Sectarianism Continued: MAITREYA (THE FRIEND) an Introductionby Dr. Omar

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  1. Great Read Doc,

    Edgar Cayce was a Gypsy. They call us Melunjin because the Europeans thought of the Eastern Gypsy as a Mixed Demon- a Melange- Jin. We told Europeans that falling Star were “Jin” and to never make a wish on a falling Jin from Heaven. What did Europeans do? They immediately started making wishes on Falling stars as fast as they could find them. Walt Disney song ‘When you wish upon a star…..” This became a staple of European culture: wishing on the falling Jin. My point is that people misunderstand everything you try to tell them about ancient culture. The New age was started by Edgar Cayce-Albert Pike- Madame Blavatsky and it was all a lie. They used ancient eastern mysticism to make fools out of Europeans and Americans. The Gypsy was the first to do this. It was thought that the gadjo or “goy” was not even human. The Eastern people of knowledge using their tricks to mystify Europeans is the the underlying flaw of all western civilization. The Iliad is stolen from the Bagvad Gita; Socrates was actually teaching Buddhism; Euclid and all the Greeks stole their Math from Arabs. People from old traditional culture in the East should look at westerners with pitty. They are also children of God and mystics from the East are the true problem with these modern cults. Did God “Allah” not also create the Jin ? The will of God controls all things and you can not push God into bringing a “New Age”. Isa and Muhammad and all Prophets of the true way “restore” the truth. The true way is eternal and there was never any improvement to the way of the Lord. Kings do not have a separate God from slaves and orphans. There is one God of all creation and God does not duel with Jin- God’s will controls all and all is Allah so I just watch to see what Allah will do next and thank God for being part of his creation. There is nothing to fear from cults or “new age” groups because Allah has already included this is the plan it seems to me.

  2. Hello Johnny,

    Thanks …. didn’t know Casey was a traveler, interesting. I was a member of the theosophs in my 20s, didn’t last long. All the Gurus seemed to want influence and libidinous liberty. Was wondering about Gurdjieff? Was he also a Gypsy ?

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