OFFICIAL INDICTMENT: Child Sacrifice in The Vatican

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  1. Dr Zaid,

    I was told by my Father that the written word is sacred. Odin created the Rune Script yet it was forbidden to use it for writing letters or commentary. The Vedas were preserved in Oral history because it was meant to be be Kept as oral sound and never to be written. Also if written then ‘Demon Races” could use the Vedas for personal gain. Muhammad was an Orphan and his great talent per Knights Templar legend was Astrology. Muhammad was a great astrologer and he became leader of a Caravan at a very young age. Senmut (Moses) was also a Star Navigator. This knowledge of Navigation by Stars goes back to ancient Vedic Aryan culture. According to Legend there have been 5 races of Men. We represent the 5th race surviving after the great Flood. There were many such floods and the one that occurred at the end of the last Ice Age when Mu and Atlantis controlled the Earth with Martine Empires existed 13,000 years ago perhaps. After the flood Ham’s seed created Cities and Empires with no blessing from the Lord. It was the seed of Ham and Nimrod that created Atlantis. There was a great War between Ravan and Lord Ram. Ravan Lanka is “Aslanteolle” or ‘Atlantis”. Lord Rama laid waste to Atlantis and there Evil. The true teacher of Krisna and Lord Ram’s line is one we know as “Abraham”. At a time in the last ice age when Child sacrifice was a routine all over the Earth Abraham ‘Of Brahma” caste stood with the Lord.

    It is well Documented that Krisna came from a western Kingdom “Africa”. He was very dark skinned. He was sheltered by Yahoda tribe who were the proto “Jews”. In Hindu myth Abraham refused to worship Indra and sacrifice to Agni Dev “The Fire Demon”. Abraham was a student of Krisna called ‘Melchizadek” by Gypsy and Jews. He was Priest of the ‘Most High” one God. Krisna taught Abraham that Children are the most precious gift of God.

    There is a rock in a Holy Land. On this rock is the one common covenant we have with God: spare our Children. Abraham and his first son Ishmael spared Isaac on the Rock that day and a lamb was offered in his place. Ending the Sacrifice of Children and destroying the tribes that kill children to appease Demons is the first and enduring righteous cause of Abraham and the Priest known as Krisna or Melchizadek. Remember the Bagvad Gita is a Song written by a Poet- we have no proof Krisna claimed to be God. It seems he was an Avatar of the Lord though because he ended the worship of Demons and Demanded people worship One true God- the God of all the people and the one true creator. Krisna was the teacher of Abraham and child sacrifice and idol worship of Demons and lesser “gods” was ended by Krisna. Lord Rama then destroyed all these tribes with the sword.

  2. Dear Mr. Triplett,

    Just 1 point I would like to make clear & I welcome thoughts to the contrary.

    According to (most) Muslims, Muhammad (AS) was an illiterate having no knowledge of the sciences, specifically of Astrology & Poetry. What he was taught was taught by God through the archangel Gabriel. That is a pillar of faith for Muslims & as such, unfortunately, no amount of rational evidence will make them change their mind. But like I said please share any information that proves your point of view.

    I would like to say that I agree with your finding that Abraham (AS) was the one notable person to end child sacrifices to the god(s). Other than that I am in position to comment. Except that, a lot of the so called Hindu Gods according to (most) Muslims were preaching monotheism. Buddah comes to mind & a lot of Muslims in Indo-Pak regard him as a prophet. However I recently read Sheikh Imran Hosein’s book: Islam & Buddhism – and he does not regard Buddah as a prophet. I will try to find out more about the Krishna – Abraham(AS) connection. Hopefully Dr. Omar Zaid will shed some light on the subject too.

    With respect,

    Kashan Shahid.

    • Hello Dr Zaid,

      I just did some google research. It looks like there is Muslim History about Muhammad being a Caravan Leader. The Templar Legend of Muhammad being well versed in Astrology can in some ways be supported in deductive reasoning. The Leader of the Caravan had to know more about the stars than most people in order to Navigate in the Dessert. If all carvan Leader were knowledgeable of Astrology and Muhammad was a Carvan Leader, then Muhammad must have been knowable of stars. The Freemason oral history of Muhaamad states ” He was an orphan and a Man at 6 yrs old. He had no social status but he was loved by all that came to know him. He was a man of no formal education but of the greatest understanding and the purest of heart. ” In the Templar legends we learn of Muhammad from Women. It was our women that were raised in Muslim Faith in the beginning of the Templar conversions. Saladin had several nieces who were married to Templar with his blessing as his daughters. One of these Ladies is the Mother of what we call “The Eastern Star”. She had many children and all were raised with great Pride in being descended from Saladin. The Eastern Star is for women and men today, but in the American R

      Absolutely correct John. That’s Ibn Khaldun thinking. Trouble is you used the word ‘astrologer’ rather than ‘astronomer’ … big difference because astrology is forbidden in Islam as one of the black arts. I knew what you meant

      As for Melchizedek, the traditions I have studied indicate that he was the Prophet Shem, who passed on the mantle of prphethood to Ibrahim. – omar

      Oh yes – big difference I see- yes astronomer. Also as far as the Krisna/Melchizadech link I do not believe this myself, it was just a belief of my Father and other Freemasons. Krisna was called ‘The Dark One”. This is a title given to Prophets of the One true God of ‘Creation”- our creator. ‘Merovich” literally means of the dark one- so does Merelyn- or “Merlin” the Mythological sorcerer. Like I was saying I know a lot of Legends and Myths but I have not made up my own mind on how true the legends are to real history. It is well recorded that Krisna stopped sacrifice to many Gods and Demanded sacrifice be made to “Govinda Hill” – meaning all of creation and the one true God. Krisna was a Monotheists in many ways when properly understood. This was the same legacy of Abraham-Moses and Muhammad. Krisna taught that the many Gods are just pale reflections of One true God whos brilliance could not be viewed by a man.

  3. How the babies really died: Irish Times

    “tuberculosis, convulsions, measles, whooping cough, influenza, bronchitis and meningitis, among other illnesses.”

    How is it Kenneth A and all you people all conspiratorially focus on smearing the Catholic Church, while ignoring real Protestant atrocities, oray?

    See the below website ( ) and see labels in right column.

    “Whoppers, Protestantism, Black Legend, Jesuits, Mary, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Abortion, Culture of Death, Euthanasia, Population Control”

    . The Catholic Church —practically alone on the world stage!—- has opposed the New World Orders entire program which began with Henry VIII and the Masonic French Revolution. Is it any wonder she is constantly persecuted by people like this.

    Yes, the Catholic Church has—on record— been infiltrated for not supporting what JPII called the Culture of Death — but not by 9th circle myths but by Communists, Gays, Freemasons, etc,

    Get a little education please.

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