Kennedy-Castro-Cancer-Aids-Bio Weapons: The Real Lee Harvey Oswald

2 responses to “Kennedy-Castro-Cancer-Aids-Bio Weapons: The Real Lee Harvey Oswald”

  1. This lecture should bring a chill down the spine!!! Tha’s why at the beginning of 20th century, they killed Homeopathic medecine and homeopathic practitioners excluded from the AMA. Taking into consideration all the disgusting composition of the Vaccines, then we don’t need be a Mufti , a sheikh or whatever… to declare Vaccination should be classify as HARAM. But where are our Islamic scholars…surely eating halwa or roti channia as says Sheikh Imran Hosein!!! Our Islamic scholars should either be dumb fool OR COLLUDING with these EVILS to remain silent on that issue!

    • Salaam,

      Well, the truth of the matter is that most Alim are not scholars at all, not in the classical sense of someone like Al Ghazali or Ibn Khaldun. They suffer religious reductionism and are like horses with blinders affixed to their heads. They cannot appreciate tawhid in the least and all of these insults and dangers to the ummah completely escapes them. It is a crime. – oz

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