Thoughts on Today's Luminaries & Pagan Iconography by Dr. Omar

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  1. The thing to understand Doc is that the people in control of Modern Freemasonry are the Descendants of Carolingians and Normans that killed the Merovingian and Gypsy Freemasons. How ironic that those that call themselves Freemasons are the son’s of those that killed the Cathars and Jews and Muslims in Spain. The Knights Templar sought to end the Crusades and this is pure historical fact. Many Knights Templar converted to Islam. I am a direct descendant of Saladin’s niece through Alban, as are many of those that fought the Revolution in America. The Templar and Freemason’s were Hijacked by the Royalty of Europe. To this very day the Knights of Malta seek out my kind for assassination. Even as I write these words I may bring danger to myself. The Gypsy are the poorest people in Europe- yet we are the true descendants of the Merovingian and the Hereditary Kings of Europe.

    My name is John Quincy. My Father named me this to remind us as long as I live that the true order was destroyed. John Quincy Adams was my Fathers hero because he destroyed the false Freemasons that usurped the order after the Revolution. You see Doc a true Freemason like the Kale Gypsy must live under a vow of Poverty until Isa ( A man not God) will return and destroy the wicked.

    Here is a poem from the True Freemason tradition: our Royal robes stripped those that call themselves Freemasons are Fakes today and the murderers of the true Freemasons- very ironic and sad.

    I am kale Roma man
    I traveler am I
    My home the road
    The things to behold
    I’ll travel till I die
    For few men give resting space
    And few men call me friend
    A hard road for the traveler
    I’ll travel to the end
    A brew a troopin Kale man
    My blood as old as time
    I’v gone the roads of Ire land
    In sun and winters climb
    I’ve gone roads of gadgie land
    For many a weary mile
    And sad to say where I go
    I seldom see a smile
    Hunger hardship and poverty are the travelers weary load
    Hunger Hardship and poverty and the blue tar road

    To America fair I came
    With others of my kind
    To land of sweet Valleys
    A campin place to find
    But the Puritain Corporation
    Good Christians to a man
    They broke our camp uprooted us
    Fell down our caravan
    Hunger hardship and poverty are the travelers weary load
    Hunger Hardship and poverty and the blue tar road

    To Valley fair we came
    Where gentle rivers flow
    We built a school with the help of friends
    That caused another rowl
    For the corporation came again
    Once more we had to go
    Now the Pharasees are plentiful
    The Levites are her tool
    The Sararitains they pitty us
    Sure they are very few
    The clergy and the laity
    On us they turn their dime
    They come in droves to save us
    But of our foreskins we are blind
    Hunger hardship and poverty are the travelers weary load Hunger Hardship and poverty and the blue tar road

    Out here in Cherry orchards no Cherry blossoms bloom
    For God and man unwanted
    In dirt and muck and gloom
    But the man above who died for love
    And a crooked gallows flee
    Sure wasn’t he a traveler
    The same as you and me
    And please God in his own good time
    He’ll lift the Travellers load
    We’ll bid farewell to poverty
    And the blue tar road.

    Recorded by John Quincy Triplett : Direct Descendant of the First Templar Freemasons

  2. At key issue here is the Divinity of Jesus-Isa- Christ. Both Christians and Muslims look to Isa for to destroy the wicked. The Muslim and Gypsy see no man as God- the Christians claim Isa the “the son of God.” Are we not all the children of Allah ?

    • No we are not, to understand this is to understand the concept of Islam pertaining to Allah. Allah created us humans, we are His creations. The creator is therefore disjointed and different from the creation. If you were to create a chair, would you be the chair? Hence, for us to be the “children” of Allah, that would mean Allah would be our father, implying that he is human. It’s absolutely contradictory. Moreover, how can Allah have a son, without a consort?
      the Originator of the heavens and the earth! How could it be that He should have a child without there ever having been a mate for Him-since it is He alone knows everything.
      —Qur’an 6:101

      • Mr Triplett’s passage is a metaphor. You are being legalistic brother Wan, this causes division. Do not harden your heart as did the Pharisees with their brand of legalism that shut the gates of heaven to their disciples.

        The same is happening today in the ummah. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be the least surprised if, when Hadrat Mahdi arrives, people who have adhered to the Madhabs and their respective brands of legalism want to kill him. He will most likely preach an Islam that is foreign to all minds that have been shut by legalism.

        Careful brother. May Allah grant you wisdom.

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