Charleston Voice: The Complete History of Monsanto, The World’s Most Evil Corporation

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  1. Dr Zaid,

    Thanks for connecting me with Charleston Voice. This is the heart of the beast and te very simple core of world control: processed food ; tobacco; sugar and food supplements.

    These powers first sold the masses Fat but then they discovered sugar and this became the main ingredient in American food. Then they made a big deal “low fat” but American kept dying of heart disease cause it was the sugar killing people all the time. Then people were wise to the sugar con and they made saccharine and all the artificial sweeteners. Tobacco is $5 a pack now for a plan that cost the 3x more in packaging than the actual tobacco in the cigarette. People are not allowed to grow tobacco so the government and world bank make a fortune off the tobacco trade; the sugar trade is the biggest conspiracy on Earth.

    Here is the key to defeating these powers: be happy.

    If a man can be happy reading or writing or making furniture, then stay away from the body pleasure. The evil forces of the world control people through the sensual pleasures. If we deny the body when we decide- then we control our body. Control your body and the mind follows. These evil corporations would lose all power if people could simply control immature urges for sugar- tobacco – sex and so on. This it seems is aided by grace of God and so for me I see Monsanto as our own inner Demon. When people attain self control and ask for grace and justice instead of cigarettes and sugar then Monsanto will disappear. Than again for al you do Dr Zaid and this is a great blog link too 🙂

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