Malady of Sectarianism Continued: The Trouble With Reform by Dr. Omar

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  1. Dr Zaid,

    The Merovingian:

    The Legends of the True Freemasons begin with the Merovingian. The where “clean” and descendants of Scythians and followers of Isa and his brother Yacub: the son’s of Marry. The early inhabitants of Europe from the middle-east brought the light of of One true God. Being descended from the same Vedic culture as Muhammad the “Allans” wher a so called “Germanic tribe” but in truth they were Aryan Scythians from the middle-east. DNA testing proves that Viking y-haplogroup I and the y-haplogroup J of Muslims and Jews are related clads. “Allah” is the same word as Viking word “EL” AND “Ellohim”. The original name for God Allah is recorded in the Vedas and kept Holy to this day by Muslims; Jains and Gypsy. It refers to the Lunar Dynasty that replaced the Solar Dynasty in the Vedas.

    The first Merovingian was “Merovich” descended from a sea Monster. The sea Monster is “Mother Earth”. Sophia is a word for this Mother Goddess as Aphrodite sprang from the sea so did the Land of Earth after the flood of Noah. In Gypsy language “Mere” means night or dark. But what it really means is “unseen”. The Kale Prophet “Merlin” from Wales is the same name. This is a title ancient Scythians gave to the high Shaman. Lord Krisna in India is called “The Dark One”. Gypsy; Scythian ; and the Middle east comes from India. Lord Krisna was the Father of all Gypsy and is the man called “Mechizadech” in the western Bible. What is happening is the “Tower of Babel”. All the different religions are talking about the same people, but giving them different names.

    The Merovingian where the first tribe in Europe to make Steel. Gypsy are masters of Steel for this reason. My anscestor Frank Triplett bored the first “rifles”. He won the Revolution because of Gypsy metal working knowledge as were all wars won. My ancestor Frank bored grooves in the Muskets and invented the Kentucky long rifle. If you google the “Battle of Cowpens” you can read about my Grandfather Frank Triplett. The secret power of Merovingian were that they were not European: they were from the mid-east- they were Scythian/ Jew/ Arab descent. The Apostle John’s real name is Y’achonan. He taught the Europeans metal working to make plow shears; the Europeans used this knowledge to make swords. Because the Iberians used “J” in place of “Y” all the names in the Bible were changed. The most common German name is “Johnathan” which is “Y’achonan” because the descendants of John became Germans. All people in Europe that 1.) Circumcised 2.) Ate clean food 3.) Refused to cut Hair – all these people banded together and formed the Merovingian tribe. The Merovingian’s became Cathars and the Cathars and Jews and Muslims were murdered by the Catholic Church. Their last stand was Montegurs which stands to this day.

    My wife typed this while I spoke of the Legends:

    At this point of history I hope it is apparent that DNA and y-haplogroups are meaningless and have nothing to do with “culture.” In the Common Era people are great admixture of DNA and the ancient races are gone. Mesopotamia may be the cradle of western civilization, but the crucible of western civilization is surely the Ebro River Valley- a melting pot of Carthaginians, Jews, Greeks, Samaritans, and Scythians settling there during the time of the Roman Empire. Descendants of “The Scythian” could be found all over Europe: Albania, the Rhineland, and Spain. The difference of the Alans of Iberia was there proximity to a crossroads of thoughts and ideas from the east coming to the Ebro valley. Many of the ideals of social progress in the west that we now take for granted were born in the Ebro River Valley two-thousand years ago. These ideals of social justice would be exported to England, Scotland, and finally America. The Iberian Peninsula was without doubt the first great melting pot of western thought and culture. (43)

    The word “Frank” means “free.” When an English speaker wants to speak freely they will often use the word “frankly.” The true Christian heritage of free speech and self-determination was the trademark of the people called Franks. These people who became known as the Franks are not recorded as settling in Spain until after the fall of the Roman Empire. The center of Frankish culture is found in the upper Rhineland, but their early Scythian ancestors settled many different parts of Europe from the Danube into France. The Alans of the Ebro were such a group, and their exile across the Pyrenees was well known to their Frankish cousins before and after the fall of Rome. Historians give us a great many names and dates in chronological order, but we are not given the story. These names and dates are not unrelated events insulated in their chapter of a textbook: History is a story of the migration, trials, and tribulations of our ancestors. It is important to know much more than names and dates to understand history. (44)

    History is very important and useful; as my father once said, “How can a traveler know where he’s going if he doesn’t know where he came from?” The Scythians morphed into the Magyars, as is immediately evident by the name: “Mag-gor” is the ancient name for a war god used by the Scythians. The Magyars morphed into Arpads, Saxons, and Franks, blending with the indigenous European Celts and the Basque. As people moved from the population centers of the mideast and Mediterranean into northern and western Europe, many languages were created, as cultures collided and then amalgamated. Many more languages and cultures were destroyed. Just as the migration to America resulted in the extinction of hundreds of Native American languages, the early European languages and cultures were also destroyed by Rome and Visigoths. (45)

    The Roman Empire created a tenuous peace between these hundreds of tribes and cultures clashing in Europe. When the Germanic Gothic tribes destroyed Rome, they also destroyed this peace, and Europe plunged into darkness. History records this dark time as the Middle Ages, but what is not so readily known is the golden age created in North Africa and Spain after the fall of Rome. Unlike Europe, North Africa and Spain had already created a unification of culture under the rule of Carthage. The Alans and other tribes on the Ebro River had a great deal of experience with the clashing and integrating of cultures. The Ebro had always been a crossroads between east and west, and these people learned the lesson of tolerance. These people realized that tolerance and free trade made life opulent and enjoyable.

    According to the oral history of the Continental Templar Priests, the Apostle John left Iberia for Thrace -“Scythia”- seeking trade agreements for his thriving community in Iberia. On the way to Thrace he went to Alexandria to find an old family friend who had once worked as a ship builder for his father. This is the man known as Saint Andrew. John wanted to set Andrew up in business with the Scythian cousin of Chief Achila of the Halani. John had learned well the language of Iberia, and the older Scythian language spoken in Thrace was similar. The Halani and the Tervingian tribes in Thrace were closely related and had maintained ties through the Hellenic and Roman peace period. All of these people: the Hebrew/Egyptian/Greeks of Galilee, the Halani of Iberia, and the Tervingian of Thrace had the same traditions of truth, liberty, and justice. The Law of Moses and the invention of Democracy by the Greeks in their struggle with Persia were all united in the same cause. They had all suffered the horrendous tyranny of Persia; they all had ancestors who had lived through the resultant Hellenic golden age when the Persians were defeated by Alexander. It is no accident that Spartacus was a Thracian because the ideals of liberty and social justice his people had learned from Alexander the Great would have been burning in his mind. Spartacus was descended from an ancient tradition of warriors that vowed to live free or die. It is no accident that one of his descendants would be Alaric, the Tervingian Goth from Thrace who would deliver the final death blow to the Roman Empire. The Apostle John from the house of Zebedee was also descended from the Scythian who built his wealth on serving Alexander the Great. The Galileans had inherited as much from their Greek and Scythian ancestors as from the tradition of Moses. There is a very interesting oral history relating the Apostle John, Spartacus, the Apostle Andrew, and the Goth Alaric. Here is the oral history as told by my Father. (46), (47) and (48)

    In the days when our Master Jesus walked the earth grain, olive oil and wine were the most valuable trade goods. Olive oil and wine were like money, and the Apostle John and the early Christians were producing a great deal of olives and grapes along the Ebro River with their adopted tribe the Halani. In fact his Excellency General George Washington offered corn, olive oil and wine to the Lord in a prayer for the safety of our country after The Revolution. These goods were offered in remembrance of our ancestors. It was in remembering our ancestors at Granicus that Washington crossed the Delaware and just as Alexander he defeated an Empire.

    John had been traveling back and forth from Iberia to Alexandria exchanging olive oil and wine for gold to give to his cousin James, the brother of Jesus in Jerusalem. Conditions were horrible for their people in Jerusalem and the Galileans in Iberia never forgot to help their kin. On one of these journeys he tracked down the Apostle Andrew and asked him if he would like to go to Thrace and join with his Scythian kin who were living in peace. Andrew agreed and began to learn the Phoenician tongues on the trip to Thrace.

    John found it very disturbing on his travels that people believed his aunt Mary to be dead. John told everyone that he had just left Mary the mother of Jesus with his brother James on the banks of the Ebro alive, and she was with him in the flesh encouraging him to teach the people and spread knowledge of Jesus. The Paulites in Rome soon just changed this word of John into another miracle story. John told people of his brother James and his aunt Mary alive on the Ebro all along his journey to Thrace.

    The Thracians loved John because not only had he learned the secret of steel from the Scythian, he had also learned a great deal about mining and metallurgy from Jesus and his Uncle Joseph of Arimathea. John taught the Thracian a few tricks of cooling and powdering the iron which produced far better steel for plow sheers. Andrew struggled with the language but he was a hard worker. He kept trying and soon he became fluent in the Scythian tongue. The Paulites tell a silly story of how language was given to the Apostles with a miracle. The real miracle was how hard those boys worked studying their languages. Andrew settled there in Thrace and married a beautiful Tervingian princess named Elsbeth. She was said to be a descendant of Spartacus- a slave that for a time brought Rome to its knees. The descendants of Elsbeth would one day marry with the descendants of the Halani children of John come to Thrace from Iberia. From this seed would arise the great warrior Alaric the destroyer of Rome.

    Some may say that Alaric got revenge on Rome for all of our people. He was the descendant of Greeks, Scythians, Jews, Celts, Germans and others tortured by Rome. All joined in Alaric to create a hatred and vengeance for Rome that had to end in disaster. Saint Andrew would become father of a Nation. His descendants are numbered in the millions in Europe, Scotland and America. They were the Magyars and the Goths, the Franks that would father a line of Kings all descended from St Andrew- Andrew the Apostle, who once worked for Zebedee of Galilee as a Boatwright building Ships and boats for the fishermen.

    History calls Cousin Alaric a barbarian but this is just propaganda of Rome. Alaric was a man that spoke, read and wrote in at least three different languages. As a child he had been educated in Greece and later he would train with the Roman legions and serve as a Roman Calvary officer. The so called barbarians of history are often much more well educated and thoughtful than those that would call them barbarians. Alaric defeated the Frank war lord Arbogast at the battle of Frigidus leading twenty thousand men for the Rome into battle. Alaric lost about half his men defeating Arbogast but it was mostly Gothic blood so the Romans did not really care. It was the dishonor of Frigidus when the Romans refused to pay blood money to the widows of his dead soldiers that drove Alaric to swear revenge on Rome. His Gothic tribe was starving and widows and children were dying. He raised an Army and rampaged in to Rome and back again until there was nothing left.

    The story of Alaric teaches us that revenge is never a good idea. Alaric destroyed the city and took its gold but he also destroyed the infrastructure that Rome had created. Roman roads and grain mills and aqueducts were all maintained by the Romans. It was great to be a “barbarian” but with everyone looting who was going to do any actual work? The darkness that fell on Europe after Alaric just got worse and worse. It created a system of local slavery and petty feudal war lords that lasted for 800 years. Alaric may have gotten revenge on Rome, but the price for society was very high. It had been 350 years since John and Andrew traveled to Thrace when Alaric destroyed Rome, and it finally ended the many years of free travel and free trade across the western world. This age of free travel had lasted since the fall of Persia and the time of Ptolemy. People would no longer trade and travel freely from Spain, to Egypt and Greece. The world would plunge into a darkness of thugs, criminals and local witch hunters that would make it near impossible to travel the western world.

    Not long after the Thracian descended from the Apostle Andrew named Alaric had usurped the power of Rome there arose a great tribe of Goths in Iberia. These people are known in history as Visigoths and they made an allegiance with Rome. The Visigoths were ruthless and they had turned our master Jesus into the image of Mag-or the war god of Scythia. They were taught by the Paulites of Rome to viciously persecute those that practiced the Law of Moses and this included the free masons of the Ebro valley. Visigoths hunted the descendants of the true church of Jesus like animals; ritual bathing and circumcision were all but outlawed by the end of their tyranny. They killed anyone who denied the resurrection or followed a gnostic tradition. The Visigoths created a Christianity of darkness and fear. The Visigoths dominated Iberia and it became the country called Spain.

    The Visigoths knew the secrets of the horse like all sons of the Scythian, but they also made the best steel in the known world. The Visigoths did not use their steel for plow shears; they used their steel for swords. They made the most lethal steel yet invented, a legacy inherited from their Trojan ancestors. Ironically the Visigoth used these swords to hunt down their brothers that kept the Law of Moses and this was a slaughter. The Halani, Baptists and the Mennonites and other followers of our Master Jesus fell like wheat against Visigoth swords.

    This began the great persecution of Jews and followers of Moses’ Law in medieval Europe. Lost to history are those Gothic tribes like the Halani who were thought to be Jews for keeping their beards, circumcising, and bathing. Halani were completely destroyed by the Visigoths after the fall of Rome, not only for keeping the Law of Moses, but because they were rival Goths. So many tribes were exterminated, and this is a great time of sorrow and tragedy. It was said at this time that only the Jews denied the divinity of Jesus. The Halani followed Jesus as master, never denying his divinity; instead, they proclaimed the divinity of all righteous men as Jesus taught them. The Visigoths demanded a belief in the divinity of Jesus alone, because they had no higher vision for the race of men.

    But the people of the Ebro in Spain eventually adapted to the Visigoths and created peace and tolerance in the midst of this chaos. Many Halani escaped across the Pyrenes and joined their Frankish cousins in the Rhineland. A child born to the Franks and descended from the Halani sons of John would unite his people under a banner of Jesus, and this would be the beginning of Europa. His name was Clovis, and he would father the men who would father Charlemagne, and all the Kings of France. The tribal leaders of Europe were all descended from the god Kings of Atlantis and the people of Europe had been long oppressed by tyranny. The Scythian and Galilean traditions of the Halani line of Clovis were righteous, and this line is truly the king of kings. The Merovingians of France are known as the fathers of Europe and their influence of freedom and justice are its defining character. Though the descendants of Atlantean Lords would continue to rule in Germany, England, Scotland and Wales; the Nation of France was given forever to the descendants of John the Apostle. Europe would be born, but the Halani tribe would be lost forever. The Halani ancestors of Clovis were absorbed by the Franks and were never known as the true influence that created the Christian empire of Europe. Keep this wisdom dear and know the truth: it was the ancient Halani influence that inspired Clovis to unite his kindred tribes under a Christian banner of liberty and Justice. But this dream would fall as the dissent and revolution of Clovis soon turned to Merovingian tyranny. Charlemagne did not understand the oneness of the Law he once murdered 5,000 Pagan Danes in one path of the sun; St Vlfberht stood protector of the Danes and he too was murdered by Charlemagne.

    As the tyranny of the Merovingian began to rise the only dissent that was offered came from Vlfberht also descended in the line of the Apostle John. Vlfberht challenged the ruthless arrogance of Merovingian rule and he was tortured to death by Charlemagne. Galileans warned the Franks our wrath would be as the fury of God in vengeance for the death of Vlfberht. The Galilean’s of Vlfberht were not mighty among the ice-age bred Goths but we were more the wiser. We used the cunning with which the Lord had blessed us and formed union with the Vikings of the North. We had the secrets of war and the Viking had the trade route from the Volga to Damscus-the land of the virgin steel. With this steel we made the swords for the Viking Kings who took our vengeance on the Merovingian Franks. By the time the terror of the Viking age had ended the Franks were taught well the power of Galilee. The name of Vlfberht was forged into every sword we made for the Viking Kings. Though he was dead Saint Vlfberht destroyed the Franks just as we had warned Charlemagne years before. But our meddling with the fate of men always had its peril- the Viking scourge with St Vlfberht’s sword was not exactly as we had planned. The Vikings stormed the land and became the new Tyranny.

    We were able to control the lineage of Viking Kings with the power of St Vlfberht. We favored Rollo’s line, and with Vlfberht’s edge built the dynasty of Normandy. Rollo called Robert by Christian Kings, stayed true in our debt for the magic of Vlfberht and the blessing of the Viking. Though Pagan men the Vikings followed the true way of the warrior and pure as snow were their Pagan souls. Vikings agreed to allow the seal of the cross of our Lord forged to their swords, and the Vlfberht cross before V and before the T is the mark of the true Pagan warriors of Christ. To those who’s line we would end the cross after the T would seal their fate.

    Rollo would welcome our fathers in the land known as Normandy. There are very few that know the mystery used by the Vikings to conquer the European world and the Franks: the secret is as it is always in war the secrets of horse and steel. We gave the Viking the steel they used to conquer the Franks and the Families of the Temple Knights became Normans. We were not traitors to the Franks, nor to the Pope who could not cool our forges. Our fathers were Patriots to the cause of liberty and would vigilantly dissent until finding a King worthy of their Knowledge. In this hope we would align our fate with William the Bastard and our fathers would form the Order of the Temple Knights. The Halani tribe is now extinct and their influence on the western world from their homeland on the Ebro in Spain, to the Empire of the Franks and the sword of St Vlfberht is kept in our history to remember and honor their culture.

    The first Halani sons of John who would become Franks and the Freemasons of Spain were different from many groups that kept the Law of Moses. They were not pacifists, and, more importantly, Halani free stone masons and metal workers were the only way the Visigoths could build another Rome. The Freemasons of Visigoth Spain agreed to meet in secret halls and practice their rites of Moses apart from society. They agreed to build the Visigoths’ cathedrals of stone that would endure long in time. The Cathedral of St. John in Palencia and the Cathedral of St. James in Zamora stand today as a testament to the brothers James and John and were built by their direct descendants. These are the first examples of advanced masonry in medieval Europe, and descendants of these Freemasons would continue to build the Gothic cathedrals of legend that stand today. Their tradition of stone masonry had saved them from the Visigoths, and they were allowed to survive and practice the Law of Moses in secret. They built with thought and care just as John and James had taught their fathers 500 years before the Visigoth rule in the time of Jesus.

    By the time the Templar knights would retrieve our birthright from the Temple in Jerusalem, our ancestors had built cathedrals of stone that would rival the most magnificent structures in the world. Senmut himself would be proud to claim such structures: The Barcelona Cathedral, Leon Cathedral, Girona, Seville, and the glory of Palma were all built by these simple Galilean Freemasons. Our ancestors built these cathedrals all the while keeping the Law of Moses in secret from the tyrants. They would continue into France and England, building cathedrals for Popes and Kings; and now that Visigoths, French Popes, and kings are gone, our cathedrals endure as our greatest triumph. Our ancestors built great cathedrals of stone, knowing that they would outlast the tyrants and stand as a testament to Senmut and Jesus and all the traditions of our fathers. The mason mark of “The Three Brothers” used by the three Masons who inspect the load stones can easily be seen on the Tower of London today. This is the name of our common kin, the Triplett family, and our surname will endure on these structures for ages, while the names of Visigoth Kings and French Popes are forgotten.

    The Halani taught the Franks of the way of the Lord and the Merovingian became the Tyranny of innocent pagan souls. The Frankish monks of St Vlfberht became Dissent marking the cross before the V and the T for those who followed the Goddess. Cross before V and after the T for those that would fail in battle. We brought the Viking to destroy the Frank and the Revolution we created was Normandy. The Bastard he failed us like all Kings do but for a time the Knights of the Temple ended the Tyranny of Kings. But the Kings greed is a bottomless pit and their head ring of power summoned their will. The Templar fell and Robert the Bruce then carried the hope of our fallen dead; the Bruce would carry the Templar cross again into Elysian fields. From Elysium 1500 years of our dead would form the Rite of the Scotts and build the Temple of Rosslyn with the free masons of Lord St Clair.

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