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  1. Oh the folly of Power and the weak heart of men! What Hitler did not know is that the “Vril” force can not be controlled. One would sooner control the moon or tide as control the force of the Vril- every Kale child learns this at age five when we learn the stories.

    Here is a Poem I wrote about the old spirits of the Earth. In the Vedas “Mab” is Mohini – I think same concept. This ancient knowledge of the Magical world will destroy you if you are not pure of heart or if you are needing of “things” in the world. You will likely never meet a true Master of the Vril – but we have heard there stories- Isa and Muhammad were surely Masters of the Vril as are all children of God. But try to control the unseen forces and you get the same as Hitler; Cayce; Crowley or any evil sorcerer. King Solomon also thought he could Master the Vril for money and wealth- he ended up babbling in the streets and dying like a vagrant- yes real Freemasons do not “worship” Solomon- we see him as the worst villain of History- the Killer of Hyram Abiff. Soloman and Hitler were two of a kind.

    The Law of Mab –

    The Law of Mab- we keep what we kill

    The rule of the Lady- mercy is still

    and so cycles continue and Mercy is rare

    keep what you kill as children despair

    The Lady stands still choosing her kin

    She holds the reign on Mab from foe and friend

    Soon the sea will rise and the Human will find

    Mercy is all that we can ask and for the sun to shine

    There is not heart as fiery and strong

    No will more pure or sharp

    No desire more fierce and shrill

    than the heart of the Pixie, banshee, fairy and Vril

  2. Dr Zaid

    My wife told me that my meaning may be misunderstood. I will try to explain like I were talking to the children so there is no room for misunderstanding. If I were smart I could write a book I think- but there is simple truth in the Legends- my opinions are just more noise from men.

    There is one God ‘Allah” so named when the ‘Sun” worshippers were defeated and the so called “Lunar” dynasty began. The Demons and Vril are completely controlled by God. Allah uses the Demons and Vril to punish mankind.

    Freemasons that forget this simple lesson begin to believe they can control the Vril force. They no longer follow the will of God and they are destroyed by the Vril- very simple.

    Do not connect with Vril force for Power. The Vril have kept me warm; brought me water and guided me through the forrest- all under the command of God- not my own. And here is the truth: we men are helpless in the face of God, but if we are faithful even the Demons will serve us through Gods power and divine will.

    It was the Fairies and the Vril that destroyed the Earth in the flood of Noah under God’s command- and this is the reference in the poem.

    • Hello Johnny,

      What a pleasure to hear from again and receive the heart of your knowledge. Alhamduillah. Indeed, you are blessed to have such a wise woman. My regards and salaam to here.

      My understanding is that the arrogant man is deceived by unredeemed jiin into thinking he can control them.

      As for Solomon (pbh) … Al’Qur’an admits he was humbled for whatever crimes he may have committed, and then restored once more to the Throne. So I’ll keep to that narrative.

      As for the pope … well, the Vatican’s heritage is naught but wickedness of the highest order, from it’s inception.

      Thank you for sharing the business on the Swiss Guard and the Turin Shroud. What liars they are.

      I pray we continue to learn from each other. May Allah bless the memory of Sarah.


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