Essays on Islamization and Islamic Science by Dr. Omar

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  1. If I might be so bold as to put my 2 cents in regarding Tasawwuf. First of all, I am not a sufi nor follow any tariqqa. I think that Tasawwuf is most infested in the Indian sub-continent. Holier-than-thou gurus leading the uneducated masses and doing the most atrocious acts in the name of religion. I have inquired alot about tasawwuf but no one Muslim has enlightened me regarding it. I honestly believe that they do not know what it is, or have built the term into something which has become undefinable.
    However, there is something there Doc, in my humble opinion. Your definition of “apprenticeship to spiritually mature personages”, is good enough for me. Imran Hosein defined it through a hadith in which it is mentioned that “Ihsaan” is to worship God as if you see Him. The term Tasawwuf is a later innovated term but Ihsaan is there in the hadith, differentiating it from Imaan (Belief) & Islam (Submission). All three are parts of worship. 1 with your physical self (Islam), 1 with your inner self (Imaan) and 1 with God (Ihsaan/Tasawwuf), to whom the worship is directed to.

    But that is my understanding so far, and it might be that I am way off course here.

    I do not have extensive research of the secret satanic cults so kindly excuse me for not holding my tongue/pen, altough I am learning alot from your books and I do think that there is something very satanic indeed about Tasawwuf as praticed here. All your points are valid and I totally agree about the book-burning-rite-of-passage; however I was born a Muslim 🙂

    Please do keep posting your ideas regarding this topic, as I myself am not very adept with it and have learned so much just from reading your article.

    With love from Pakistan,

    • Salaam and Thank you brother Kashan. It is good to receive such affirmations. We must keep learning and spreading the truth. For many, understanding a matter relieves frustration and eases the tension the whole world now suffers, even though there is little we can do about it until our leaders step forth with courage.


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