1. Dr Zaid,

    Thank you so much for your insight. I learn something about Freemasonry Myself every time I read your commentary. I think my name says it all “John Quincy”. Why would a man who’s Father is a 32cnd degree Freemason and United States Marine and uncle who is a 33rd degree Mason name me “John Quincy”. The Adams Family were “Puritans” descended from the followers of Cromwell; the Triplett and Washington Family were from Northern England and the Scythian/Arpad/Norman Cavalry tradition and were loyalist. John Quincy Adams destroyed the Freemasons of America to the last lodge almost in 1830. Some lodges remained in the Mountains; Joseph Smith created Mormonism from Freemason ritual but he was killed for being a Freemason before he could explain these rituals to the German and Vikings settlers that gathered around him. Now Mormons think they hold the order of Melchizadek but they have nothing after Smith died.

    They named me John Quincy because my Family hates what has happened to the craft and they wanted me to remember always. Albert Pike does not practice the same Scottish rite as George Washington but this is all we had after President Adams destroyed the craft.

    This is how it was explained to me: Lucifer is the name of the planet Venus when it rises in the East- this was the star worshipped by Alexander the Great. Lucifer represents also “Knowledge”- the light bearer. We are taught as young Gypsies of the “Dubblesky” – the twin Gods. Satan is Allah’s “employee” and to be respected. The God the Jews worship Yawh -the burning bush- this is Satan the God of war and given the Earth. Allah (Elo similar pronunciation) is the one true God of everlasting sky. This bush burned below the formless ALL of Allah. God does not fight with Satan- God does not fight with insects either- God is beyond what we understand.

    Lucifer is a direction of “war”. The Early Scythians worshipped the “Earth” as Gaia or the Earth Angel Isis in Egypt. When Venus rises in the West it is called the same star as “Lucifer” but it is called “Isis” or “Sophia” or “Hestia”- many names but it represents the Earth Angel.

    The Gypsy believe the Earth is a Spirit just as written by Enoch and the Prophets. The Earth is Gods “Bride” and footstool of God. I am not a true Cathar because I do not believe all this stuff but I know what it means. My own beliefs are more to be humble and realize I do not know anything compared to God. But I can tell you that the original Freemasons and old Gypsy people were not ‘Pagans”. Their beliefs were very much the same as ancient Noah and Abraham I am sure. They believed that Satan controlled the Earth as Gods Employee and sometimes Satan is ordered to help people by God. They also believed in ‘Mother Earth” as being a spirit loved and protected by God- this is not really paganism.

    As legend tells it the Scythians were “clean” and as they left Alexander’s army they married women that taught them of the “one true God”. These Scythians became Jews and Muslims and later moved back into Europe with the Sephardic settlement of Iberia and the early Christians.

    The Templar call Muhammad ‘Saint of the Western Star”. Meaning protector of the Earth and the meek. Per legend Saladin gave us the light of Muhammad and made us understand to leave mid east and travel west- the star called “Lamerica” or “merica”. The very name of America is a middle eastern word for Venus appearing in the West and has nothing whatsoever to do with Americo Vespucio or whatever the fairytale is told. Merica is the name given to the Western star and became our direction and Lucifer was seen as a symbol of knowledge- Lucifer meaning Venus planet seen in early morning- the morning star.

    York Rite Freemasonry is the home of all this nonsense. York rite is the Freemasonry of the Royals of Europe. Scottish Rite is completely different and headquartered in Alexandria Virginia. Albert Pike is a hero to us for preserving much of the heritage. But today few people realize that Scottish rite and York rite are completely different. A hindu- Muslim-Jew can become a Scottish rite Freemason- these people are not welcome in the York Rite of European Royals. They formed York Rite because they had usurped the true line of Kings and people knew this. Freemasonry was slap to their face. Now the York rite Royals claim they crated Freemasonry- but my poor cousins and me know things of which they are completely ignorant. Money and wealth are their reward- our reward was God and promised land- the Kinnerfeld. My Fathers believed Muhammad and Saladin directed us to the west by defeating our armies in the east.

    Old Templar saying: ” Your enemy will be your greatest teacher. Often God speaks to us through defeat and the righteousness of our enemies.”

  2. (written and edited by Elizabeth Triplett from spoken word of John Quincy Triplett)

    According to the oral histories of the Order of Continental Priests, the old Scottish Rite of Freemasonry formed around 1450 during the building of Rosslyn Chapel. It was a mystical time when a people who had been struggling for freedom of self-expression through generations finally found freedom from the conformity of mainstream society. The construction of Rosslyn took perhaps 80 years and provided a great source of income, community and pride for Scotland. Lord St Clair created an entire subculture around the economy generated during the building of Rosslyn and this subculture was the beginning of modern day Freemasonry. (60)

    The art of Rosslyn is a style not seen in any other Chapel in the world. The secrets of the Freemasons and their symbols are finally brought to light at Rosslyn. The freedom of self-expression that the Freemasons had in building this structure is unparalleled in Europe. Finally, these true Freemasons were able to build the structure they had always wanted to build, and the stone work is a metaphor for the escape from Roman Catholic domination that they made with the victory of Robert the Bruce. The Chapel is also a tribute to the blend of the many cultures of their ancestors that they preserved while the Popes and Kings destroyed these cultures. The ancient Pagan pre-Christian symbols are created with heart-breaking skill: such as the 110 depictions of the etheric “little green man” surrounded by trees and foliage. At Rosslyn the Freemasons celebrated nature, history, astrology and all the beauty the Roman Catholic tyranny had denied their ancestors. I have no doubt that, if there ever really were an old Scottish Rite of Freemasonry formed by Masons and the descendants of Knights, it was formed at Rosslyn. (61)

    In 1307 when the Pope and Kings began to attack the Templar orders, it has been estimated that there were ten to 20 thousand Templars in Europe from Poland to Scotland. There were only about 3,000 Knights, but there were also thousands of squires, sergeants, masons, attorneys, and doctors all working under the Templar umbrella. Is it so hard to believe that the tyrants were not able to destroy this organization in one day? The Templar order had created a massive infrastructure that was impossible to completely destroy. Historians tell us that there are no descendants of the Knights Templar today. Genetic science tells us that there must be millions of people descended from this organization today. Most of these people are simply not aware of their heritage. The Continental Templar Priests are simply aware of our heritage, and we have knowledge of millions of people descended from Templar Knights, Squires, Scientists, and Tradesmen. (62)

    Shortly after the so-called destruction of the Templar order, two Nations declared sovereignty and began trying to establish a free society: Scotland and Switzerland. Both of these countries have oral traditions that claim Templar armies were the defining factor in forming these countries. Many Scots claim that it was a charge of Templar Knights that was the deciding factor in the battle of Bonnockburn in 1314 that won them a time of freedom. Many Swiss claim that a Templar army that fought in the battle of Morgarten in 1315 won independence for the Swiss. It is interesting that these dates correlate precisely to the execution of Jacque De Molay and his call to arms and freedom. Jacque De Molay summoned the Templar to glory in 1314 and the warriors that died to free Scotland and Switzerland surely carried the courage of Jacque DeMolay in their hearts. There is a painting of the battle of Morgarten in a Chapel that stands near the lake of Lowertz in which Swiss Knights are wearing the white cloaks with the red cross of the Knights Templar. Symbols are the key to understanding: symbols on flags, buildings, and currency are all put there for a very specific reason. It is no accident that the flag of Switzerland is unmistakably the Templar Red Cross. (63)

    There is no official documentation of the Templar armies that fought at Bonnockburn and Morgarten, but the oral histories of these events remain strong in Scotland and Switzerland today. Historians will argue that it would be impossible for the Templar to so quickly reform armies after the Templar holocaust of 1307, but historians are not accounting for the vast infrastructure that was already in place. What is really hard to believe is that an organization that existed for two-hundred years and developed this massive infrastructure could be destroyed virtually overnight. The Continental Templar Priests have a strong oral history of the Templar descendants and where they migrated. There is proven documentation of this heritage to the Threlkeld and Triplett family who lives in America today, and many other families willing to do research. I will tell the oral history of my family history and migration to Scotland as it was told to me by my Father:

    “In the days when Templar Knights walked the earth, we had well established Cistercian monasteries in Scotland. The Scots were defiant, and Papal decrees could not be enforced there just as in the days of Rome. The Freemasons and the families of Templar Knights saw Scotland as a great hope for our long struggle to form a free and independent society. When the French Pope began his manhunt of those loyal to the Templar order our ancestor Alban De Threlkeld left his home in France on a brave and desperate journey to join his older brothers in Scotland.

    Alban De Threlkeld migrated to Scotland to fight with family in a battle being planned by Robert the Bruce. De Threlkeld was a horseman of the couched lance technique; he was among the most deadly cavalrymen in Europe. He was named for honor of his ancestor the great Knight Robert of St. Albans, who converted to the way of Mohammed and married the niece of Saladin, “Saint of the Western Star.” But do not be ashamed and let not the westerners make you despair; it does not matter if we take the mantle of Christian, Muslim, or Jew, but that we follow the way of the warrior, the way of a Freemason. It was Saladin who showed the Templar their way home and out of the deserts of our ancestors. The town of St. Albans founded by our family on the banks of the Kanawha bears witness to the glory of Saladin and Alban and Robert, as all did fight our struggle of the way.

    Alban’s son Robert was a doctor and he was an expert distiller of whiskey from Barley and Rye. He moved to England to join Norman kin and made whiskey for the young King Henry. The sons of Robert and the distilleries of our family still thrive in Scotland and Cumberland England. Robert’s grandson John inherited land in England and Scotland, and John would be the first of our kin to claim the rite of the Scotts. John would soon bring the Scottish Rite to England and teach his sons the names of their fathers.

    The Scots had struggled long for their freedom and they found their Champion in Robert the Bruce. Our ancestors fought with the fire of God, defeating the English at Bonnockburn and we did claim our independence to the Pope in a declaration from Arbroath. The Scots would continue their struggle through the persecution of the Jacobite and the war of Revolution against King George. From Kadesh to Hattin to Bonnockburn and Cowpens we have fought to secure our freedom.

    In the days of Robert the Bruce secret meetings and fraternity of any kind was outlawed for common men, but again we had with us the strength of the Freemasons. Since the time of Senmut the tyrants were forced to respect the Freemasons or live as primitives. The Freemasons built the civilizations that the tyrants held dear, and they were forced to allow their fraternity. The Templar soldiers of the Bruce were accepted masons and secret halls of our order were used to plan our rebellions. One day people would be given the right to assemble openly and freely by the holy scripture of the United States Constitution.

    God’s will was with the Scots and they did prevail; praise God they mingled their blood with ours. We have proved the Babylonian Priests to be false in shunning our cousins and kin. Mingling the blood with all people of God’s earth proved righteous and true as Hapshepsut, and this is the secret of survival since the time of the Prophets who took us and blessed us and kept us. Blessed are those who love the sacred hero of all nations with equal glory in God.

    Know well the names of your fathers and keep them for our children to tell. We are descended from John who first sought the Rite of the Scots with the Freemasons of Lord St. Clair:

    Alban De Threlkeld who fought to free the Scotts begat Robert the Threlked; Robert owned lands in England and prospered there and begat Robert; Robert built distilleries and Mills for the harvest of the land and begat John the bookmaker who deciphered the Rosslyn Templar script; John begat Robert who continued to translate Greek for the Tudors; Robert begat Thomas who called his name Triplett in audience with the Virgin Queen; Thomas begat Thomas and he kept his father’s fortunes intact; Thomas begat John whose youngest son would take us to the land of Promise; John begat Francis who came to America on a ship chartered by John Washington; Francis begat Francis who expanded our land in Virginia; Francis begat Francis who would father Daniel Protector of his Excellency General George Washington; Daniel fathered Jesse who would settle in the State of North Carolina; Jesse fathered Daniel who would have 12 children now ancestors of thousands; Daniel fathered Wilson who caught the public enemy Talt Hall; Wilson fathered Henderson who reunited us with our people in West Virginia; Henderson fathered General Francis who would not take the company script; General Francis fathered William who would fight in world war II defending our country from tyrants; William fathered Johnny Q who listens to the names of his fathers………

    I am the “Johnny Q” at the end of the list and I always found this part of the oral history a great burden as a child. Are you sure there’s not a drunk or a lazy bum on the list? LOL

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