May the 'Force' Not Be With You, by Dr. Omar

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  1. Thank You Dr Zaid,

    I love that you have researched references so that intellectuals can not debunk your conclusions. If I had the money I would have paid you to write this article. It is Ironic Dr Zaid that your writing is very appealing to Scottish Rite Freemasons yest it would infuriate York rite Freemasons. And here is the crux of the whole issue: York rite Freemasonry vs Scottish rite Freemasonry. A Jew or a Muslim can not become a York rite Freemason. Yet the United States of America was founded by Scottish rite Freemasons like George Washington and my ancestors. The United Stes of America was not formed by Christians ! Did you ever notice that the American flag is the only flag in western civilization with no cross? .Did you know that the crescent moon and star was one of the most common flags used in the American Revolution ?

    In the middle east the word “Jin” or ‘Watcher” is used. In Wales where the Gypsy migrated after the Cathar holocaust they use words like “Fairy” the Vikings used the word “Vril”. The only exception I would take with your opinion is that you need to see the multi-cultural ties that link Islam-Europe- India.

    Was the force not with Muhammad? The watchers certainly protected all of God’s Prophets. My point is that words sometimes create a disagreement when there was never any disagreement to begin with. Certainly Muslims of good faith believe that God is the “Force” of the Universe. The Vril; Pixies; watchers; jinn are just words for beings that personify the force of God: primarily the forces of Nature.

    God sent rain and flood to destroy the evil and wicked. Is not rain a force of Nature? And some may say that Vril fairies bring the rain. W3ell then were these Vril fairies not controlled by God when the flood destroyed the wicked ? My point is do not let semantics deceive you from realizing that pagan and Muslim beliefs are so very different. It is all in how you define these terms and words. For instance God commanded that we honor and care for the Earth. Is it blasphemy to honor Isis as the Mother Earth ? This is the command of God is it not ? You see what I am saying is it is not so very simple depending on the intent and understanding of the worshipper.

    All the examples we find of Evil Freemasonry is either from rouge Albert Pike devotees or York rite Satan worshippers. So very ironic that Scottish rite Freemasons refuse to fly any flags and also refuse to say the pledge of Allegiance in school. I faced great hostility in grade school with other Gypsy Freemason children for refusing to pledge allegiance to a flag created by our ancestors. How ironic is that ? My family created this flag and 200 years later the children of Puritans and Christian Torries that supported England are abusing me for not worshipping this flag. History is often very humorous. The Tyrants adopt the symbols of the faithful- the revolution becomes the next Tyranny. The whole Zionist movement was about controlling oil- the Rothschild’s- English corporations. In fact in terms of definition of the scripture everything is upside down. Muslims seem to be the true ‘Jews” and the Israelis have become the proverbial “Philistines”. The true Patriots and true descendants of the men that fought the American Revolution are now thought to be anti- American because they will not worship their own flag. This is the upside down reality in which we live: true Americans have no reverence for the American flag; true Jews seem to follow Muhammad and they call them Muslims today it seems. I love your work Dr Zaid and really makes me think 🙂

    • Thank You Kindly Mr. Triplett,

      I also love your responses and welcome each one. What I hope we are doing in this exchange is striking a balance between extremes. I am aware that Isis, for example, represented the earth, but over time that representation became an abstraction that was usurped by unredeemed Vril or Jinn and the practitioners of magick. They created a system that no longer represented the wisdom of Adam or the glory of God, and humans became obsessed with false concepts that caused degeneracy of mind, body and soul. This is why idols are forbidden by essential Monotheists, as they are easily manipulated.

      As you know, mature Muslims greet the jinn as they enter any building out of respect and as a warning to unredeemed spirits.

      Your revelations about authentic Freemasonry are fascinating, and i am sure my readers would like to learn morel especially about the link to Saladin, etc. There is great confusion there, and some have joined the Templars with the Assassins of Alamut, Saladin’s enemy.

      May God preserve you and your and your seed.

  2. Dr Zaid,

    As you know my wife is recording the oral history. Here is the story as my Father would tell it. I am descended from the first ‘Zionist” but my people realized that God had given the Holy land to the Muslims. This is one of the greatest revelations of our people- to go west. If legend were believed Saladin was the final teacher that convinced my people that God wanted us to go to America. According to the legend God commanded that no more Temples be built – this is why Gypsies worship under the open sky. Only God will return the true Jews to power in the Holy land- not Hitler or British petroleum. Orthodox Jews seem to believe the same thing. Here is the story of the Knights and the temple.

    “In the days when Templar Knights walked the earth the misery in Jerusalem continued much as it was in the time of Jesus. The Gothic Knights following their false “Christ”, who was actually the war god Mag-or, had devastated what was called the holy land. The bloodlines of the nine Knights of the Temple were well known to the Freemasons who kept the histories of the ancestors. These knights were indeed descended from the Franks and the Halani sons of the Apostle John and their families had been instrumental in building our Cathedrals of stone. The Templar Knights knew Jerusalem as the homeland of their ancestors who were Galilean free masons that had built the Temple for the Babylonian Priests after the time of Alexander. They wanted peace in the holy land and saw all people Muslim, Christian and Jew as brothers in Jesus name. They claimed the Temple mount of their ancestors and began working for peace offering charity and protection to all the people of Jerusalem. The Muslims were descended from the early masses of the first Christians and had never left Jerusalem and Palestine. Mohamed was a champion of the Master Jesus, and the Muslims are our cousins well deserving of the mount today.

    In these days there were no accepted Freemasons. Only those men who would one day lay stone with their hands were taught the secrets of the order, and this tradition had been kept by our master Jesus himself. The great Cistercian Freemasons of our order had been recognized by this time by the Pope of Rome. The architecture of our Cistercian brothers is a tribute to their Freemason heritage. In this time almost 1100 years after the execution of Jesus Freemasons like the Cistercians were allowed to make allegiances in many cities with the protection of the Roman Pope, and they were protected from local despots and tyrants. (52)

    The Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon suffered for eight years with little support. They then asked St Bernard for help and they were allowed to join with the Cistercians and Freemasons. This allowed them to establish outpost all over Europe and the holy land. The Knights of the Templar order became the first accepted Freemasons in history. They were taught the mysteries of Moses and Solomon and the way of the Freemason though they would never lay stone.

    In these days the grips of the Freemasons were used on the work site to determine a man’s skill. A mason traveling from Toledo to Normandy would not even need to speak the same language as the Master Mason building the Cathedral. Two Freemasons need only shake hands to determine their skill level. There were different grips for apprentice, journeyman and master. An apprentice would not be given work until they had reached a certain skill level. As the name suggest, a journeyman was skilled enough to travel and find work anywhere that the Freemasons were building. The grip of the journeyman allowed them to immediately communicate their skill to the master mason on the work site when they arrived. The Freemasons also spoke “the cant”, which allowed Freemasons to recognize each other and protect their brothers traveling to building projects. All of these secrets were taught to the Temple Knights and they used these skills of secret communication to build their order.

    These secrets were needed by the Templar order in a time of bandits, despots and local tyranny. The Templar used the cryptolects of the Cistercian Freemasons to facilitate very practical transactions like the exchange of money. The Templar created a system whereby a traveler could give their money to Templar/Cistercian monasteries in Europe, safely travel to Jerusalem and retrieve their exact deposit from Templars in Jerusalem once they arrived. The secret script and cryptic receipt exchanged for money could only be understood by another Templar- a secret code was needed to conduct these transactions. The Templar had created the first banking system for common people. The Templar would make a profit on this transaction and they would invest the money in Europe that they were collecting from travelers. Their order became well trusted, and with the help of Cistercian monks they began educating the common children of Europe. Many wealthy nobles would give the Visigoth plunder of their ancestors to join the order. This international banking and investment system created by the Templar became the source of their great wealth. Their system is used by the great banking institutions of the modern world. Universities today still use the mortar board hat of the Cistercian monks, who would turn a mortar board of mason mud on top of the head of an apprentice to celebrate their graduation to journeyman.

    The first nine men that called themselves the Poor Knights of Christ did not plunder gold from the remains of Solomon’s Temple, but they did find something more valuable than gold. They found copper scrolls that detailed the knowledge of the ancients: electricity, moveable type and differential gearing were explained on scrolls from the Temple. This knowledge was kept by the descendants of Galilee as a grail of knowledge that would one day enlighten the entire world.

    As the Templar grew in influence they became the very stabilizing infrastructure needed to replace Rome. They brought Europe out of a time of dire darkness. They were in the end destroyed by the same jealousy of nobles that forced Senmut on his exodus into the desert. They had made the grave mistake of lending money to nobles. King Phillip IV of France continued to insist on loans that he could never repay and as he became more guilty and jealous of the Templar order he devised an evil plan. King Phillip decided to kill the Templar Knights rather than repay his loans and thus began the end of the Templar peace.

    The Templar had created peace for two hundred years in Europe before the vicious attack of Phillip. They had promoted education, clean water and social justice for the weak, but liberty was again disrupted by tyranny. Seven years after the Templar Grande Master Jacques De Molay had been tortured into admitting heresy he came forward and recanted his confession. He knew he would be sent to his death, and he hoped his death would be remembered as a stand against tyranny and call to arms for those that would live free or die. We honor Jacque De Molay through the order of De Molay in the Scottish Rite today.

    The Templar survivors were again forced to travel west to seek freedom. Just as their Galilean ancestors were forced to travel west to Iberia, they would travel west to Scotland and again try to build a free society. From many diverse peoples and cultures we gathered in Scotland and later America. We kept the stories of our struggles in hopes that our diverse people could unite. History should be written in the secular style, but so too we should tell the Mythic tale of our Fathers and guard the truth from being smothered in history and facts. As we joined in telling the tales of our common heroes we became part of a common Myth and a common people. We became a people called Americans. “

  3. Dr Zaid,

    I did not know of these ritual practices to respect the “jin” thank you for teaching me these things. This is what my Father taught me. That Muhammad lived in a time when people taught that a King had a different “god” than a slave. Muhammad was descended from Jains as was the Apostle Thomas. The Jains had fought a great battle in the hindu Kush against ‘Sun” worshippers and their God name was “Allah” pronounced ‘Aillah” in some parts of India. Because these people destroyed the “Sun” worshippers the Dynasty of Krisna and Rama became known as the “Lunar” Dynasty and Allah was the new name that God told Prophets was his true name.

    According to the Legend Saladin taught the Templar the true name of God “Allah”. Saladin married 12 of his nieces to Templar knights ( Any Muslim tribal stories on this?) and the descendants of Saladin through his nieces and Templar knights took refuge in Scotland and Switzerland. Some Templar of course did not accept these revelations. The Templar that stayed loyal to the Pope were the ‘Knights of Malta” – this was the organization Christopher Columbus belonged to at his time. Gypsies call them the “Black Knights” because they killed Gypsies that told secrets of the Cathedrals. The Knights of Columbus are on off branch of the Knights of Malta but they are Templar orders that stayed loyal to the Pope.

    All Templars fought against Saladin in the beginning. My ancestors believed they only lost a battle when God was against them. After several crushing defeats by Saladin my ancestors decided they were wrong and Saladin was the true one chosen by God. He told us God wanted us to go West and to follow a star. Saladin called this star “Merica” and told us it was the land God had given to our people. Saladin is one of the true “Founding Fathers of America per Gypsy legend. But bear in mind it was the Gypsies that buried George Washington so maybe these legends are not so far from the truth. My DNA test middle Eastern- I have red hair and blue eyes yet my Y-chromosome and haplogroup X in female members of my family supports a strong middle eastern heritage. Thomas Jefferson bears the Y-chromosome T which is most common in India and North Africa. This information on Thomas Jefferson was shocking to many people: how could Jefferson be a Jew or a Muslim ? Well now you know 🙂

    • Salaam Dear Brother Triplett,

      Thank you so much. I had always suspected that there must have been a division among the original Templars, but thus far had found no evidence until your account of the tradition. The deviance has caused no end of mischief and bloodshed. Now I understand even more the enmity of both Papist and French Crown. The more light you can shed, the better our brothers and sisters will realize bothe the treason and the authenticity of the initial Templar Muslims. May Allah reward you brother Johnny.

  4. As salaam alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh brother,

    I just wanted to point out an error or perhaps an error of my own understanding:

    “I submit therefore, in light of previous essays and mountains of scholarly evidence, that “Sexual Magick” is ‘the most cherished way’ of Pharaoh’s religion as cited in Al’Qur’an’s Sura Ta-Ha, vs. 39.”

    I don’t see how the following verse has anything to do with sexual magic:

    Sahih International
    [Saying], ‘Cast him into the chest and cast it into the river, and the river will throw it onto the bank; there will take him an enemy to Me and an enemy to him.’ And I bestowed upon you love from Me that you would be brought up under My eye.

    Qur’an Surah Ta-Ha 20:39

    Also, though a completely different subject, i find this absolutely fascinating; Prophecy given to Native Americans:

    “”The prophet of the Fourth Fire spoke of a time when “two Nations will join to make a Mighty Nation”.”

    Rings a bell in my opinion to the Muslim-Rum alliance, Allahu Alum.

    Amazing stuff, more prophecies and information at:

    In researching Native religions I came across an amazing Creation story which I will quote an excerpt from:

    “In the beginning, Gizhemanidoo created the universe as we know it today. He created Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon, Mother Earth and Father Sky. And on the earth he created all things, living and nonliving. He created life in the earth, on the earth, in the sky and in the water. He created the plants, rivers, four-legged and winged creatures, and the swimmers. After this was done, he created one of the greatest mysteries of all – the four seasons – to bring harmony and balance to all.

    After all creation was complete, he created man. After he created the first Anishinaabe, he came to him in a dream and instructed him that he was to name all things in the language that he gave him, Anishinaabemowin. So the first man went about on his journey and named all things he saw – all the animals, insects, birds and fish – however long this took. Afterward, he spoke to the Creator Gizhemanidoo in his dream and said, “I have finished what you have told me to do.” Then the Creator Gizhemanidoo spoke back to him and said, “Yes, you have indeed done so, and now it is time for me to give you your name. Your name shall be Nanabozho, and whenever your people meet and greet one another, they will say a part of your name. That is why whenever the Anishinaabe people greet one another, they say the word Bozhoo.”

    And Allah taught Adam aleyhi salaam the names of all things.

    Beware of information, google Johnny Cash 666 Lyrics (redemption).

    TRIPLE 6

    Here are some lyrics:

    “My old friend Lucifer came
    Fought to keep me in chains
    But I saw through the tricks
    Of six-sixty-six”

    I don’t buy the story of this country being founded by rightly guided men who then turned on the indigenous population and massacred them.

    Forgive me of my suspicion.

    As salaam alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

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