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    • Legend has it that Abraham was cast out of his father’s house or ‘lost’ as a young man (boy). He was in the wilderness where Gabriel guided him to the City of Shem (ancient Jerusalem). There he was instructed by Shem (also known as Melchizedek). He returned to his father’s house as a man, and was restored. After this, he cast down the idols and was brought to Nimrud for judgment. After this, he then mad his way back to the holy land. We also know he travelled to Egypt around the late third century BC during a well documented famine. So, there is some semblance of truth (perhaps?) to the claim of the Euphrates to the Nile, especially when added to the earlier description given in Genesis of the three rivers bordering the Promised land of earthly Paradise — or Utopia under the rule of Allah and His Prophets.

      As for the Jews, they have descended, somehow, from Jacob when piecing the biblical narrative together after a grand flux of historical discontinuities. His name was changed to Israel after an encounter with an angel of Allah. Historical accounts have them coming to note as the “Ebray”, a motley group of wild raiders who gave Egyptian caravans no rest.

      The term “Jew” is an esoteric rank of initiation to the ancient Babylonian Mystery religion, and, as such, really has no genetic bearing on the descendents of Jacob, other than the fact that their rabbinical traditions of the Kaballah have their genesis there after the captivity during the first century, BC., when they adopted those Mysteries for the occult traditions centered on the practice of black magic of Babylon, which priesthood, itself, was cast out by Darius and relocated to ancient Anatolia; to Pergamum, the seat of Satan until transferred to Rome in 186 BC, by King Attalus

      I have given some description of this history in Trinity, the Metamorphosis of Myth, and in the Hand of Iblis.

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