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  1. Dr Zaid,

    This was the best post yet on esoteric Freemasonry ! Thank you for this extensive research. I wish my Father were alive to read this because he passed on before internet and such research was possible. The only ‘secret” of Freemasonry that I vowed not to tell are “signs of recognition”. We take this vow on our own honor – never have I taken a “vow” to another man. This is the heart and soul of the true old rite of Freemasons all destroyed by sorcerers and witches – yes-yes- oh yes thank you Sir.

    The old lesson lost is that “Power” and ‘Strength” come from the Lord. True power comes from men that do not fear death as much as they fear the Lord God. Men that are willing to give their lives for righteousness sake with no fear of death are the most dangerous and powerful men on the Earth. These are men feared by wealthy despots, Popes and Kings. Such a man was Muhammad and praise his name for the sake of the weak and the merciful. God is great and your research shows the fallacy of power in these wicked Freemasons.

    thanks Dr Zaid

    • Thank you brother Johnny. May the Lord give strength and patience to all men and women of righteous bearing and discernment as we await the return of nabi Isa (pbh).

  2. Dr Zaid,

    Testing DNA the human Genome project changed my personal view of “race” and completely de-mystified any claims of human divinity. My job was to extract the DNA using primers; then load gels; then report the image which sequenced the DNA.

    It became apparent to Dr Spencer Wells that y-haplogroups J and I came from the same person. He named this y-haplogroup IJ which was quite possibly Cro-Magnon man. One group went to Scandanavia and these were the y-haplogroup I the other group went to Turkey and mid-east and this was y-haplogroup J.

    It became apparent that Jews and Muslims were the exact same “race” and the y-haplogroup “J” is very high in both groups. It also became apparent that this y-haplogroup “J” seemed to be associated with people from Cleric class in both groups. It was called the Cohen modal haplogroup because of its high occurrence in Men named Cohen- which is a name that means “Preist or Levite”.

    If you take a group of Jews and a group of Muslims together looking at just DNA it would be nearly impossible to separate these groups because they have the exact same ancestors. Jews are heavy in Euro DNA and Muslims are more heavy in Asian DNA due to the migration patern of their original anscestor we call Abraham. It seems there was a man that lived in Mesopotamia and his DNA mutated into half of all the people in the world. Could this anscestor that is Father of many different people and Nations be Abraham? It seems that science is proving the word of the Prophets.

    In the past 2,000 years the old “races” of men have been obliterated. Human beings are a mix of many different people. Human beings are all one race and we share the mercy of one God our creator whether we are rich or poor- white or black we also share the same human ancestors. God obviously transcends these “races” and so many forget how racist was Albert Pike and many others who used the old way of Freemasons to twist their selfish designs. There really is no such thing as a “race” called Jews- Judaism is a religion and not at all a “race” and this is proven by DNA testing now. Thanks for exposing these people you fight a good and noble fight bringing this all into the light 🙂

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