Hearts of Darkness, by Dr. Omar

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  1. thanks zaid for re-enlightening us on the level of darkness and evil that envelopes us…noor from ALAH SWT is our only way forward….good will eventually overcome evil and the balance will be settled in the final count-down..

  2. Dr Zaid,

    Your research will shock many people but I ot only believe your assertios I am living proof that this is very real. I started a Facebook page about 1 year ago to release Gypsy folklore and Legends. Two groups immediately contacted me and threatened my life: first were fellow Gypsies that reminded me that the Goyger was never meant to have this knowledge and my writing was in violation of our agreement with the Pope. The second was a man named Ralph Carpio who is a known killer for the Knights of Malta and his Father is well known to have killed his own brother to become a dictator in Central America.

    Ralph Carpio threatened to “visit” me. When He was about 200 miles from my house a snow storm hit that was one of the most devastating storms in 100 years ( Jan 2014) and the Mountain pass into West Virginia was blocked for 6 weeks. I told Ralph that this was NOT Montsegur and that we would not be waiting for him helpless as were my ancestors in France those many years ago.

    I told Ralph I would shut down my Facebook page in exchange for amnesty for my wife and children- he agreed. I am still on the hit list of the Knights of Malta but I know a secret. The Lord God Allah decides my fate- not petty mercenaries of the Pope. I dod not live in Fear and if I am killed one day by the Black Knights for divulging the Gypsy Legends then it will be God’s will and I will be content.

    I tell you this Dr Zaid because I want you to know this is not a game. The Black Knights are very real and if you get on their radar scope you will realize that the forces you are apposing can be very aggressive. Please just be aware and careful. As you proceed in this noble effort.

    After the Massacre at Montsegur the descendants of Isa and Ya’Chonan and Yacub (Apostles John and James) were given to Gypsies traveling into Wales. The Templar that had remained loyal to Gods will fled to Scotland and Switzerland and would be sheltered by humble free stone masons. The Knights bent knee and offered obedience to the poor Masons and they became “Accepted” Masons and were allowed to hide and have meetings in the guild halls.

    After the massacre of Cathars and Templar at Montesgur the group that remained loyal to the Pope became known as the “Black” Knights or Knights of Malta which morphed into the modern day Knights of Columbus. Today the Knights of Malta are the most feared organization in the world by Traveller men because we know what all others have forgotten- the true history of Europe.


    • Salaam Brother Triplett,

      Thank you kindly for your comments and support. I am under watch. I have met their agents here in Malaysia. They keep an ‘eye’ on me, so to speak. But I am no threat as I seek no power or following. Just as well eh?

      Anyway, I seem to be doing what has always come naturally: questioning the ‘authorities’ as to the veracity of their claims and deeds. It began when a neighbor lady made my mother cry. I was three at the time. I went into the kitchen, took the biggest knife I could reach, and then went into her back yard and stabbed her in the calf muscle.

      By the time I was seven, I was very angelic looking, so they chose me to greet the Phila. Archbishop when he came to visit the Church of the Resurrection in Chester, Pa. He put me on his lap in front of the congregation in the grotto of Mary, and asked me how I liked the school. So i began giving him a litany of all the crimes committed by the nuns against the children when no one was looking but us.

      Anyway, it is my destiny to do what i do and write what I write. May it be of service to those with eyes and ears of the true spirit of veracity. Were this another time and place, I would welcome your fellowship in the flesh as well, with strong arm, shield, heart and sword devoted to vanquish the enemies of truth and justice.

      May we find grace and favor with the Almighty Johnny. My salaam to your good lady.


  3. Dr Zaid,

    You Sir have accepted the struggle of the eternal soul my friend. And like it or not you have joined in the fellowship of the Kinnerhelm (the ring of power). Much like Tolkiens heroes you have joined with the Travellers (Hobbits and Elves) in preserving the hidden history of the human race. If ever you need help or feel you are in danger please contact me. Let everyone know if you are contacted by the Black Knights (Tolkien called them Ring Wraiths). The struggle to carry these secrets of Power maybe 60,000 years old according to Legend.

    My Father would say Dr Zaid that you are a true Freemason. In a time when Persians are calling themselves “Jews” and the murderers of the Cathars are calling themselves “Freemasons” the world has been turned upside down. The true keepers of the flame of the Freemasons are fighting the establishment of Freemasonry- people just like you.

    Having come this far I must initiate you my friend. When I was 12 yrs old I participated in a ceremony to remind me of what was waiting for me in faith and struggle of God’s divine will. This is the possible fate of those that would appose Evil and the Pope of the lesser gods of Earth.

    The Fate of a Papal Heretic:

    First your hands are tied behind your back and a bag is placed on your head. One leg of your trousers is ripped up to the knee height. Your shoulders are dislocated and your legs are broken. You are then tied to a stake and animal fat is smeared on your body. Finally you are set on Fire- but the flames are not what kills you. The flames open up your arteries and then the blood flows like a river from your veins. If you are lucky you bleed to death but sometimes the blood puts out the flame and they set you on fire a second time. The agony is prolonged when the flames cauterize the blood vessels and if you are lucky the smoke will suffocate you before you bleed to death. This is how the Pope killed my ancestors and any that would aid them in their struggle.

    My Dear Dr Zaid I would not blame you if you close your site today and never speak of these things again. You can stop now and just forget about this struggle and nobody would blame you or call you a coward. If you wish to continue with this fight I will be your brother in arms to the end- and there are many others with us in this struggle. I just want you to know that challenging the Black Knights of the Kinnerhelm is very dangerous and not a game to be played in the parlor. You are scratching the surface of the greatest conspiracies in western civilization. It is only a matter of time before these forces of darkness are aware of your resistance. If you stop writing these posts I would not blame you at all- if you keep writing you have my full support and fellowship. God is good and God is great and Allah is his name- thank you Sir.

  4. Dr Zaid,

    It is a tradition in my Family to leave a new born Baby exposed to the elements for one day before naming the child. When I was born my mother was 51 years old and I was 5 pounds and not well developed. I was also born with the simian palms- so the Gypsies believed me to be an “Elf”. My Father said these words:

    “This child will not be set on the Mountain. He is from the half race of El’s and not ours to weave his fate. This Halfling has suffered enough to find us and we shall accept him weak and frail as he is- May God forgive us and know I trust and follow the Lord but I shall not condemn this my youngest son of the half race to the Mountain.”

    The Legend is that Zebedee the Father of the Apostle John was descended from Scythians and Spartan descendants that fought with Alexander the great. For two thousand years Priests of Druids and Freemasons kept family genealogy of those descended from the 300 Spartans that guarded the pass of Hells gate from Persia. It was believed that “blood” had some occult power, but history teaches us that Heroes are born of the spirit and not bloodlines. As history progressed those that usurped power told lies about their heritage and the old line of Kings was replaced.

    The truth is that the modern royals of Europe are descended from tribal Europeans and not the Apostles of Jesus and the 300 Spartans. The true descendants of these people were Merovingian- then Cathars- Templars and Scottish Freemasons. The Royals of Europe do not want anyone to know that the true descendants of the Royal blood and Isa became poor humble Gypsies. The Royals of Europe want people to believe they are the blood of Isa and Spartans etc. so they stole our heritage and and made themselves Kings. The true line of the old Kings and their descendants took their revenge in America.

    My Spartan heritage disgust me Dr Zaid. I have no pride in being descended from baby killers and idolaters. The true old Freemasons were not “proud” of their Spartan blood. It is very hard to understand that Mythology is stolen by the conquerors. The Royals of Europe today are far from being descendants of Isa- the apostles- the Spartans but they wanted to associate themselves with these people. Ironically the people today that associate themselves with Templar; Cathars; Merovingians are actually the descendants of those that murdered these people.

    What were Muhammad’s bloodlines? What ancient authority of heritage and bloodlines did Muhammad hold? I would submit that he needed no proof of his Royal or divine heritage because he was chosen by the one true God. And so this is why the Gypsy stopped believing in bloodlines- God has shown us that genetics and bloodlines are meaningless in light of his ultimate power. Purity and innocence and nobility are all from God’s will and so is the way of the true ancient Freemasons. Every human being is born equal in God’s eye and so who are we to honor “bloodlines”. According to the teachings of the Templar Priests we were fools and idolaters. It is more important to remember the mistakes of your ancestors than their triumphs.

    These powerful men of the league of 300 are lying. They are descended not from the 300 Spartans or Isa but European barbarians and usurpers of history. In knowing a Demon’s name you have power over that Demon and this is why they so fear the Gypsy. Only the Gypsy kept the truth of their Fathers and the origin of their Royal lies.

  5. There is a Super Human Man but it has Nothing to do with Body Form. The Superior Man is not Afraid of Death and has acute Sobriety and Awareness of the Fact that life is a dream. This is the State of mind of the True Noble class that refuse to live as Slaves. Call them descendants of demi-gods or whatever word we use this is a truth.

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