Support Keven Annett's Comonwealth War Against the Vatican's Satanic Leaders

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  1. Thank you Dr Zaid,

    The sad thing about this is that Catholic Children are the most in danger and only if they would leave the Catholic faith all would be well. People that are not embroiled in this society are really not in danger. People that are Protestant, Muslim, Jew are safe from the Catholic horrors.

    There are two towers just as in Tolkien’s Myths. In recent times this was the Church and the State: Vatican / World Trade Towers. There are two illusions with separate power structures: 1.) Church controls the lies and illusions of the legacy of Paul and Later the King of England who tried to make himself a God- the Popes that proliferate the false Christ lies. 2.) The Tri-lateral commission in league with China since Rockefeller made contact in 70ies.

    The leaders of the false Christ Myth and China are now in league- this is the next step. When China takes over the world the Popes will be destroyed. Each group thinks they are smarter than the other group. Each group is planning world domination …… but it is the doom of men that they forget.

    In every Age warriors arise that have no lust for gold , or land and they are finders and protectors of lost Children. So was my Father such a man and many of you reading these posts. For this there can be “no tolerance”. I have friends that are Catholic but I openly tell them my thoughts. These people I know that are Catholic are really not involved in this stuff; but the money they give to the Church supports this evil. Ironic that Catholic Charities also do more to help Children then any group I know. Where I live the Catholic Church offers free food and education with no pressure to keep records or convert people: this is righteous.

    The innocent are the Children and the animals that live as they did in God’s garden. Any man that would be gentle and kind to Children, animals, women – these are men of God. Just by not having tolerance for the Elite power structures every man in a small way can join God’s will. I have no fear of the Popes because all they may take is my flesh. My ancestors took me far from the land of Popes and their influence but now the ugly head is growing back.

    Understand that many of these people do not really believe in God at all. They believe this life is all there is and God is a Myth. They believe the Fear of Children is an emotional “high” and it creates power: Fear- Power.

    1.) Western Church and psychological control structures
    2.) Trilateral Commission / WTO and China

    These two factions are now working together but there plan will backfire because of the wisdom and faith of common people beloved by God. It is good to be knowledgeable and aware, but never fear for God is with us.

    • Thank You Johnny. Yes, there are many who do not ‘believe in God at all’. It is on record that they have a large attrition rate in their seminaries because of this and also because of the history that seminarians have access too. Those that continue, knowingly become complicit in the farce. However, there is cap on top of this pyramid of lies wherein lie pure Satanists, practicing the ancient black magic requiring child sacrifice. This is the lot whom Kevin and his people strive to bring down. May Allah swt grant them refuge.

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