The Malady of Sectarianism Continued: Messianic Mania by Dr. Omar

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  1. Here is my personal opinion based on the Esoteric tribal knowledge of the Gypsy and Scottish Rite Freemasons. The Family of Isa were Engineers, Stone Masons and Architects. It is well recorded by the Roman records of Josephus that the whole Family were “Techtons”. This word does not mean “carpenter”- it means “Engineer; Architect; Stone Master”. Isa was descended from a “mixed” Hellenic tradition as were most people in his area after Alexander Hellenized the mid-east. The Jains of the Kyber pass had brought with them traditions of the “Kali Avatar”. The Kali comes at the end of the world with a sword and kills all the wicked. Being from Gypsy tradition I was taught the ancient teachings of Isa and that Muslims; Jews; Christians are all one confused people all descended from Noah and Abraham. Unitarian Druze and Freemasons believe they hold the original Esoteric teaching of Plato; Isa and many Hellenic Prophets. Here is what I was taught in my tribal Mountain tradition in West Virginia in America: this is very untold knowledge.

    Isa or Yeshua or Jesus taught of the “Dubblesky”. Dubblesky is Gypsy word for “God”. This was called the “Cult of the twins” by Pope and Catholics. The Cathars were descended from the true line of Kings and were close kin to Gypsy. The Merovingian and their Cathar Religion held the true teachings of Isa and they believe they are descended from Isa and his apostles to this day. The Cathar Religion was a belief that there are two apparitions of “God”: Yawwhey – Elohim; Gog-Magog very similar. Scythians from mid east are the true ancestors of Merovingian Germans. This is why the Jewish/Christians of Isa accepted them and mixed with them- they were circumcised-did not cut beards or hair- they were “clean”.

    My people believe we are descended from Isa and that he taught us this: the God of the Earth that controls property, gold and war is the “lower” realm god of Earth. Elohim is the one true God (Allah). All apparitions of god being are just forms of Allah or Elohim and this is the whole confusion of Religions. Cathar did not believe in “two gods”- my people believed the god of Religion had deceived the world, but this was all part of Allah’s plan and divine will that we can not comprehend.

    Isa taught according to our tradition that the “Kali” avatar is an occurrence on the individual level. The Rapture; Apocalypse; the ‘Kali” is a metaphor for the destruction of the Evil in our own souls. This is not a “social” event ! The Revelation of John is taught as the Apocalypse of John’s own soul and not meant for anyone else but John himself.

    There comes a day when every human must be forced to see there own cruelty; their own greed; their own animal lust and disgust. On this day each human will be confronted with Isa- you will be destroyed. After this process is complete the soul is purified. It is from the destruction of Evil soul that the servant of god is born. The return of the Prophet Isa comes to each human being at their own appointed time in their own soul evolution. All of the Prophecy is misunderstood according to ancient Gnostic teaching of Isa because people did not understand that these prophecies applied to the individual soul; not to society as a whole. Each human must face their own personal Apocalypse and this time we are destroyed, purified and saved by the sword of gods Prophet Isa.

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