WHERE IS THE GOD OF MOHAMMAD? An Introduction to the Malady of Sectarianism by Dr. Omar

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  1. Salamoun alaykom Dr Zaid,

    I came across this article which is in arabic, dont know how your arabic is or if you know of any good translators, it is Worth looking into.
    the words yajouj and majouj are chinese according to this article, if thats the case, the wall could not have been in the caucasus according to the analysis in this article.

    If any readers here are able to translate it, would be nice so others can read it:


  2. Silence is the most sacred sound
    and in your heart All of Allah is found
    Whisper of the moon and fragrant breeze
    my soul overflows with truth and mercy abounds

    And from the distant path white robes flow
    The eye is upon my soul
    Mystery leads the slave
    As children and the innocent are saved
    Only God is truly brave
    Only a fool believes the Sage

    The everlasting sky oh Father sky
    Oh Glory of the true way
    Oh folly of the Sage
    For there is only God
    only the silence
    the breeze
    divine will
    be still
    keep your brother safe
    forsake hate
    know one’s fate

    One God with many faces
    One God of many names
    One God of many places
    All of one fate
    Only God is Great
    All is given by God
    All that is
    All that is; is Allah

  3. http://www.khalifatullahmehdi.info/mahdavisect.asp they have proofs from quran and authentic hadiths stating mehdi & esa will not be from same era. This sect stress on renunciation of world, staying within bedouin type community boundries, love of ahle baith etc.

    Whatever taught about occurence of mahdi in future has been in context to Abdullah ibn zubair, this war has already occured as per Mahdavi sect. I had read about in wiki. Their scholars have connected dots on malhama and preachings of Imam Mehdi. Some websites

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