The Pied Piper Pope: Pope Francis Declares That “All Religions Are True” And “Adam And Eve Are A Fable”

4 responses to “The Pied Piper Pope: Pope Francis Declares That “All Religions Are True” And “Adam And Eve Are A Fable””


    Please see the ‘nunezreport’ website – this article regarding the Pope cannot be verified as factual. They issued an apology.

    ‘BeforeIt’sNews’ is one of many sites that are notoriously error-ridden.

  2. Salam, I strongly agree with you that this new pope is much more dangerous, as I have observed closely that a lot of muslims actually, praise him when comparing to the previous pope

  3. All feminization of Judaism or Christianity is an Advantage for Islam, Arabs in general, and you know it…With special dispensations in Europe and elsewhere for ‘darker skin’ and ‘minority status’ Islam becomes the preeminent faith, breeding out even the Catholics, and solidifying the power of their Eastern Masters…(Ancestor worshippers all…) All for One (S..tan) and One for All (Minions of S..tan…) You have no right to call Christians Racist, as Islam is Institutionalized Racism, at the pinnicle..Hypocrite!! As long as Islam even Exists on this Earth, All Northern Tribes, of JACOB will have G..ds Authority to Separate From, and, Failing that, Inflict same proportion, (and then some) of Annihilations Inflicted Upon them!!! (Especially Orthodox Slav, and All Northern Tribes in general) All Of You!!!!

  4. Strange, is it not, that Francis had so much to say about refusing immigrants is a form of racism, whereas the present PM of Australia and his right-hand man of Immigration are either turning asylum seekers and refugees away or are secretly transporting them to a living hell on Christmas Island and other places nearby? This PM of Australia, Tony Abbott, is also a Jesuit trainee and when the election campaign was in full swing last year, the Catholic Church of Australia even had some kind of document available for all Catholics on how to vote etc. etc. Unfortunately, at that time I was so fed up with all this crap (sorry!) of the Catholic Church, I omitted to download the document but it should be available on one of their websites.

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