The Nation Of Islam and The Freemasons, by David Livingstone

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  1. The Myth of Hyper Competency

    In the Military we often speak of the “Myth of Hyper Competency”. Going back as far in time as we can go to Alexander; Caesar; Soviet Union; Iraq and now the United States and Freemasons there is an assumption that great power is organized and competent. What we find is chaos in truth. There are 150 branches of Freemasonry. Where I live in West Virginia Freemasons have refused to fly and salute the American Flag for since the Revolution. The true Founder of America hated “flags” and governments and everything they stand for because the true Law is the Natural Law of God and was delivered by Moses. Freemasons in West Virginia do not even recognize the Freemasons in Ohio now because they started admitting the handicapped. Freemasons have always been able bodies men only. If the Freemasons in Ohio can not get along with Freemasons in West Virginia then how organized do you think we are ? I can tell you the truth we are not organized at all. The only “higher up” I answer to is the Lord God of all creation “Allah” to my middle eastern and Hindi ancestors “El” to my Viking ancestors- all the same God in a slightly different language. Freemasonry is not organized and no particularly influential or competent. I know a 32 degree Freemason that is a Janitor at a High School and he can barely read. Believe me when I tell you that the original Freemasons were an eclectic group of people from the civilized middle east when Europe was in Barbarism. It was the Freemasons from middle east that built modern day Europe. We were the “light of the east” just like is written in plain sight. Freemasons never really hid their middle eastern heritage: “Travelers from the East” this has always been the saying in the craft. True Freemasonry was started in Scotland circa 1450 and moved to England where the Royal blood formed the York Rite. The Free Scots destroyed the British and created America- a holy land given to my people by the Lord God.

    My ancestor Frank Triplett was a Freemason and a Gypsy tinker: an expert in copper and metal working and rifle boring. He was a poor man and so was all our kin and we faced the greatest Empire the world had ever known. But what the King of England soon learned is that only God is Great. The poor and the down trodden destroyed this empire and inherited a continent- this my friend is what true Freemasonry is all about: the power of God’s will and obeying the will of God. If this is Islam than so mote it be. I was taught as a child by Freemasons that we are descended from Saladin who was the whisper of the dessert wind and he followed Muhammad who was God’s prophet. The Lord God is the God of the common poor and his heroes and prophets prove this time and again it seems. Thanks for posting Dr Zaid- very interesting reading.

    • Hi Johnny, Thank you.

      Much of what you have to say is new to me, especially about the fierce independence and Muslim spirit that marks your fellowship. However, I take issue with your contention about disorganization. That may be true for numerous lesser Lodges catering to common men such as you janitor friend. But here, in Malaysia, I have seen much evidence of organization and foreign influence. In 2005, the Grand Master (CEO of the Medical Council and Orthopedic Surgeon) for all the Lodges in SE Asia published a full page open letter to the public disclosing a 200 yr history in a national newpaper. He opened the article by saying he was “instructed” to do so by the Duke of Edinburgh, British Grand Master, who told him it was time for the Freemasons here to ‘come out of the closet’.

      Other matters I have witnessed here is their close proximity to heads of State and local power and the legal profession, which is extremely corrupt. Several Muslim readers have informed me (leading men) that they have been repeatedly approached by them and asked to join by fellow who promise them veils of impunity and great economic success.

      Also, my study of the literature reveals a vast conspiracy that is so well hidden one must dig deep into the bowels of their deceit to find it. Mr. Washington was well informed of the matter and admitted as much. It was this bunch that Pres. Adams opposed. I have written on this in my book, The Hand of Iblis.

      Thank you so much Mr. Triplett for your faithful contributions here. If not for such as you, we would know of the matter of your fellowships existence and honorable estate. Tell us more as time and Allah swt permit.

      Yours, omar

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