THOSE WHO MOURN & Transgenerational Dupes, by Dr. Omar

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  1. Dr Zaid,

    Amazing! I sent you a short story “The Scythian” and in this story I describe how the beginnings of European Royalty were descended from the Trojan remnants of the Scythian tribe. Her is your one mistake: the definition of “Paganism”. The true Freemasons that actually built the Cathedrals had a belief in ‘Watchers”. To believe there are spirits and powerful beings on this planet is not really “Pagan”. Here is the belief as taught by the old ones in my tribe. There is one God and there are infinite spirit beings. All the forces of Power are controlled by Allah and the one true God. Allah is not really at odds with Demons because Allah controls everything. The watchers and Jin were part of the plan.

    According to our Legends the Scythians that went to the Holy Land instead of Europe found salvation from belief in these Pagan spirits. The Apostles of Isa and Isa himself were part Greek/Scythian. Isa taught the way of Galilee and this was taught to the Scythian tribes of Europe by descendants of Y’chonan and Yacub (John and James). The Trojans belief in the “Sun” god was exported to Europe and Carthage and Constantine yes-yes. But understand that to believe Bali was a Demon given task by God to control Evil warriors does not mean we worship Bali. The modern Freemasons worship historical Men as Gods. The first Freemasons honored Bali as a good man- they did not Worship Bali. The name of God was thought to be known only to God so we would say ‘The voice of the wind” or “Most High”. Muhammad gave us the name God would like us to recognize “Allah” which literally means “Everything”.

    The Royals formed “York Rite” Freemasonry and yes they are indeed remnants of Troy. The true light of Europe came from Muhammad. The Enlightenment of Europe was a middle-eastern movement. Liberty and Justice are Muhammad’s truth and believe it or not it was the Energy of Muhammad that formed the United States of America. George Washington came from the old Scottish Rite. He would have been well versed in “Eastern Star” knowledge. It was Muhammad that taught us never to submit to Tyranny. The Star and the Crescent is one of the most common flags of the American Revolution. Research how many armies used the Star and Crescent which is still the Flag of South Carolina.

    The Revolution was won by 1013 men that held Valley Forge. This is a simple historical Fact. Of the 1013 men 300 were Gypsy Freemasons that knew Koran as passed by ancient Scottish Rite. All of them were direct descendants of Saladin as am I. The first flag was 13 Stars of David. The second flag was 13 Stars that were five pointed because it was much easy to sew a 5 points rather than six. America flies the only Flag in Western Civilization absent the cross of the false Christ: think about this? Do you realize how daring it was to create a Flag with no cross? The United states of America was formed by Sephardic Jews desc3ended from Templar Knights and Scotts. We were the first People in Europe to reciebve the Light of Muhammad. The closest Religion I know of to true Freemasonry is Unitarian Islam or “Druze”. My people believed in many Watchers and Jin and pirits – but believe me the old Freemasons where very aware that there was only one God- Allah – and Isa and Muhammad were his Prophets. 🙂

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