The Clansmen of Khadhulu, by Dr. Omar

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  1. Salam…very informative read Doc. If possible, would you elaborate on which history has been changed over the last century that is being indoctrinated in our modern schooling system. On the history of Moses(as) you have got some very interesting points. I have often wondered why his story occupies so much space in Al Quran, more than of any other Prophet (as). Thanks & take care Doc.

    • Moses is Senenmut in Egyptian record according to Freemasons oral history. Senenmut was “drawn from the water” by Hatshepsut the Pharo daughter. It is amazing to me this has been in plain site for 3500 years. Moses was the greatest Architect in Egypt and he was initiated into the Highest Mysteries of Egypt. Because he was not Egyptian and Hatshepsut was a Woman whenThutmoses came of age he attacked them. Senenmut left the greatest wealth any man could imagine to repent of his idolatry and learn the way of the Lord. He commanded a great Revolution of “Hyksos”- these are the “Jews” – and other 22 tribes of Moses. Egypt had blonde hair people -red haired people- many tribes of people with disgusting traditions. Senenmut taught them all the way. He fel from grace in the Desert summoning Demons and he was not allowed to be with the holy land. Senenmut stopped bad traditions in many many tribes and United them as “Israelites” yest this too is misleading. Moses accepted all men that would repent and learn the way of the Lord. He found the “Highest Initiation” not in the gilded halls of Egypt but in the Desert. You see it is not so painful to be absent of the Lord with Gold and wine -prostitutes- because the body makes the soul numb. In the Desert Senenmut experienced the presence and then absence of God and it crushed him. He resolved to trade any worldly wealth for the simple joy of being with the Lord.

      Before Moses taught the many tribes of Hyksos it was much like Abraham day- people ate children- sorry – not trying to be peaceful needs to be said – Moses stopped canabalism and child sacrifice- so did Abraham- so did Muhammad- but it was the Lord that ultimately crushes these bad traditions and tribes- we are but tools of the will of the Lord.

      Telling people Senenmut was Moses creates a lot of Anger- but its truth. Please research the similarities between Moses and Senenmut in History- decide for yourself of course- but it is going to shake the rots of everything you were taught about Moses.

  2. Dr Zaid the big Conspiracy id Woodrow Wilson and his wife and league of Nations. Freemasons- Edgar Cayce believing these false chanelings controled Wilson and his wifes mind. They scared them and this created the League of Nations – then after world war II – the Global Nato alliance United Nations. Gypsy Freemason mind control been forming te world? Its gonna all be destroyed

  3. The Lie of Kadesh

    Egypt did not win the batle of Kadesh this is a lie. The Lord won this batle and Senenmut (Moses) was there. The batle of Kadesh was the first line drawn in Western Civilization. The Pharos are y-haplogroup R – this is European- common in Egypt and even India but absent in Levant in numbers. This is because the battle of Kadesh was the first Megiddo- Armageddon- Moses destroyed Egypt in this battle and Canaan was free for many years. Kadesh was a great victory for the Lord as Egypt and their nasty mystery school was left out of the picture. These people kept knowledge of Firing bricks without straw for strength and Solomon rekindled all the bad traditions from Egypt- but he too repented. Al of the “Heroes” in Freemasonry are not heroes if initiated properly- they are arrogant men- all a warning to be humble. But Freemasons forget the higher initiation and follow the wrong path – very sad because it was not always so – really they were once very humble.

  4. To synthesize- possible Senenmut was not Moses but Coptic Christians believed it based on historical similarities. Either Gnostic thinking is great to inspire Technology but they forgot the highest initiation does not come from opulence but austerity- faith and honor- all these things the modern Gnostics for got and traded for the lower initiation of Kaballah and mad science

      • Thanks for letting me blow off some steam and think out loud here Dr Zaid. Recent DNA testing is showing that my Family has very little “Gypsy” or Indian blood. It makes some people feel disconnected from traditions- but I dont see it this way. Good traditions are good- and does not matter “race”. Good traditions should be kept and bad ones should be dropped. After all is said and done the legends and history dont really matter much other than to teach moral lessons. Sorcery and hyper technology dont make anybody a better person is my lesson. Freemasons have been obsessed with sorcery and super technology since advent of Pike. As an organization they were corrupted but the origin of the Traditions was very humble. I think I told you that the Architects of some of the greatest Cathedrals are Anonymous. The Master Masons refused to be famous. I love the story of how the gifted apprentice is given the Job of sculpting Angels on the roof- he was being Lazy and the Master Mason said “You are one of the most talented sculptors – why are you doing such a sloppy job?” – the apprentice says “Nobody will ever even see my work- these figures are very small and on the portico of the roof?” – And the Master Mason says “God will see them – and the Angels will see them? We do not build for men- but for God- the Angels are watching you” – and so the apprentice went on to Sculpt the finest work ever done in human history – Chartres Cathedral. The Mason Mark “Tripolette” is engraved on the Load stones at Chartres. I remembered Dr Zaid- I do my work well for my own peace with God and the watchers- not for the glory of men. – this the Pike bastards can never take away from my Family.

  5. I am like Froto- Dr Zaid helps me carry the ring lol I think you get it Dr Zaid but just to spell it all out here is the goal of the low initiated Gnostics- this is the abomination Daniel saw and John – this will happen on some level. But do not fall for the trick- Cyborgs will lose their soul in this bargain- and this will be the next big step on the “Agenda”. Archons want human beings weak and afraid or in Love with themselves. Technology is accomplishing this and it is all given from an initiation that has no wisdom or compassion- just know this is the ultimate Agenda make you “Illuminati” – the problem for power elite is common folk are seeing their true agenda

  6. AsSalaam’Alikum Doc & AsSalaam’Alikum John Triplett
    Thanks for the input John. May Allah bless you both.



  7. Freemasonry is about Mind control. The Original Freemasons used this like Kung fu or martial arts to control themselves- sex- alcohol- abuse of Power. Its like Darth vader vs Yoda. Today Freemasons are more like Darth Vader. The prophets tell us to control our own mind and body. But how to do this? The original lesons of Freemasonry were about “meditation”. What was Muhammad doing in these caves? He was learning to control himself. We learn this alone – guess what i am gona use a word “Prayer” – this is meditation – but people began to see this as a way to control other peoples minds- this is not worship- this is sorcery. Very fine line between Prayer and Sorcery. If we pray for our own will this is sorcery- if we pray for will of God this is communion. Freemasonry is very good in that I know my Fathers 17 generations- only Jews and Gypsies and Freemasons know their Fathers- this is why we say “goyger”- cattle. Cows have no idea who their great great grandfather is and neither do Goyger. Freemasonry was not meant for people outside the tribe- people become jealous- Only Kings and Popes in Europe are allowed to remember their Fathers- if you are a common man and you do this everybody gets suspicious and jealous. I f Freemasons had just stayed together and kept their stories- this is just like a tribe- problem is none of this has anything to do with other people? No need to learn all the stupid mistakes of my ancestors- you all have ancestors that made their own stupid mistakes – and in many ways history is about learning the mistakes so we can do better- doing better in the next generation is the whole point. This is why Templar accepted the truth of Muhammad and married Islamic women. This was saying “we were wrong” sorry we leave now Saladin and you Muslims were right. Freemasons are only people in the west that admit Muhammad was a prophet- i challenge anyone to find an older tradition that teaches Quran – George Washington had access to Quran 200 years before any other American heard of it- so the Lord works in mysterious ways- Freemasonry brought the light of the East to the west- but Popes and Kings destroy everything good- and now Freemasons are just puppets of popes and kings it seems. To my Knowledge towns in West Virginia are only towns in America named for Muslims- Mahan -Albans- these are American towns where i live named for Muslims- named by Freemason Templar with Muslim heritage. Vikings had first contact with Muslims- Vikings became Templar when they mixed with Jews – Bjiorn Ironsides sacked Palermo and turned over to the Pope in 990 AD or so- very few people realize Sicily was Muslim far longer than it was Christian- but Freemasons remember – darkness serves the light

  8. Kashan thank you very much and may you and your family live and peace and protection of the Lord – My opinions are kind of worthless but I am a real Freemason descended from a long line of Freemasons – so my historical information is rare and accurate – this is the only place i feel safe – so this is probably why i write here too much 🙂

    • Nah, I have been following your thoughts in the comments section on the Doc’s site. 👍 Keep on sharing. Peace.

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