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  1. The Origin of the United States Marine Corps is some what Dubious. It seems the United States had a Marine Corps before it had a Navy. The United States was formed by 1,013 Men trained by Barron Von Steuben at Valley Forge. This Paranoia of having the best military in the World began with our ancestors struggle with Persia. In fact the men of the army of Old Dominion in Virginia of Gypsy blood have always claimed descent from Sparta and Macedonia. You see people have been following armies for thousands of years. It is said Gypsies come from around 1300 in Europe. The truth is the ‘Gypsy” were their all through history. The Bastard children of Spartan warrior through Gypsy camp followers fought for Macedonia- their descendants later fought for Rome and so on.

    I am descended from this tradition. Every line of my Fathers for 8 Generations since Daniel Triplett 6 feet 8 inches tall guarded the door of his Excellency General George Washington as his “life guard”. The life guard wore “Green and White”. The Green flag with white cross has always been the Templar flag and this goes back to the colors of Muhammad. The firs Marines wore green and only a few free Masons left that know this was the Green of Saladin and Muhammad. The United States Marine corps descendants from Valley forge of the Gypsy blood speak of an old myth: “The Enemy Within”- Rod Serling wrote a story about this- Mr Rod Serling was a Jew and a Scot Rite Freemason. This Myth explains that worst enemy the Marines must face are domestic enemies of the Constitution. A Marine swears allegiance to the Constitution- NOT THE PRESIDENT. Few people know this fact and this is the variable that truly changes history.

    The Soviet Union collapsed because the Military would no longer fight for the existing government. Here is a Wikipedia quote

    “Ongoing confrontations with the Supreme Soviet climaxed in the October 1993 Russian constitutional crisis in which Yeltsin illegally ordered the dissolution of the parliament, which then attempted to remove him from office. The military eventually sided with Yeltsin and besieged and shelled the Russian White House, resulting in the deaths of 187 people.”

    You see soldiers are people and when soldier decide to disobey orders this is true revolution. George Washing was an officer in the British Expeditionary Force; later he became their arch enemy. George Washington and my ancestor Frank Triplett were traitors. But in truth they were descended from a long line of people that turned on their own government. Washington was not a traitor he was loyal to God and the people. We have a fail safe in America that calls for new President in 2016. If Obama does not step down their will be military defection. This has never happened in America since the Civil war and we will likely have a new President in 2016. Like Hegel explained in the Dialectic: Tyranny- Dissent- Revolution: Thesis-anti-thesis-synthesis. America will elect a constitutional President in 2016 and this President will attack everything Obama has done to defile the Constitution. The next President will be anti-Global and this is not good either. But the constant tide of revolution will change politics.

    I was warned at age 6 by my Grandmother that the Freedom we found would not last. She told me to keep travelling West. Now California- Montana and other Western states are far more “free”. In Massachusetts you cant own a gun. Yet in Colorado you can have an automatic rifle and grenade launcher. Massachusetts is where the revolution began and why? Because the British were confiscating Brown Bess muskets. America is 50 States- only about 10 left that follow the Constitution. I live in West Virginia- all Mountains- we are one few states in East left where you can legally own automatic rifles. The States are going to split maybe not in my life but it is coming. This is Ok and remember what Thomas Jefferson told us ” Eternal Vigilance is the price of Freedom.” Beware of the Enemy within- for every order holds the seed of its own destruction. Realizing the flux of history is the secret of the Freemasons that formed America; very ironic that so many that think they understand America do not realize it is an experiment. Jefferson and Washington would be happy it lasted this long.

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