Nation of Islam and the Mother Ship

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  1. I was also fooled by Louis Farrakhan, after listening to his speech regarding the murder of Gaddafi ( he was right at least on this point and relating to Syria ). But I start doubting him upon hearing him praising Elijah Muhammad ( whose teacher according to Farrakhan is Issa A.S… Jesus who came back to this world in 1970’s, ressurected back!!!) Louis Farrakhan also mentioned Imam Mehdi already came, but as a black american muslim in the 1970’s. He is just like another Al-Jazeerah… saying a good deal of truths, but at the same time intoxicating the truths with some fallacies.

  2. C’mon lady. I’m no NOI member but if u wanna expose something at least be truthful. Fard Muhammad was in fact called Wallace Ford. Did have a white wife and son, and was a resident of Portland, however he arrived in Portland through Canada, by way Of what is now Pakistan. His wife exposed everything and when Elijah found out Fard disappeared.
    Still not a “black man” but Asiatic none the less.

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