Christian-Zionists Problem – Khazar DNA

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  1. Dr Zaid,

    As I have told you I am an Engineer. My Degree was in Agricultural Engineering with an emphasis on Soil and water conservation. I also received a minor in Molecular Biology. My First Job was in Civil Engineering and I eventually got PE license in Civil. In 2002 I left Ge- Engineering and for two years worked for Ixion Biotechnology. My Job was to extract DNA and load gels testing y- haplogroup DNA from male subjects.

    This Job was amazing for mr personally because all the Mythology surrounding my Family Heritage. My Family DNA test y-haplogroup T which is most common in India and Africa and Levant. My Eastep Cousins tested y-haplogroup G which is classic Merovingian DNA and the Royal bloodline of France. Druze in middle-east have uncommon high y-haplogroup G.

    The common y-haplogroup of Europe are y-haplogroup R and I which are absent in Gypsy lineage. Most Gypsy test y-haplogroup H or F or T as in my Family. Thomas Jefferson was also y-haplogroup T as are all his descendants tested to date. George Washington had no male descendants to test. I have no doubt he would test G from Royal bloodline of Merovingians.

    The y-haplogroup J is a great Key to understanding migration of people. This y-haplogroup was very likely the DNA of Amram and Aaron: the Priests caste of the line of Moses. The Levite Priests became the leaders of Islam as well as Judaism. I am a scientist and no a great Philosophical thinker, but it is hard for me to see Jews and Muslims as two different people after testing DNA. It seems obvious tat the Priests class of Jews and Muslims testing very high in y-haplogroup J is proof that these are the same people. If the word “Jew” means those chosen by God as Prophets and leaders than surely Isa and Muhammad were “Jews”. If the word Jew means Persians that came from Babylon under the rule of Cyrus to control the Temple and collude with Rome then they are not ‘Jews”.

    The Priests of Cyrus and Babylon stole the Temple and took credit for the Prophets though they were no longer Jews. After a couple hundred years in Babylon these People had become Persians and their Torah naming Cyrus as a Messiah is surely Blasphemy. This is the word of Isa and the truth. In 2014 those that call themselves Jews and Christians are lost Sheep. It is the responsibility of the Faithful to light a candle and guide these lost souls. Vengence and violence belong to the Lord and a man can only follow God. I love Jews, Christians and Muslims as brothers. It is not for me to say why God has allowed this tower of Babble. I can only take refuge in the light of Muhammad and have faith that the Lord will prevail. It is the wickedness of the soul that will be destroyed and to be destroyed of our wickedness is to be redeemed. I have no fear of Isa as I know it is only my wickedness that will be destroyed and the good of men will be redeemed.

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