The Vatican's Declaration Of War Against America

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  1. Dr Zaid,

    My Family has a “devils” deal with the Pope. We do not tell what we know and the Popes let us see the bones of our ancestors – “Mary day Dubblesky” as we say. Did you know that Gypsies are allowed to go where Angels fear to tread? This is the old saying because to this day Only the Gypsy has access to the basement of the Church Holy Sepulcher and the crypts in France and Spain. I have broken our bargain because I have publicly proclaimed the “Legend”- that we are the descendants of the Apostles and the Black Madonna – Isa’s daughter Sarah.

    The Gypsy is allowed access to secrets of which Cardinals of Rome are ignorant. Here are a couple old secrets I will tell you.

    1.) The Swiss guard at the Vatican are Lutherans and they are not there to guard the Pope but keep him prisoner. Since the Templar Freemasons seized control of Europe we demanded that Swiss Templar guard have a sword at the Popes throat. Since circa 1500 since the Swiss guard hold the Vatican no Pope has made a military command- my people ended the power of the Pope for all time. However it is the “Knights of Malta” that we Gypsies are afraid of because they hunt down Gypsies that are talking- like me. I have been approached by the Popes Black Knights but because my Family have a Military tradition and Fortress in the Mountains I am safe.

    2.) The Shroud of Turin is the Burial Shroud of Jacque De Molay. The Vatican released the Shroud on the same day De Molay was executed and it was given to his family. Very few people besides Freemasons and Gypsy people know this fact. De Molay is the true Father of Switzerland; Scotland; America because it was his sacrifice that started the true Templar Revolution from 1300- 1500 that freed Europe from the Popes.

    Yes the Pope still worries about us but now the black Knights of Malta control the papal throne- you know they can just remove the Pope- in fact they made the last Pope quit. These are the secrets of history the Gypsy learns as a child. Thank you sir for writing of the truth with no fear of public scorn. Your writings are lending me sanity in my older years- to know that learned men know these truths of history- and yoyu are teaching me many things about the story which I never knew as well

    regards, Johnny

  2. And I wish to say to Johnny thank you very much for telling these secrets of the gypsy people. You have made my heart happy and my old hoar head can now stop shaking every time I get angry with a pope.

    • It is difficult to navigate your referred site … very awkward indeed, so get a new techie. Besides, it is extremely difficult to believe anything people who pretend to eat God say, especially a man-god of the pagan type pawned off as divinity in the old Khan-ni-baal Canaanite tradition …. besides again: Jesuits have been sedulously lying to America and causing the shedding of innocent blood for centuries …. the Truman Doctrine is just one example after the failed cum sabotaged Korean experiment (don’t tell me the boys at Fordham didn’t know what was going on) … so repent … proof is in the pudding. ~oz

    • And one more thing Mr Sloan. There were two encyclicals … one for ‘Right-Hand-Path’ shepherds of pewed sheep and another for those on the left; you know exactly what I mean. I referred to the latter, you refer to the former. Enjoy your god while it lasts dear fellow.

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