paid the free mason Masters of Nazareth well to take John as apprentice. He was hopeful that his son would make a life for himself. He also gave John much Gold and Silver and sacred horses which were invaluable as their Scythian ancestors taught them. At the time John walked the road to Nazareth the Romans had been plundering their land for some 80 years. If he were to become a master mason he would likely still have a hard time earning fair wages under the occupation of the Romans.

    John thrived in Nazareth as it was far from the center of Roman occupation and not unlike his rural home town of Capernaum. John met an extremely talented Master Mason in Nazareth who was a few years older and took John under his wing. This man was his cousin Jesus of Nazareth. John would become the official apprentice of Jesus in the Mason guild and this was a very sacred relationship. Jesus would love and protect his apprentice and cousin John as if he were his own son.

    Jesus was becoming more and more frustrated with Roman rule of their homeland. His particular sect believed him to be the true hereditary King of the Jewish people and his brother James to be the hereditary prophet. Jesus kept the knowledge of the sacred geometry and secrets of the Master Masons. His brother James kept the Unitarian order of Melchizadek- the ancient rite of king making, the history of human religions and the transmigration of Masters. The Nazarenes believed the Melchizadek Priesthood to be guardians of Jerusalem and far older than the Levites. James kept the great secrets of “the most high”, secrets of human origins and bloodlines, inherited in the line of the Prophet Samuel.

    In response to the Roman occupation these two brothers began to organize resistance to the Romans. John was young and did not want trouble. He could see that trouble was coming, so he returned home to Capernaum to be with his family. There were rumors of war among the stone Masons. Some Masons wanted to stop working for the Romans until James was given his place in the Temple. The Romans were known for their ruthlessness. Jesus believed in reason and did not want to oppose the Romans. Jesus warned John that the Romans would kill every living creature in Nazareth if opposed.

    John returned home and he told his father that he feared death standing with the Masons in Nazareth. Zebedee was not anxious to lose his son John, but he knew that the solidarity of the Masons had always been their great power. He explained to John that if he was not willing to stand with the Masons now, then he could not honorably work for the Romans. Zebedee told his son John that this would just result in low wages and miserable conditions. Masons are paid well, because the Romans know the building will stop without them. Zebedee asked John to invite his Master Jesus the son of Joseph to come to Capernaum and speak of these troubles so that John may better understand the way of his cousins the free masons. John returned to Galilee and asked Jesus to forgive him for leaving. He vowed to stay with Jesus and meet his fate with the free Masons. Jesus calmed John explaining that he had stopped the troubles in Nazareth, and that the Masons would not be tempting the Roman Anger. Jesus had negotiated for James to be allowed respect at the Temple and James was in Jerusalem under the hospitality of the Temple Priests. John told Jesus that his Father Zebedee wished to see him and Jesus agreed to travel to Capernaum. John was very proud of how his Master reasoned with these problems. John had great faith in following his wise Master Jesus.

    It soon happened that Jesus did seek out the House of Zebedee. He came with John and several others walking the path to Zebedee’s villa. He could not be distinguished from the crowd for Jesus was a humble man of common stature. Zebedee immediately loved Jesus. He had a very kind way and he had a wonderful talent for writing song and poetry. Jesus also became very fond of the ship builders and fishermen in the house of Zebedee. He especially grew to love Simon, whom he would later call Peter. Above all Jesus loved and respected loyalty and honor. The code of these ancient Masons was much the same as the code of Hector or Rob Roy and lives on in the United States Marine corps to this day: duty, honor, and country are very ancient concepts. There are men in the cult of the way all over the planet earth practicing many so called Religions, but this is their one common value. Simon, the man called Peter, was such a loyal and thoughtful man.

    Jesus gained great respect in Capernaum among the rural self-employed fishermen, because he began a radical change in the traditions of his order. He began to teach common men secrets of the natural world such as astrology, geometry, geochemistry, and water science. The Masons had always held much more than a simple knowledge of mixing mortar. They had always kept many “secrets” of natural science that they reserved only for Master Masons. Jesus believed all people should have easy access to education of all kinds. But he did not believe in teaching men the secrets of building, because this could undermine the Masons’ negotiating position. He did not believe that teaching people astrology or the difference between an acid and a base, or secrets of wine making would harm his order. There was a euphemism used for teaching such secrets: “Raising from the dead.” Jesus had been raising people from the dead all over Galilee and he began to do the same at the house of Zebedee. Perhaps the most radical act of Jesus was that he began teaching everyone simply to read and write.

    Jesus taught the apostles secrets of healing and medicine. He taught them secrets of the stars. He taught math and geometry to the more gifted students like Peter and John’s brother James. He taught Zebedee secrets of making wine and vinegar. Jesus also knew much about the geography of the Earth and the ancient stories of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Persians. All of these things and more he taught the people and it began to concern his brother James that this may cause a problem. James was a true and righteous man and Jesus loved his brother James with the hearts of a hundred men. Jesus for a time agreed with James that he would teach only a select few worthy Jews these secrets, but eventually he would send his apostles out to many peoples to teach everything they had learned about reading, writing, medicine, mathematics, and the natural world. He would send his Apostles also to educate themselves and travel the World.

    The knowledge of a Master Mason was vast. In those days a Mason had to know how to forge the metal to make his tools, how to examine soil and geology for foundations, and the chemistry of making and firing bricks. All this knowledge Jesus did teach to John his apprentice, but he would keep secret the knowledge of masonry from the people and the secret hand grips of apprentice, journeyman, and master. He had made a promise to his order to only teach his apprentice these secrets as was the custom of the free masons. (29)

    As Jesus left Capernaum he took with him a larger following. Among these people were Peter and his younger brother Andrew along with John and his brother James. These men would all become great teachers and heroes passing the knowledge they had learned from Jesus. Zebedee was old and he was losing his sons, his foreman, and best ship builders, but he was joyful. Zebedee loved Jesus and understood the importance of delivering such great knowledge to the people. Zebedee gave Jesus and his followers baskets full of supplies and pack animals for their Journey, but he was too old to Journey with our Lord Jesus and had too many responsibilities to the people who would remain in Capernaum and Tiberias.

    As Jesus taught and enlightened people all over Galilee he began to draw too much attention from the Romans. Many were saying that Jesus and his brother James were fulfilling the prophecy of the messiah: the return of a prophet and his King that would reunify the Jewish people as they were in the time of David. This was exactly the kind of subversions that the Romans would not tolerate. It happened that Jesus and his brother James decided to go to Jerusalem and face the Romans. They knew that the Romans were looking for them and they did not want to endanger any of the people in Galilee.

    On arriving in Jerusalem Jesus was greeted by a multitude of people who had heard of his great teachings and his ability to heal the sick. Jesus was able to accomplish great works in Jerusalem, and though many of his followers advocated violent resistance to the Romans, Jesus believed only in education and nonviolent resistance. His apostles from the house of Zebedee the brothers James and John, along with the two brothers Andrew and Peter were constantly advocating a war with the Romans. The ability to confront your enemy with arguments and civil discourse was the greatest teaching of Jesus. Jesus to the end wanted to reason with the Romans, and indeed Roman soldiers even sat with Jesus and learned lessons of astrology and listened to stories of ancient heroes. Within just a few years of the execution of Jesus, Roman soldiers would continue his mystery cult, teaching in what people call the cult of Mithras. In Rome today many Catholic Churches are in the same building foundation used for Mithras temples. The Roman soldiers’ love for Jesus and the warrior cult of honor he taught became very popular.

    Jesus made a lot of trouble in Jerusalem when finally he attacked the Babylonian Priests at the Temple. There were many Jewish sects at the time and the sect that was controlling the Temple and speaking for the Hebrew Nation was a group that had aligned with the Persian Empire. This group had ingeniously submitted a request to Darius in Babylon to rebuild their Temple based on a decree of his grandfather Cyrus. Darius agreed and allowed this sect to build the Temple in Jerusalem on returning from Babylon. The Jews that returned from Babylon returned with great wealth and material power, but they never treated the rural population of Hebrews with great respect. The indigenous Hebrew population was much less well educated and they lived a rugged and primitive lifestyle.

    Jesus loved the Temple and he knew it was his ancestors who had negotiated with the Babylonian Priests to actually design it and lay the stone. It was hard for this man Jesus to look at this glorious structure built by his ancestors and not feel great regret that the people who controlled the Temple were colluding with the Romans. The Babylonian Temple sect had great wealth and political power while children in Galilee were starving to death. When Jesus finally overturned the tables of the money changers in the Temple, he had gone too far and the Priests of the Temple and the Romans determined to find Jesus and execute him.

    The Roman soldiers were told to find the sons of Mary and bring them to prison. When Jesus heard this he begged Judas to go to the Romans and tell them that it was he they were looking for, not his brother James. Jesus reminded Judas that the Romans would give him silver for the information and that he should take the silver to Jesus’ mother Mary. Judas did exactly as Jesus told him, but the Romans had already taken James.

    The man who history knows as Barabbas was actually Jesus’ brother James. The name Bar-abbas means “Son of the Father,” which is the ancient reference to a brother. And Jesus had to save James. Jesus’ brother James was well known to be the inheritor of the order of Melchizedek, the order of Masonic Priests who believed they held the ancient Hebrew rite of King making. It was their group that had maintained the ancient ceremonies and mysticism of Solomon going all the way back to Moses himself.

    The Romans were bound by tradition to let the people chose a victim for amnesty from crucifixion. At that dire time when the Prisoners were being held for Judgment the Romans wanted to save Jesus because of his skills as a Master Mason and architect; James was from a lineage of trouble making Prophets. The final decision was made by Jesus himself. He begged the crowd to demand the release of his brother- “Bar-abbas”- which also roughly translates to “Son of our father,” referring to his brother. Jesus and his people believed a great deal in tradition and ceremony. Although the ceremonial traditions of King making are no longer needed, this was very important to Jesus and his rural sect. They believed James could “make” a King. It was most important for Jesus that he save his brother, and allow James to pass his knowledge to his descendants and maybe even a future King. (30)

    The myth of Jesus’ resurrection likely occurred when people saw James alive after it was rumored that the Romans had killed “the son of Mary.” Some people then began to repeat a rumor that James had actually survived the crucifixion. As the Christian movement began to gather a larger grass roots following around James after Jesus’ recovery and ascension , this story became more popular. The Paulite Christians especially loved the false story of the resurrection and this lie became the foundation of their Church. But the truth is, Jesus was willing to give his life for his brother James that day, he had not reached full ascendancy of Godhead until after the crucifixion.

    He offered his life for his brother James above all because he loved him. He knew James would protect the people who had followed him from Galilee. Jesus knew the people would carry on and that the Apostles would continue to teach and educate all over the world. Education for the masses and social justice were the most important goals of Jesus from Nazareth- known as Jesus Justus the Master Mason by the Romans. Together Jesus and James, the warrior and his prophet, fulfilled the prophecy of Messiah and Christ.

    Before the sons of Zebedee and their men Peter and Andrew met Jesus they knew very little of the stars and almost nothing about geography. Jesus had traveled far and wide in his youth and he gave these men very practical knowledge about how to travel the world. Jesus and John the Baptist had both traveled with their Uncle Joseph of Arimathea to sea ports all over the Mediterranean. As a young boy Jesus had traveled beyond the gates of Hercules to the ice lands of Scandinavia with his Uncle Joseph. There Jesus learned of glorious and plentiful lands of forests and grass land. The Vikings claimed this land could be found by sailing west following a star called ‘Merica. Jesus believed it was the destiny of his people to travel west and find a land of freedom.

    Jesus taught his Apostles of lands to the east like India and the frontier of Iberia to the west where Roman control was weak and a free society could thrive. Jesus taught John and James of the star ‘Merica that would lead their descendants to a promised land. Jesus also taught his Apostles to live and enjoy life and the sons of Zebedee took his advice. The brothers John and James traveled with much wealth gained from their father to the land of Iberia. The land we call Spain today. From there our people would eventually find the Promised Land under the star ‘Merica to the west. The land our ancestors from Briton called the Kinnerfeld.

    They took with them many of the followers of Jesus’ cousin John the Baptist from which Jesus had first learned his radical methods. These people were often called “Nasrani” because they were from Nazareth, but also because it means “little fishes.” The followers of John the Baptist believed in constant ritual bathing and cleansing. This is why the Baptists practice these rituals today and this is why they were called the little fishes.

    After the ascension of Jesus it was hard for his friends and family to go on. They were heart broken, but they knew they had to continue the Revolution he had started and continue to raise people from the dead of ignorance. The sons of Zebedee John and James together made a great team of builders. John had never received the ceremonial rites as a Master Mason but he had worked as a Mason for ten years and learned all the theory and Geometry that Jesus could teach him. James had learned the fine art of the shipwright from the Master builders that worked for his father Zebedee. They passed on their stone and wood working skills to their children and the descendants of their children went on to build with stone in Europe. Although James the Apostle would return to Jerusalem and be killed as a young man spreading the light of Jesus, he did have several wives and many Children in Iberia, and their descendants live in Spain, England, Scotland, and America to this day. John lived many years to a very old age and he would be the father of many Children who would follow the same path as the descendants of his brother James. John would father a gifted seer called John of Patmos who recorded the Book of Revelation. He would be the father of an entire nation of heroes who would, after many years of struggle, win their independence in America.

    Remember this story well; millions of people who live free in the west are descended from the family of Jesus from Galilee. Remember that it was Jesus, murdered by the Romans, who gave us our freedom. Remember Jesus for teaching us civil disobedience and the power of the rule of law in facing tyranny. Never forget the execution and murder of Jesus, because it is the sentinel event of our western culture. Jesus was willing to die to bring us all one step closer to a day when common people could read, write, drink clean water, and live in peace and prosperity. Jesus lived in the nightmare of tyrants, but he enabled his descendants to escape that nightmare and live a dream. So many people live well in America today because we are living the dream that Jesus and his brother James dreamt for us. We have so many of the freedoms we have today because men like Jesus and James were willing to die in order to give liberty to the future. This process requires eternal vigilance, and we continued to see men throughout history like Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and John F. Kennedy sacrificed in the same struggle. This is the struggle that we must continue. We must pass the story of this struggle for liberty to the future generations of our family. Jesus was killed on the cross; but Isu and Yeshiva survived. Good Uncle Joseph convinced the Romans to crucify our Lord at sundown beofr Sabbat. At midnight Sabbat all Jews were taken off their crosses- and so our Lord survived because he did not suffer the Dawn. Yeshua was delivered and Shiva of suffering created “Isu” who Travelled to the birth place of Pater of all Pa’s Abraham – Grandfather of “Pariksheet” called “Isra el” THE God tester – the Agel wrestler. Isu was taken by the Lord at 112 and Travelled till the day he passed. And now so live the Sharagoser of the holy blood . “.

    ” In the days when our Master Jesus walked the earth, there were many sects of people who called themselves Jews. The early Christians always considered themselves Jews and they kept sacred the Law of Moses. The Nazarene Masons from which Jesus had descended were closely associated with a group called “Essenes” and indeed the Essene Priests had taken Jesus as a child and raised him in their Temple. Essenes were not exclusively Jews: they had a strong Greek tradition and, just as with the Sibylline of old, their highest Priests were always women. Mary, Jesus’ mother, was among the highest order of the Essenes. These Hellenic Jews maintained a strong tradition from Egypt that they had inherited from Moses and the flight of Jeremiah to Egypt with the last of the royal house of Judah. It was the poor of the royal house exiled to Egypt from which Jesus was descended. Although Essenes were nonviolent, many of Jesus’ number among the Nazarenes from Galilee wanted a war with Rome. These Nazarenes loved Jesus and believed him the true King descended from the son of the daughter of Zedekiah, but they did not understand his message of nonviolence. Among this group arose a great leader who the Romans called “The Egyptian.” (35)

    Although James did not agree with the armed rebellions of his people from Nazareth, he would never collude with the Romans to destroy them. James and the followers of Jesus would never give the Romans his name and he was always simply referred to as “The Egyptian.” He fiercely defended the culture of those Jews which held dear their Egyptian heritage from Moses. Although James did not agree with ‘The Egyptian,” he understood the frustration of his people. James also understood that all men could not be born prophets and saints. The man called “The Egyptian” was James’ close cousin, and James would not judge him for being born a warrior and a soldier.

    James never encouraged the people to join in armed revolt. But he accepted the soldiers of “The Egyptian” and often provided them with food and blankets. About ten years after Jesus died, ‘The Egyptian” amassed a great army of 30,000 at the mount of Olives. The Romans suppressed the revolt, but they never forgave James and the Nazarenes for supporting the rebellion. A few years later as the Jewish wars with Rome began to intensify, the Romans decided to send their man Saul to Judea to infiltrate the Christian Jews and pass information to Rome on any future plans for rebellion.

    The cult of James had always been very peaceful and somewhat of a blessing for Rome. The cult of James provided social aid to people who would have otherwise littered the streets and created a burden. Rome had been fairly tolerant of James and his strange sect of Jews after Jesus died, but as the sect became larger Rome feared that James may gain political power. The Romans realized that it was often more profitable to co-opt a sect rather than destroy it. For many years Rome had employed hired thugs to disrupt Christian Jews from meeting and organizing. These hired thugs would often beat a few Christians to death, just to remind them of the power of Rome. Saul, who later would be known as the Apostle Paul, was among these hired thugs. Paul was hired by the Romans to infiltrate the Christian Jews and report to Rome his findings.

    Paul did exactly what the Romans commanded. He began telling a story of his conversion to “the way” and he convinced Jesus’ brother James to teach him the disciple’s way. James was very concerned that he maintain Jewish tradition, and Paul had been raised a Jew, so he impressed James greatly with his knowledge of the law. When Paul reached a point that he learned many mysteries from Jesus’ brother James, he made plans with the Romans to kill James and become leader of the new Christian sect.

    James was a very righteous man, and strictly adhered to the law. James was a man of peace and would not so much as harm the wing of a fly or even eat the flesh of a fish. James constantly prayed to God for forgiveness for his people, both for their violence and violations of the law. He prayed so much that it is said his knees were as callused as a camel’s hoof. Paul realized that James’ unbending righteousness was his weakness. James was not so liberal as his brother Jesus; James demanded that the people practice strict Jewish law. He would gladly teach a foreigner to read and write as long as the man be willing to become a Jew, and this meant to circumcise. Many people wanted to be educated, but it was very hard to ask a twenty-year old man to be circumcised. Many people simply wanted to learn practical things like a ritual on how to purify water by making tea. James would teach nothing to people who were not willing to submit to the Law of Moses, and this included circumcision. Paul took great advantage of James’ stubbornness, and he was able to use this point of contention to cause a rift in the early church.

    Paul reached a point when he believed he had learned all James had to teach, but in reality he had learned nothing. He began to openly appose James and teach the mysteries to the uncircumcised of Moses’ Law. James’ righteousness became his undoing because he was too stubborn to admit that Paul was probably right. There was no need to circumcise the world before spreading the truth and the way and the light. Paul began to gain many followers, and with his connections to Rome it was not long before Paul had divided the Christian sect. Paul had created a great contention between those who followed the Law of Moses and those who were born to foreign cultures. (36)

    His death happened on Passover exactly 30 years after the execution of his brother Jesus. Paul colluded with the Romans and Priests of the Temple to make James believe that they were finally ready to accept the message of his brother Jesus. They tricked James into climbing to the pinnacle of the Temple, asking him to speak to the people. When James had reached the pinnacle, the followers of Paul pushed him off and he fell. The fall crippled James, but it did not kill him. As James struggled to rise from the ground the followers of Paul beat him to death with laundry paddles.

    It is said that James could be heard asking God to forgive them for not knowing what they did do and so they killed him at the base of the Temple. Even with his last breath of life James knew that violence was not the answer. James and Jesus had come with great abiding compassion for all, and even when faced with death they only wished to educate and enlighten their enemies.

    Paul went on to found the Catholic Church in Rome for the Romans, and the true Apostles took the light of the Master far off to distant lands. This is the time in history when we began to lose our Jewish heritage that James fought so hard to keep. We know now that the cultural differences that divide us are far less important than the way, the truth, and the light that binds us. As we lost James and saw our sect fall into the hands of Paul and the Romans, we began a time of darkness for our people. We lived in Roman captivity for the next few hundred years, which would eventually descend into a dark age for men and our ancestors in Europe. Through this time our people traveled west, always keeping the faith and keeping alive the light of the eastern star that we hold precious. “

      • Much of the bible is a mix of myth derived from extra-Judaic sources — what has come to us is no older than the 8-9th century BCE in Hebrew, which is also not an ancient language but extremely cumbersome — and this is not to mention that the KJ Bible has more than 50,000 errors in translation, and in fact, the NT was recorded in Aramaic, not Greek—all of which texts were purposely misplaced or destroyed for what had come down to us.

        Besides this, no one he ever knew, including his family, ever used the name, “Jesus” — Hence, your “biblical view” requires some upgrading in additional to the realization that “Son of God” was a title used to describe a saint or prophet — and certainly not intended for its presently misconstrued literal sense — God Almighty has no wife and no children ,,, only servants, sundry other creatures, and enemies of the truth. Any reference to the contrary is pure allegory …

  2. Dr Zaid,

    Be aware there is one overwhelming inaccurate statement in your research.

    “…we must not forget that Masonic Charters are issued by agents of the British Crown, as are many throughout S.E. Asia and much of the Levant; although Lodges in Italy and France also grant concessions.”

    The Scottish Rite is headquartered in Alexandria Virginia. All Charters and all amicable orders and all paperwork comes through Alexandria Virginia- Not Europe or England. The York rite Charters come from England.

    Why did we name this town “Alexandria” ? Because this is the true origin of our Ancestors and the Port from which the descendants of the early Christians fled to Europe.

    Yes the fruit is all important and I would submit that America is the light of the World. How can we not recognize that America was blessed by God?

    The Problem is that the good of the Early Freemasons was replaced by corruption and Evil. George Washington was a very good man just simple fact. George Washington never cheated on his wife; he never stole; he never even cursed. George Washington lived his life following the 10 commandments of God. He practiced esoteric Rosicrucian meditation which is very much just chanting a Hymn that words come straight from the Prophets. George Washington is not the problem; Albert Pike; Edgar Cayce; Hitler; Madame Blavatsky- these people are a big problem.

    I am a practitioner of the Freemasonry practiced by George Washington. I believe some of the Chants about “Isis” and the “Els” like Micah iel and Gabr iel may be a little dangerous. If we are not taught the allegorical nature of these concepts ten one may believe there is some power separate from Allah. I see these as ancient tribal rituals to respect Gods creation and these beings personify aspects of the one true God. I think Muhammad may have cleared this up by setting an example of a simple man that does not need to know any more than God is great and his name is Allah. This is why true Freemasons so love Muhammad- he reminds us of the ultimate power of truth, justice and innocence.

  3. Dr Zaid,

    Just wanted to add I love your research and I learn something new myself every time I read. Thanks for the work you do. You are fighting an ancient battle between esoteric sorcery and simple truth. Know that the battle is already won in God’s name. I think you know what I am saying. We still have to appose evil and sorcery but God has already won this battle we fight. I say this to help myself really as I sometimes despair but feel better in God’s strength. The innocent and righteous need not fear the Lord and so I practice no sorcery. I know that all the magic words and symbols of power or idols or object are worthless in the eyes of our creator. And even if these tricks could gain us some temporary pleasure on Earth; what would be the profit in losing our souls? This is the true wisdom of a true Freemason- all lost by those that have knowledge but far too little wisdom. Thanks for speaking against this tyranny Dr Zaid.

  4. Dr Zaid,

    Here is my personal view. In the end the Old Scottish Rite of Freemasons became a victim of their own success. Membership soared after the Revolution, and it became more of a social organization. In September of 1826 a man named William Morgan, who wrote a book on Freemasonry disclosing secret oaths, was killed by a group of Freemasons: this was an abomination to true Freemasons that understood freedom of speech and the true nature of oaths. The Freemasons actually contributed money to building a monument dedicated to William Morgan and joined in a ceremony dedicated to William Morgan. Church and state had become rightfully weary of secret societies, so with this incident church leaders and politicians completely destroyed the order by 1832. The order was reformed by Albert Pike after the Civil war, and he wrote Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1871. This is the Scottish Rite as we know it today, and it is far from ancient. The reformed order created by Albert Pike preserved much of masonic history and ritual, but the core concept of including all classes has been lost. Remember it was the stable boy, waitress, shopkeeper, and blacksmith who won the Revolution. Albert Pike was also greatly influenced by the con Woman known as Madame Blavatsky. Madame Blavatsky learned a small bit of Mysticism in Nepal and brought it to New York where she “mystified” the ignorant and spiritually bereft western world. Later Edgar Cayce embrace the New Orders of Freemasonry and it is who most betrayed the Old Scottish Rite with his release of the secrets of Kabbalah. Albert Pike and Edgar Cayce in many was betrayed the order of Freemasonry practiced by our ancestors and the founding Fathers.

    Although the Old Scottish Rite was destroyed in the early 1830ies there were some remnants that remained uncorrupted. An Order of Continental Templar Priests remained secluded in Boone County, West Virginia. This is where my father heard the stories of Atlantis, the Scythian, the Apostles, and the Army of the Old Dominion. He passed on this knowledge to me and advised me to concentrate on carrying on the old tradition. There are only a handful of Continental Templar Priests today, but they include a cross section of society: a very successful midsized-business owner, a high school janitor, a school teacher, and me, a middle-class engineer, and others. We have tried to keep the grass roots traditions of the Old Rite. The upper class should not plot against the lower class, just as the lower class should not plot against the upper class. All classes must work together to plan our future; this is the secret to peace and social order.

    So where does the Old Scottish Rite go from here? We are now trying to keep the tradition of provoking society. There is a big difference in provoking people with the truth and trying to control people. Our only agenda is defeating tyranny. The two towers of church and state are again looming to destroy society. The war in the mideast needs to be ended, and the political alliances dragging us into religious war should be severed. We have bankrupted our country stabilizing the chaos caused by religion for over twenty years. If we do not take a lesson from history and defeat these two towers, we will suffer the consequence.

    The stone structures of Washington, D.C., stand as a testament to the free stone masons of Scotland and their link to the ancient world. When the great stone structures of our Capital were created, the only masons in the world with the skill to build them were from Scotland. The memorials and the Washington monument were all built by stone masons imported from Scotland. The Washington monument is the tallest free standing stone structure in the world. There will never be a taller stone structure, as we know from the lesson of Nimrod and Babble. The Washington monument is built just as high as a stone structure can be built based on load calculations. This monument would not be a Tower of Babble, but a precise work of art and engineering. The monuments of Washington are the last great megalithic structures ever built. The oldest megalithic stone structures in the world are in Egypt; the most recent and last to be built are in Washington, D.C.

    In the sequel to this book we are making record of stories from Atlantis and Egypt. In the sequel we will record oral stories that may have been the same one heard by Plato. As I said, we would not even need to write this book if the Library of Alexandria had not been destroyed. Although the name of our Capital is Washington, in many ways the real Capital city is Alexandria. Alexandria, Virginia, is also quite near to a library that, like the original in Egypt, preserves the history and past of our culture. This is the Library of Congress, and it is probably the greatest accomplishment of the “secret” plot of Scottish Rite Freemasons: to maintain and restore human history so that future generations can learn from our past.

    Although the Order of Continental Templar Priests is proud of our struggle to maintain western knowledge and technology we are also reminded of the technophiles of Atlantis. Again Atlantis rises from the ashes of its ancient rebellion and the descendants of Aatlantis’ slaves have finally acquired the precious technology we were denied. Atlantis rises in the west with genetic breeding and cyborg like technology beginning to take root once again. Society is encouraging humans to blend their race with machines- just as they did in Atlantis. The Druze have a very ancient saying that has made its way into the western speech: “there is nothing new under the sun.” I beg you to believe this simple wisdom and take the ancient wisdom held by Druze and Freemasons seriously. Our Order screams from the wilderness of the mountains of West Virginia a cry of hope and dire warning: stop the worshipping of technology and material desire! Atlantis rises and we have a second chance to follow the Lemurians of the Law of One and end the suffering and humiliation of our human race. We now have the power to feed, clothe and educate our whole planet if only we can conquer our greed.

    I believe a statement of the Greek historian Polybius best describes the lesson to be learned from the journey of Freemasonry. He wrote of Europe’s future around 150 BCE:

    “In earlier times the Worlds history was an unrelated series of episodes, but from now on history becomes an organic whole. The affairs of Europe and Africa are connected with those of Asia and all events bear a relationship and contribute to a single end.” (89)

    • Salaam And Thank you Brother Triplett,

      I am receiving emails now from readers who welcome your input to our search for historical truth. When science honors revealed knowledge, all is well, but when esoteric fellowships add Gnostic deformations to science and the traditional dialogue, Allah abandons such men and those submitted to them to their own devices. This is a Law of Grace. Al’Qur’an refers to such pride as destroyed the Atalnteans in the following passage:

      Now, when trouble touches man, he cries to Us: But when We bestow a favor upon him as from Us, he says, ‘This has been given to me because of a certain knowledge I have!’ Nay. But this is but a trial, but most of them understand not. (XXXIX: 49)

      Hence, the balance must be struck between science and true guidance. These are the real two pillars. – oz

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