The Legacy of Sharon, may he rot in hell

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  1. Looking at this last picture I ask myself “do these morons really believe God is on their side? can people be that dead in their hearts and minds?

  2. Animals, a prehistoric people that never evolved from the stone age. Judaism is humankinds enemy and should have been banned long ago. I very rarely would say that about anything but it is a vile religion with christian zionists running neck and neck with them to the finish gate. By the way, I am a follower of Christ and want no part of this group calling themselves christians. They have been made proselyte without their knowledge. Twice the child of hell and wish they would be raptured…….straight to HELL.

  3. We can call them vampires, criminals, Cabalistic , followers of Devils , because they are a people without understanding, who are really uneducated ( although they are literate). Reasons: Didn’t they come from the caucuse mountains ( between black sea and caspian sea)!!! SO WHAT THEY REALLY ARE : JUST SAVAGE WILD BEAST, A.K.A GOG AND MAGOG… NOTHING SEMITIC IN THEM. NO RESPITE WILL ARIEL SHARON HAVE , AFTER 8 YEARS IN COMA, NOW SUFFER THE PUNISHMENT OF THE GRAVES. MAY THE CURSE OF ALLAH BE UPON HIM.

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