Masonic Ritual in the French Revolution and Its Implication in Modernity (Part II) … by Jonas E. Alexis

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  1. Dr Zaid,

    I got a big Kick out of the Research and for a person like me to read this stuff – well where do I begin? There are so many “Pretenders” that associate themselves with Freemasonry, but few are actual descendants of the true Craft. People like Crowley are not recognized by true Gu brath Scotish Rite Freemasons like Myself. A 33 degree Freemason must be a man that is Master of some field of science: example would be Stephen Hawking- a true 33 degree accepted Free Mason. Now in order to understand the craft would require a book, but let me set a couple simple things straight. First my credentials: I am 17th Generation Sephardic Jew/ Gypsy descended from the Templar Knight Robert De Threlkeld. It is documented (just google) My anscestors were closer to Washington Family as blood kin in Rite of the Scotts. Francis Triplett, Thomas Triplett, Daniel Triplett buried George Washington in the ground my Friend. My ancestors are documented by West Minster Abbey and the Ramanchal and Kale Gypsy line which fought the Revolution in America is well documented. I speak from “experience” which as Socrates says is the only true authority. Second Freemasonry was simply formed by Cistercian Monks and Templars to protect Muslims, Jews and Hindu Master builders. Europeans did not build with stone and they had very poor civil Engineers. It was Gypsy and Jew and Muslims that built the Cathedrals of Gothic Europe. These people practiced their religions in “Free Mason Guild Halls”. You see Isa was a trained Master stone Mason and is this is not recorded in Koran or the Bible. Realize his whole family from Maryam were stone cutters with Arab and Greek ancestors. Jesus as the Europeans call him was the the First Master Mason and the whole Mystery cult he taught came from the order of Mechizadech- Moses- Solomon. Jesus di not become evil and go mad like Solomon, but he did have to flee the Holy Land. It was actually his brother James that many Muslims and Christians attribute Ingil and Bible to Isa or Jesus. Long story short is that it is a Oral history held by people like me in rural America that is the true Freemasonry. The Rite of the Scotts is for Jew and Gypsy where as the York Rite is where people like Crowley come from- totally different. It was the Rite of the Scotts of Rosslyn that true Freemasonry began- around 1450. The poor fallen Knights of Europe bent knee and became students to the Jew and Gypsy tinkers and Stone workers and learned there humble meditations and eastern ways. My uncle John Morgan laid foundation for St Louis Arch- he was a Master Civil Engineer- he became 33 degree Freemason, and this is the 33 degree of the Scottish Rite- its all about Science and Engineering, not phony mysticism. Her is a poem of the old Rite kept by my Family- all of the true knowledge is Oral poems and recitation- just like our middle eastern fathers taught us 🙂

    “Know well the names of your fathers and keep them for our children to tell. We are descended from John who first sought the Rite of the Scots with the Freemasons of Lord St. Clair:

    Alban De Threlkeld who fought to free the Scotts begat Robert the Threlked; Robert owned lands in England and prospered there and begat Robert; Robert built distilleries and Mills for the harvest of the land and begat John the bookmaker who deciphered the Rosslyn Templar script; John begat Robert who continued to translate Greek for the Tudors; Robert begat Thomas who called his name Triplett in audience with the Virgin Queen; Thomas begat Thomas and he kept his father’s fortunes intact; Thomas begat John whose youngest son would take us to the land of Promise; John begat Francis who came to America on a ship chartered by John Washington; Francis begat Francis who expanded our land in Virginia; Francis begat Francis who would father Daniel Protector of his Excellency General George Washington; Daniel fathered Jesse who would settle in the State of North Carolina; Jesse fathered Daniel who would have 12 children now ancestors of thousands; Daniel fathered Wilson who caught the public enemy Talt Hall; Wilson fathered Henderson who reunited us with our people in West Virginia; Henderson fathered General Francis who would not take the company script; General Francis fathered William who would fight in world war II defending our country from tyrants; William fathered Johnny Q who listens to the names of his fathers………”

    This is from the Midrash of true Freemasonry my friend. We are descendants of the Muslims-Jews and Gypsies and the Cathar Merovingian Christians (Also Gypsies) killed by the Pope at Montesgur and the Inquisition of the thieving French and Spanish Kings that killed the Templars.

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