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  1. There was a time not so long ago that the Families that remained from the Templar and Cathar Holocaust were called ” Star Families”. This so named for the stars and stripes found on their Family crest. This core group of Freemasons in the star Families were direct descendants of the Scythian- Arpad- Merovingian legacy. In modern time theorists have called this group of people which Include Hegel in Germany and spands across Europe “Illuminati”.

    I am from this “illuminati” but do not be deceived for our Power was never of this World. Gold and Land are of the World and this is the reward of the Goddless. The reason America became a country is because the Continental Army of George Washington and the star Families have one very clear mystical Power: we are not afraid to die. Or rather: we were more afraid of Dishonor than Death. When the British crown attacked these people they were attacking people that understood the power of the Lord.

    The American constitution was just one of many such documents written by these people. Others include “Magna Carta” and “The Declaration of Arbroath”. The true illuminati are people that know the World is given to the wicked. Material wealth and control of land is not the ultimate Power. The ultimate power is the willingness to give your life for righteousness sake and the power of the Lord. The Powers of this world fear these people not because they are wealthy; but because they are fearless in the face of the false Christ and Gog and Mag Gog.

    There were many men with military experience who were candidates to lead the Continental Army. Of these men there was only one who had a standing army of seasoned soldiers. This man was George Washington, and he was more than willing to take this army to war with England. He had been enlisting men and raising armies since the French and Indian wars. Many of these men including Frank Triplett and his cousin Thomas Triplett were blood kin of the Washington family going back to the Goths of medieval Europe. These troops were loyal to Washington beyond any modern measure of obedience. By now Francis, called Frank, had a young son named Daniel. By this time Daniel Triplett’s family had fought with the Washington family under the banner of Scythia, the Arpad, Clovis, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Robert the Bruce, the Union-Jack in England, and in the French and Indian Wars. There was no war lord on the American continent with such a loyal group of soldiers.

    John Adams was well aware of the cultural differences between Washington’s Continentals and the English culture in Boston. He was also well aware that the Virginians were descended from Royalists, the arch enemy of his Puritan ancestors, but he had no choice but to ask for their help. The Army of the Old Dominion was the only true military power on the continent. Washington humbly accepted John Adams’ motion to make him the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army.

    Templar cavalry and Priests would fight again in the American Revolution, and the Army of the Old Dominion became Washington’s Continentals. They would fight under a daring flag that for the first time in over a thousand years used pre-Christian symbols dating back to Gothic Europe and ancient Africa: this flag would bear the red stripes of slavery and the ancient star of knowledge. These were truly revolutionary symbols with no regard for church or state; this army would fight under symbols of freedom and the struggle of the enduring human heart.

    Although many militia officers of the Continental Army of Virginia were from The Families of the Eastern Star, Washington’s Continentals were an eclectic group of people from many different cultures. Washington realized that race and culture had nothing to do with talent, so he began to recruit the most talented people he could find regardless of their heritage from all over New England and Pennsylvania. The troops in the end were a true cross section of the people in the colonies with one common similarity: the typical Continental soldier had the big idea that he could improve his lot in life. Very intelligent and ambitious sons of poor families, a majority of whom were Scots and Irish, from an ancient tradition of “uppity” thinking lower classes like the Knights Templar who dared to modernize Europe. This ability to believe you can be better than you are is the fundamental idea that creates progress. Some of these Revolutionaries, like the young Thomas Paine, were just this sort. Thomas Paine was poor but highly talented. He saw this new thing happening all around him in America where talented people who worked hard were getting rich. All the old class structures from Europe were completely falling apart, and these young revolutionaries were not anxious to see class structures of Europe restored.

    When Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts punishing Massachusetts for their resistance to English occupation of Boston, the Virginia House of Burgesses called for a day of “fasting humiliation, and prayer” in solidarity with Massachusetts. In response Lord Dunmore the royal Governor of Virginia dissolved the Virginia House of Burgesses. They would soon reconvene at a local tavern and make plans for a continental congress. These same men would draft the radical Fairfax Resolves on July 18th , 1774, which they knew would bring an end to peaceful negotiation with England. The continental congress became a reality, and on the second meeting of the congress just after the beginning of armed conflict at Lexington and Concord, Washington showed up for the congressional meeting in full military uniform. He was known as Colonel Washington then, and he had not been in military uniform for 13 years.

    It was at this meeting that John Adams reached out to George Washington and made the motion that he be made General and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. On June 14, 1775, the Continental Army was formed by Congress, and George Washington would now be called his Excellency General George Washington. The British troops were mounting a siege of Boston, and Continentals were dying. Washington immediately took up his pen and began agitating and gathering recruits. Congress agreed to pay the troops that Washington gathered, but there would be one group who would fight close at Washington’s side and who never accepted pay from Congress. This was the Virginia 1st State Militia. These men fought for his Excellency General George Washington, loyal to him personally and would be his personal honor guard at the start of the war. These men did not accept money because they were all Promised Land grants from Washington on successful completion of the war. Our families live on this Promised Land today, surveyed by Thomas Jefferson’s father and granted to our ancestors who fought in the Virginia 1st Militia by his Excellency General George Washington’s side.

    It made everyone’s life miserable to live in constant fear of religion in Europe’s recent past. This fear was never the purpose of Jesus or the Freemasonic tradition from which he came. Their tradition had always been the triumph of knowledge and the human spirit. Freemasons remembered it was knowledge and their determination that saved them. The moral lesson taught by Jesus was to love your brother and seek knowledge, not to burn people and books and enforce will. The moral lessons of sacrifice, family, honor, and duty are all greatly valued in the Appalachian culture, and so these oral histories give us that mystical touch of the dead ancestors that reinforces those values. I will conclude with a piece of the oral history about the battle of Cowpens. The British army was massive and there was great deal of doubt and despair before the battle. It is said that Frank was asked to offer a prayer for the hungry and war weary Continental Templar Priests before riding to Cowpens. Frank was a quiet man and not fond of words; he addressed his riflemen before riding to Cowpens quoting a short verse from the Bible, Samuel 17:49:
    “And David put his hand in his bag, and took there a stone, and slung it, and struck the Philistine that the stone sunk into his forehead; and Goliath fell upon his face to the earth.” And then Frank said his prayer “God is great! Amen!”

    Triplett’s riflemen, with every able bodied man in our family rode to Cowpens. This is the history as told to me by my father:

    “In the days when his Excellency General George Washington walked the earth, Templar Priests fought with the Virginia 1st State Militia. Our ancestor Frank Triplett broke off and fought with militia for Daniel Morgan. When the field of Cowpens called, Frank had become old and frail. General Morgan sounded a Calvary call to our cousin Thomas, but dying of smallpox in his bed Thomas could no ride and asked Frank to defend family honor. Frank answered the call and mustered horses, rifles and kinsmen 167 strong to Cowpens.

    Frank knew well General Morgan’s plan and Morgan knew well Frank’s invention. Frank developed a bore that shot strait and through 500 of the King’s feet more than any before. Just as the Greeks had engaged the Persians at the gates of Hell, the Spartan call of the Templar Priests carried us through battle well. Our Columns true and flanks protected took turns facing the Empire’s volley. The riflemen road all over the field, hiding their numbers from view, and their aim would find the King’s Islander Scots helpless with pike and musket.

    The Islanders fell with searing pain of hot shot before they could hear the blasts. Seeing smoke from the blasts long before hearing the sound, the King’s troops panicked realizing there fate. No rifles had ever been made like the ones seen that day; hail Frank “The Hero of Cowpens.” Some believed the riflemen to be witches; others believed the shots to be blessed; but we know the secret and know it as true, it was the rifle bore knowing of God. Templar Priests had faith in the Eastern Star and our faith brought this knowledge to Cowpens.

    Knowing is the way of our Order, since the children of Ephraim heard Senmut’s call, since Gothic swords of sharper steel caused the Romans fall; it is the secrets of horse and steel that conquer, from Alexander to Caesar in Gaul, so keep secrets of knowledge with our faith as tyrants rise to and fro, and never let the tyrant have the secrets of horse and steel alone. Wisdom is the soul and temper of God, and so we are given the Goddess. Isis called Sofia lights our path and way of even temper, as she did with her champion Micha-eil in the time of Enoch. With evil Kings and their ring of power Roman Popes killed our Priests and destroyed our Coptic script; they called us Gnostics and cursed us to the last follower. Jesus taught us knowledge and passed his way to Thomas Jefferson, who had God’s knowledge and wisdom to protect us from the ring of Power.

    His Excellency claimed the giant ring “kinnerhelm,” giver of the promised Kinnerfeld; he would finally claim the “Crown” of our blood and kin. He would not wear the helmet ring of power for one man alone, but keep faith in the Macedonian way. A kiss for kiss and blood for blood, no man the better; but we feared the age of Kings had passed and begged a new born beginning. His Excellency General George Washington commanded and we obeyed: he ordered, “We have Thomas Jefferson’s Constitution now!” and he threw the Kinnerhelm far, far, and away.”

    Any man that would choose to die rather than worship false gods as a slave is a member of the “Illuminati”. The land of Freedom will always exist where ever Free men stand in defense of Honor, Truth , Justice and the way of Muhammad.

  2. I have watched the video twice now and it breaks my heart this man does not know how alike he is to Muslims. He calls Jesus ‘our creator” and this is the lie of Paul ever haunting my American people. This man follows a false Christ- a ‘war God”. Isa and Muhammad did not follow a God of War but of brotherhood and all creation.

    My ancestor Daniel was one of the first United states Marine Sergeants trained by Von Stueben himself at Valley Forge. Both my Mother and Father were drill instructors during WWII and were married om a Marine base in 1944. This man is a green Beret and in the Army. My Mother would maybe have kicked his ass- she fought as a Marine in WWII. The Marines has long tradition of women that goes again back to Scythian tradition: women fought with Scythian- Arpad- Hun- Mongols- he does not know this secret. I am a Marine and the Corps will never turn its guns on Americans. He talks about the Marines but understand he is not one himself- I am. The tradition is a Family tradition and they recruit from specific areas as well as the whole country. It is kind of like the Gurkas of Nepal- the Mountain people of West Virginia are the heart of the Marines and we will always hold final control- so fear not. He is right- the Marine are loyal to the Constitution still. This man is very paranoid and delusional yet he speaks much truth. The Constitution was never meant to replace God and was always known to be a temporary aid for peace. Later Americans made it a Religion. All these Religions will fall before God in the End. After all what was the ‘Religion” of Adam ? Adam had no Religion because he walked with God- this will happen again I believe when both Mercy and wrath have taken away the evil in men. This is very informative post yet very disturbing as well.

  3. Thank You Mr. Triplett,

    The use of symbolic imagery in your reply may be offensive to those who do not understand its usage in the way of truth. This is most likely because it has been used to misguide men in favor of those who deny them God given rights.

    I also was disturbed by the Sergeant’s misguided Christian fury and rhetoric, but accept him as representative of the times we live in.

    As always, thank you for your knowledge and input on the few pages of cyberspace. Mat Almighty Allah grant us success and refuge from the damned.


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