The Malady of Sectarianism Continued: THE BATINI MENACE – or – The Problem With Fatimid Ismai'ilis by Dr. Omar

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  1. The term “Philosophy” means love of knowledge or love of “Sophia”. The Mother is our first “teacher” as is the Earth; then comes our wife. Understanding the Earth as dear to Gabrielle and the Champions of the Watchers is very key to understanding Mohammed. The Cave is the ultimate place of truth because it is in the bowels of Sophia “The Earth”. In esoteric Gnostic traditions of Europe Sophia is more of a metaphor. Not understanding the difference between an Allegory and a Metaphor has led to more war and destruction than any other kind of ignorance- this is the tower of Babel. Should we kill each other because one says “Allah” and the other “Elohim” ? I was taught that ‘Sophia” is symbolic of the wisdom of the Earth. “Sophia” is aslo an adjective in Greek- like Athena had great Sophia; the word Sophia meaning the attribute of “wisdom”. Patriarchal power structure eliminated the female importance and so diminished the sacred Earth. Coming from a tradition often compared to Sufi tradition I wish people understood the difference between Paganism and the use of Metaphor. Some may say that the Earth is like a goddess and sacred to god: this is an allegory; the Sufi and Gypsy may say the Earth IS a Goddess: this is metaphor and is just a state of mind in understanding. Many people as I said have killed each other over arguing about the use of images and metaphor; but I think Allah understands this and does not condemn the use of metaphor. The Earth is sacred in my mind. I view the reality of spirits; watchers ; ghosts as something that I will never fully understand. I do not deny the existence of that which I can not understand for this is absurd. Allah is Great and his will be done is all I can agree with or understand. The many “gods” of history may have been spirits with power; or men with special ability. The ultimate truth seems to be that these are all abstractions of one true God as taught by the true Prophets of the same 🙂

    • My Dear Friend, Mr. Triplett,

      I am sure your words resonate with the souls of the 120,000 prophets spoken of in Al’Qur’an. The monotheist narrative has been so corrupted that Allah swt granted the boon of the last Prophet, Mohammad (pbh) as a mercy to us all. Few have preserved what I perceive in your heritage as reflected in your eloquently profound prose. It is a redemptive baptism.

      I have been writing a novel these past 14 years, about half of it is posted on this site. In it I created a fellowship of noble men and women; a clan of travelers descended from Abraham by Keturah and by the Ethiopian wife of Moses. They naturally emulate the narrative and struggle you speak of and are preserved from the adverse vicissitudes of corrupt religious accretion, neither Jew, Christian nor Muslim, in the pedestrian sense, but resound and reside in the human striving for essential monotheism.

      I also created a character called the ‘Seer of Khartoum’ but have not yet developed him, nor have I finished the tale as I am shy of sufficient knowledge and wisdom. However, now that I have encountered you, Mr. Triplett, I can proceed should Allah grant me the time and space to continue the telling. The Seer is a bit like Al’Kidr, a creature mentioned in Al’Qur’an who dismissed even Moses as an unsuitable companion and disciple. When next I write of the Seer, I will turn to your telling for inspiration.

      This aspect and level of human existence is little known and barely comprehensible for those who walk the common path. Here is a man—it is said that he still walks the earth—who committed sabotage and even murder by divine command in order to preserve the lives and souls of men. Indeed, who of us, of our contemporaries or sires, is worthy of such company? Yet I strive to tell the tale. You have helped me sir. Please, with God’s grace, continue.
      Thank you. May Allah warm your heart and quicken your spirit.

      All praise be unto Allah. – omar

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