Balwant Singh Sidhu commented on Mahathir's statement

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  1. you got it right on the spot. once i crossed path with a trishaw pedlar who has 4 sons and 3 daughters. He was proud of his career as a trishaw pedlar after he drops out of school at primary 5! Honesty, integrity, hardworking, sincerity, morally virtuous and a good family man, you name it he has it. He stood up to his virtues and never took anything, not a single cent, from the government. His children was moulded along his virtues.

    Know what, all of the 7 children are now professionals overseas and did not wish to come back. Why? They got the grades but were not given places in local u. Imagine 4 straight A’s in STPM against another [you know-lah] with only 1 A’s where the latter got into medical university.

    Never beg from anybody and be their servant, said the trishaw pedlar. Walk tall and hold on to your freedom everywhere you go and be proud of your virtues. In his lifetime he had been peddling passengers from all walks of life, no racial or religious restrictions. He has that humane tolerance never seen today. He earns well for his stomach, his family and his children.

    He could save every cent he earned to see to his children education overseas. Of course, his children were hardworking and diligent to work and study. Today, he sits back and seeps a coffee or two and laughs at the political stupidity and #@%&ing idiots of those who put out their hands for perks and grants and APs and subsidies and whatever you call it.

    He still rides a raleigh ‘alabai’ bicycle around, go wherever he likes. Stop whenever he wishes. Stare whichever way he wishes. However long he cycles, he cycles with a happy heart, free from burden, liberated from the tension of racial and religious stress.

    Once in a month, he cuddles his wife and fly to see their grandchildren for a few days and jet around in khakis, sandals and round neck tshirts. Is simply luxurious!

    He still shares his gifts of overseas trips of chocolates and candies with his neighbours children of indians, malays, sikhs and thais. Every time his neighbours see him: Ah Pek, u balik dari mana? Mau pi mana lagi? U bagus, senang, senang jalan jalan, bolih tengok gambar u punya chuchu chichi?

    Every human born here as a Malaysian, irrespective of race and religious background has a right to live and stay here with a decent education. These are basic human rights any government in the world should give their citizens! Do you call these gratitude? These are not trade-offs or financial transactions, I scratch your back, you scratch my back?

    Do you call these chinese are not grateful? What grateful when they don’t owe anything to gomen. Their children don’t get local university but toiled hard overseas to be what they are today. All because of hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

  2. I strongly agree what you have written…… family and I were away from Malaysia for almost 7 years searching for greener pastures, ended up in Melbourne…though not a bed of roses but we are freed from the stress from the constant religious/ racial tensions created by these so called “patriotic” politicians. We missed Malaysia a lot especially out relations, friends and lovely neighbours (Malays, Chinese and Indians..). Though we are not yet “Australians” but the did enjoy the “respects” and “fairness” or the feeling of “equality” that we do not have in our own country, Malaysia. I am glad to be here though I wish I could contribute more to my own communities back home… have to go on !

  3. Dear Mr. Bal want, I understand your sadness but this happens to every minority groups all over the world. Let’s take India for example there about 160 million Muslims there they r not given much assistance by the govt same goes to the Sikhs there n the other religion. The India govt only provide assistances to their Hindu citizens. Look at Singapore the same thing there the govt is 97 Chinese n they don’t trust anyone else expect their own kind.I can go on n on but what is the point if u cannot except it. U r lucky that compared to india , china n Singapore Malaysia gives a lot more to its minorities those countries.if u not happy feel free to migrate to a country of your choosing.

    • Why do we even need to compare with India, China or Singapore? We must set our own standards and benchmarks. Bangladesh is a developing country with 95% Muslims. The govt is relatively poor hence subsidies are almost non-existent. Yet the politicians and government do not dwelve into religous & racial issues for political gain. Why don’t we compare ourselves with Bangladesh then?

      The issue here is being in Malaysia, grew up in Malaysia, work in Malaysia, pay taxes to the Government of Malaysia, holding Malaysia Citizenship we are Malaysians therefore should be treated and respected as Malaysians. Not being called a Pendatang, told to be grateful etc

      Many Malaysians are outside Malaysia for they have either chosen or are contemplating to permanently migrate to a country of their choice yet Talent Corp set up by the government is working hard to woo them back to Malaysia!??

      Accepted that no system is perfect. But has our Human Values and Dignity derogated to the level that we resort to generalization and labeling each other?

      We must have respect for human dignity and free ourselves of prejudices. We must reject Politicians and Leaders who are bigots.Only then do we make real progress as a Nation.

    • I have just come across the comment by azianshahaziz, which is pathetic. She does not seem to know that India has had many presidents from minority groups, including Muslims and Sikhs. Muslims have equal rights in India. Ask them whether any of them would rather go to Pakistan, as they were supposed to, when a Muslim state was created for them. They will say,no thank you. If you want to compare with other countries, at least get your facts right.

      • Thank you kindly Mr. Singh. The British have always undermined Asian autonomy and cultural values in favor of murderous intent. Pakistan is a clear example. all the best . . .

    • I think the Muslim are the luckiest lot , all over the world, their plight is more than highlight Ed, they multiply in numbers quickly. They monopolise buidnees.their demands are mafr
      to met with violence .the Arab countries don’t want them .see for yourself their violence where they have been given refuge.

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